Digital Certificate     Last updated on 2021/2564 1 28, a full moon day;

2021/2564; 2019/2563; 2018/2562; 2018/2561; 2017 / 2561;

all purpose (Certificate) file name: this DOMAIN.p7b;

current user Certificate;

Certificate Authority;     Certificate Authority;     ( root agency) ... ;

2015 / 2559;

As of 5/5/15 /2559, no more certificate; deleted the file:; File name, and its relative path is ..\\25590\Certificate\. It was a standard certificate. Also see: International Domains; Right click on the file, and then click to install certificate into trust a.k.a.  Certificate store: a.k.a. system's physical directory folder; Certificate a.k.a. digital certificate; trust (computer) can be done among servers by installing certificate; (i.e. Digital Certificate) file [ do not click here, IFF it has been installed once ] WHICH has been designed as same as Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard a.k.a. P K C S #7 Certificate (.P7B); AND all kinds of other certificates can be in the path i.e. ..\IT\25590\Certificate\ with net_ save . d n a [ anti- p h i s h i n g design to protect not only Desktop but also (server:) ], so that not only certificate file but also Certificate directory can be securely available among networks ... ; AND its Certificate Thumbprint is 8A59 34E0 2AA2 7897 E1AC 1B63 E68E 0F17 015C F431; AND its Serial number is d1 a6 51 04 3b 68 0d a f 4c a7 d0 8e f1 d4 79 a1; click on the certificate, Microsoft's Certificates a.k.a. c e r t m g r will prompt IFF on Windows OS, and then click on View >> Customize... >> M M C options available ... ; View mode toggles either Certificate purpose OR Logical certificate stores; AND its Cross-Certificates Download URLs' Web Sharing has been configured as alias {with Access permission {Directory browsing TRUE; Read TRUE; Script source access TRUE; Write TRUE; }} AND {with Application permissions Execute (include scripts) TRUE; }, so no constraint; AND its expiration date is Jan 17, 2109; this DOMAIN issues to administrators; AND its HIRAGANA code automatically and periodically will check every 108th day [ also see: 108 configuration ] to its *2559* 's certificate ... , once it has been installed;



ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN reserves 2....2................2.2 for global computer system security; also see: GPS;


2009 Vista 64bit Certificate Options

Start >> Control Panel >> Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center >> View full map, so Network Map will be automatically created >> IFF Network Map prompts, and then right click to choose Internet Properties >> Content >> Certificates >> Advanced >> Advanced Options >> Certificate purpose:  

- Server Authentication
- Client Authentication
- Code Signing
- Secure Email
- Time Stamping
- Microsoft Trust List Signing
- Microsoft Time Stamping
- IP security end system
- IP security tunnel termination
- IP security user
- Encrypting File System
- Windows Hardware Driver Verification
- Windows System Component Verification
- OEM Windows System Component Verification
- Embedded Windows System Component Verification
- Key Pack Licenses
- License Server Verification
- Smart Card Logon
- Digital Rights
- Qualified Subordination
- Key Recovery
- Document Signing
- IP security IKE intermediate
- File Recovery
- Root List Signer
- All application policies
- Directory Service Email Replication
- Certificate Request Agent
- Key Recovery Agent
- Private Key Archival
- Lifetime Signing
- OCSP Signing
- Any Purpose
- KDC Authentication
- Kernel Mode Code Signing
- CTL Usage
- Peer to Peer Trust