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proportion; ratio; Radical102;

Approx. 34 ratios available to read;  Also see: Natural time Ratio & Proportion;

Ω0, a ratio of actual density to critical density at very long time ρ0;  IFF energy related, Ω0 = Ωsum_of_matters AND dark energy ΩΛ;  Ω0 = (<1 || 1 || >1 || ...);  Close space;  Open space;

Algebraic quantitative ratio: Fraction;  Within time, in basic, fraction is expressed by x/y [x by y] where x, AND OR y are variable, AND OR constant;  Also see: mantissa in floating points;

Aspect ratio, Display's width by height;  Natural vs. artificial;  If dot s is in distance Z inward, vector processing is neededSpace images: assuming that X>Y as front, and X<Y as rear;  After understanding of frames of X>Y frame, X<Y frame, viewer's location, object's location, distance between object and viewer, ... , and then study each symmetry at each dimension in M Theory;

IFF 3D GUI, 1 aspect ratio with N layers ... ; In addition to color, font, screen resolution, % can be applied to layers ... doko WHERE Time . Space . Action oriental concept can be understood as, within 1 Time (2*5, 2*6, 2*7) 1 Space of 1 aspect ratio with N layers, Action of location of objects by noCOOKIE browser ... ; Try... triangle1 at 1 end, triangle2 at another end, IFF layers can be connected together, ...Catch as 1 Handle ... ;

Capacitance ratio: n numbers of variable capacitances along with constraint diodes can be tested;  Also see: www.renesas.com; 

Charge to mass ratio: e/me physical constant of electron = 1.7588 x 1011 C/kg;

Compression ratio: In 2006, Fujitsu's SmartCODEC spec. is 1/3 fixed ratio of YUV 720x480 at rate of 55 Mbps by 30 fps;

Compression ratio: Microsoft's usage;  File & directory compression utility is compact;  In 2006, depending on file sizes, compression ratio will differ while managing files in SONY Micro Vault

Contrast ratio: In 2005, LG produces brightness 1000 cd, and contrast ratio 10000:1 single scan;  In 2006, Sharp produces 1500:1 in-vehicle shock-proof water-proof out-door LCD, the highest industrial standard display;

Cost-to-performance ratio;  Medical;

Driver-to-load ratio: Pipeline's stages;  Also see: Pipelining;

Gain ratio: Gain ratio;

Graviton ratio: Measurement of graviton, not available yet to public;

gravitational, light, O2, water, ratio: gravitational:light:O2:water ratio is a Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional ACT3 spacecraft's one of the testing features;  BLI may vary due to gravitational;  If 5 elements concept is applied, ... ;     Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement;   

Hazard ratio, measure in % confidence interval CI [Resident & Staff Physician;  Vol.51;  No.4];

_ IFF rate , also see: rate; %; ...

INR, International Normalized ratio [The American Journal of Medicine;  Vol.118;  No.2] Also see: INR in *cardio; 

IRR, Incidence Rate Ratio [JAMA;  Vol.293;  No.22];

kW:vol:kg;  A ratio for HTS motor powered naval submarines;  Unit not available yet to public;  Also see: Sumitomo;

LH/FSH ratio: LH/FSH ratio [Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey;  Vol. 60;  No.4];

Light lost ratio [a Myanmar's imaginary hyperdimensional spacecraft's ... , not in text yet]: ACT3 stage, OEL engineering [medical biometric engineering + optical electronic engineering], along with 2,3 vector, 2,6 vector, in DEE, ... also see ACT3 light vs. Our universe;   

m/z ratio: mass to charge ratio, by SELDI-TOF-MSOBG
Plasma Vector: toward Sensor / Detector   Genetic biometrics pap smear Mass' travelling time  
Laser beam Ion source Protein chip Flight Of Path Sensor/Detector
    Mass spectroscoping time period
Computational calculation time period [time vector: left to right]

MR ratio www.nhk.or.jp/strl/publica/rd/index-e.html;

OR: (OR, Odds Ratio (Women vs. Men) (...));  i.e. OR 6.5;  99% CI, 2.2 - 6.6;  Where 2.2-6.6 is CI variable;

_ IFF percentage, also see: %; rate; ...

Quantum charge ratio: h/e physical constant = 4.1357 x 10-15 J · s/C;

Ratio of circle's circumference to its diameter: 3.14159 ... Pico, ... , 10-24;  Π, π;  22/7;  Also see: Circle;

Ratio of circle's circumference to its radius: ... also see: quantum charge ratio, strings in M Theory, ... ;

RR, Rate Ratio;  i.e. RR 2.2;  99% CI, 1.8 - 2.8;  Where 1.8-2.8 is CI variable;

S/N ratio, Signal to Noise;  S/N ratio may vary according to vendor spec. ;

SDR, Software Defined Ratio, in 2007, Altera's 65nm Cyclone III FPGAs perform <0.5W static power waveform integration in hardware, with ASIC and/or ASSP programmable logic by Quartus II Web Edition v.7 software, therefore hardware can be defined [also see: conditional variable] by software as measured as ratio ... ;

Shade ratio = Contrast ratio of black & white;  5000:1 inside 40" world's largest OLED by Samsung in 2005;

Th1/Th2 ratio:  Th1 /Th2 ratio = Interleukin 4;

Time reduction ratio: In 2005, NEC's world first security system firewall-IDS can perform 1:3400 which can detect computer security problem [i.e. after handshake, ftp not monitored] within 3 minutes [compare to 170 hr to any system administrator who has not deployed the latest computer security system];

Waist-hip ratio [Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey;  Vol. 60;  No.1];

WHILE object is moving, ( object ( speed) : sound ( speed)) mach ... ;

W/L ratio, Width/Length ratio, nMOS µm / pMOS µm;  Also see: Cload;    Do not confuse between W/L and WL;

Wn / Wp ratio: MOS inverter Vth;

Zoom-in ratio, Astrophotography by Canon;  Remark: