net setup .htm     Last updated on 2021/2564 1 28, a full moon day;

IFF ACT3 space, using Gravity Dimension Computer (Directional Gravity Pressure);
IFF ACT2 space, using iroColourWaveForm with SPL (Sound Pressure Level);
IFF ACT1 space (e.g. our earth), using Board's capacitance's pressure as number (Logo, OEM); And Then, dialog, hardware predefined frame a.k.a. boxes, interface, millibar pressure, OS, pane, panel, string, ... ; Also see: PHYSICS;

in ACT3 stage imaginary hyper dimensional spacecraft parallel time testing, WHICH went very very very far away from our earth, ... , and still cannot SYNC yet ... ; Therefore, take your own risk to click on the following net set up . h t m, because \\ Buddha Sasana year with Default zero \*.* directory, its subdirectories and files are still in testing;  this DOMAIN  does not take any responsibility of wire/wireless network system (s) whether gain or loss, because semiconductor level parameterized A H V W to make a P H Y wire/wireless network is out of a Myanmar's knowledge. Click on Microsoft Platform: Win32 Cabinet Self Extractor [net setup .exe] file will extract files, and the \\ Buddha Sasana year with Default zero (e.g. 25640) \ *.* directories and files have been tested for group name: < 12 characters, and wishing good luck ... ;   Also see: Network Topology (this DOMAIN) ...

WinME, WinNT4, Win98SE, Win95, and earlier versions will be able to access the Workgroup:, because group name has been typed as USA MYANMAR   less than 12 characters;   If group name is USA MYANMAR NET, notice that 13 characters, group name > 12 characters, therefore, OS Win ME, WinNT4, Win98SE, Win95, and earlier versions will not be able to access the Workgroup;, according to Microsoft's information;  

16bit, 32bit, duo-binary testing, 64bit, ... are all depending on developers' tactically knowledge, and its network key password is 4444444422, IFF user chooses wireless network with encryption such as W E P, ... ;   IFF a computer is within domain with Workgroup: USA MYANMAR, your computer will be connected ... ; Otherwise, your computer will be added into system's built-in "C o mm _ Group=%CO MM _ D E S C%", or %*_ D e s c%  

In common, create self or download net set up . h t m file, and then save on a USB flash drive, and then plug the USB flash drive on computer (s), to be connected, to be able to access, to be sharing a network, ... , and then, every time "the USB flash drive is plugged", the computers should be restart a.k.a. warm boot, a.k.a. neither drive not connected hibernation nor memory sleep, ... , and then Internet will be available as easy as ... ;  

HOW to create the net set up file step by step, also see: Cable;   After creating the net set up . h t m file, its Properties prompt >> File version: 6.00.2600.0000, 6Volt file; Copyright: Microsoft , because it has been on Microsoft platform; Compatibility >> ...

If difficulties exist, and then start thinking of ...
whether %path% has been defined WHEN system starts,
whether %win dir% has been loaded WHEN windows initialization,
whether OS components have been installed [e.g. in XP, Control Panel >> Add or Remove programs >> Add/Remove Windows Components >> make sure necessary components WHICH have been installed ... ],
whether net set up . h t m files and its essential * . d l l files are in the same directory, in common, flash drive is automatically connected to OS;

If problems still exist, and then start thinking of ...
whether Internet can be access via some other machines, if available, www . process library . com/directory/files/net set up . h t m can assist boost, fix, scan of OS along with diff * . d l l files,
whether processor architecture is processor Architecture="x86" or not,
whether System >> Hardware >> Device Manager >> devices such as network adapter, embedded PNP, ... , are properly working with drivers,
whether P H Y layer of O S I works properly, can check by using cable tester, multi meter, for each line ... ;

If still cannot setup wire/wireless network, and then start thinking of ...
whether OS is legal or not,
whether hardware computer is legal or not,
if hardware and software are all legal, and then the computer (e.g. 10710.Computer) might need reinstallation.