Last updated on 2021/2564 1 28, a full moon day; aGTSU, a Gene Therapy System Usage:  ... ( A, C, G, T) ... , also see: MD (for each (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), genetic code) QR Code: QR Code: QR Code;

a* ; A* ;


(abdomen, abdomen), e.g. ( LLQ, LUQ, RLQ, RUQ), also see: lGTSU; rGTSU; Remark: abdominal regions;


abdominoplasty (abdomen),

blepharoplasty (in Greek language: blepharon means "eyelid" ; plassein means "to form"),

botox / dysport (minimizing wrinkles),

brachioplasty (a.k.a. arm lift),

breast augmentation,

breast reconstruction,

breast reduction,

chin surgery,

cocco clinique (e.g. naturally stimulating collagen, elastin, hada Skin),

contouring body,

facial filler,

gynecomastia (hormone therapy of male breast form, male breast deduction),

hair restoration,

inverted nipple correction,

labiaplasty (a.k.a. plastic surgery on the "lips" surrounding the vagina, labia minora, labia majora, human vulva),

lift (arm, breast, brow, face, mini, neck),

liposuction (a.k.a. removing extra fat from body),

mommy makeover (after 23 lunar weeks or 32 JUN time period (to be back to prior-to-child-birth the mommy's structure), before-and-after-child-birth),

otoplasty ((correcting deformities (e.g. many deformities prompt naturally after 50+ years of age), torn earlobe), re-visioning previous done surgery),

rhinoplasty ((dry, wet), (hard, soft), nose),

transfer fat,

vaginoplasty (a.k.a. tighten up vaginal), construction of vagina, reconstruction of vagina, repairing vagina,

 ) ... ;

Remark: the most important merely fact is THAT we need to keep our healthy brains : HOW NOT to be amber color brain; NOT to be brown color brain; NOT to be maroon color brain; ... ; doko WHERE Dark Energy is cut naturally by Amber color, or Brown color, or Maroon color; i.e. ACT3 imaginary hyper space knowledge based;

regarding ACT2 imaginary hyper space (beyond our earth's carbon nano world forms ... ),
1st to understand HOW protein bounds are naturally in WHAT kind of DEE patterns ... ;
2nd to understand HOW hada Skin behaves like medium (color codes) ... ;
3rd to understand HOW Gene Therapy System (genotype, phenotype) doko   WHERE membranes are defined by phenotype, and genotypes (nucleolus) are defined by gray
scaled ones;

Also see: ACT1 ... ; NGS; PHYSICS; UDNGS;

analysis (base pair (♯, ♯, ♯)) targeting therapeutic;

analysis (base pair (♯, ♯, ♯)) for genetic codes, viruses, ... ;

anus (genitalia, GI, rectum);

(((toward the back ( kobu Posterior)), as opposed to (toward the front ( zenbu Anterior))), ((toward the front ( zenbu Anterior)), as opposed to (toward the back ( kobu Posterior)))), also see: Directions; Remark: anterior a.k.a. ventral;

sleep apnea; e.g. 

Gene Therapy System ( mukokyu Apnea), using (, , , , ) for curing ( mukokyu Apnea) a.k.a. sleep apnea e.g. (anhelation; breathing difficulty; breathlessness; pant; pursiness; shortness of breath; temporary cessation of breathing during sleep; wheeze) ... ;



Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Gene Therapy System; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;