Dear Dhamma Friends:     Last updated on 2014/2558 9 8, a full moon day;

Attached is an article written by an anonymous author about the Buddhas Ten perfections that our Buddha had practiced to become a Sammasambuddha the teaching Buddha。 Note that the ten perfections that our Buddha practiced had took him through many thousand of Buddhas until he met Buddha Dipankara when he began to received the first definite prophecy that he would become a Buddha。 He then continued on to practice the ten perfections through another twenty three more Buddhas until he attained the self enlightenment as Gotama Buddha

To fulfill all ten perfections is not an easy task as some of us are also aspiring to fulfill to a certain degree a few of these perfections, if not all the ten perfections。 This article describes the ten perfections and how we can practice to fulfill any of the ten perfections。

The Ten Perfections of Sammasambuddha.pdf  

Ananta Metta

Maung Paw