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There are Vinaya rules that a Bhikkhu has to observe and it is the duty and responsibility of his Dayaka to watch that the Sayadaw, unintentionally or intentionally, do not break the Vinaya rules。

Should a Bhikkhu be permitted to say bad about other religion – like for example – Hindu Religion’s God and Goddess – Indra and Sarawasti? See – A History of 37 Nats by Thitagu Sayadaw

Take one example, there is a famous Thegon (Thitagu Sayadaw), preaching a story like “A History of 37 Nats” in Burma。 The subject is only for information based on historical facts that occurred in Burma and is not relevant to the Buddha Dhamma, the Pali canon。 Yet, the Sayadaw in the audio clip went further and was trashing the Hindu God (Indra) and Goddess (Sarawasti)。 Can a Bhikkhu frown on other’s religion – God and Goddess? Why are we in Myanmar revering Bo Tha Gyar on every Myanmar new year making offering to the IndraBo Tha Gyar?

Hindu God and Goddess are very much revered by the Hindu religion。 We know that they belong to either the Deva (Indra is the King of the 33) or the Brahma world (Sarawasti is the consort of Brahma) in the 31 planes of existence。 Our Buddha disciples, the monks, are only to preach what is relevant to the Pali canon。 They are not supposed to be a history teller or a Pone Pywe Saya (story teller); and the audio clip even went further to trash the God and Goddess of Hindu Religion stating that these God and Goddess are not to be revered。 How will Hindu Religion look at our Buddhist Religion? Buddha never taught us how to belittle other Gods and Goddesses of Hindu religion。

Buddhists need to guard against Buddhist talking (either by Buddhist laity or our Bhikkhu) and preaching bad of other religion to preserve the Buddha sasana

It is with this intent of preserving the pristine Buddha Dhamma that I am redistributing the book for the good of Buddha sasana

Bhikkhu Ordination and Vinaya Rules.pdf

Ananta Metta

Maung Paw