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semiconductor , solid - state ;      
C M O S , complementary metal - oxide semiconductor
M O S , Metal Oxide Semiconductor      
        disk ; wafer ;    

semiconductors can be categorized into . analog, . discrete, . electromechanical, . embedded, . interconnect, . memory, . opto a.k.a. optoelectronic, . passive, . sensor, ... ; Also see: Modular CE; Processor; Schematic symbols;

semiconductor . analog

Amplifier; Comparator; Data converter; Driver power; Driver battery management; Driver display; Interface;  Multiplexer; PWM; Ref. a.k.a. Reference; Sensor IC; Switch; Voltage regulator; ... ;


semiconductor . discrete

Diode; Rectifier; Standard logic; Transistor; TVS; Zener; ... ;


semiconductor . electromechanical

automation; control (color; current; machine; process); current (constant; leakage; output rating); non-isolated power; simultaneous multiple rails; specific channel; switch (action; connector; mount; thermal transfer); touch screen film (durable resistive; flexible resistive);


semiconductor . embedded

Communication; Development tool; DSP; MCU; Programmable logic; ... ; also see Truth Table ... ;


semiconductor . interconnect

285 connector (lock OR unlock); high vibrating environment connector; IFF interface (pull OR push); IFF latch (single OR multiple); IFF mount (cable OR wireless); IFF portable (dock; undock) external OR internal; IFF solid-state (light_rate OR non-lighting) ... ; IFF time (distance mm); IFF twisted pair AND category (same number OR diff); shock environment connector;


semiconductor . memory

Flash; RAM; ROM; ... ; Also see: Memory;


semiconductor . opto a.k.a. optoelectronic

Display; Lamp; LED; Opto coupler; Opto sensor; Opto switch; ... ;


semiconductor . passive

AC application; ASIC oscillators; automotive thin film chip resistors; Capacitor; Crystal OR Oscillator; chip antenna; DC characteristic wire wound inductor, choke coils in DC/DC converter; discrete transformer; electrical circuit isolation; high impedance multilayer (multiplier) band chip beads; Inductor OR Coil OR Filter OR Ferrite; frequency AND time; fuse AND clip combination to board; heat sink for retaining resistors; Modular board; multilayer Piezo speaker; Polymer Tantalum capacitor; resistor (high power AND thin film) ... ; Resistor OR Pot OR Trimmer; stacked capacitors; Thermistor NTC; Thermistor PTC; Varistor OR MOV; ... ; Variable (inductance) ... ;


semiconductor . sensor

API; digital OR analog; export; IFF channel (single OR multiple) ... ; in AND out; input AND output; import;



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