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2005 ~ 2007 old notes:   Last updated on            , a full moon day

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ... number  

2500+ years old document for orbiters synchronization, 3-in-1 dimension is suggested in ACT 2 stage;

4PP + JUN = 6, ACT3 to ACT2 to ACT1, a Myanmar's imaginary hyperdimensional spacecraft path calculation for coming back, therefore lunar time and JUN time are being calculated ... ;

Address;   Algorithm;   Analysis of Sun Java Code Library;   Assembly, in a computing era of binary to duo-binary ... ;

Biz, in business, win-win situation is desirable ... ;   Browser;

Cable, a design diagram of usamyanmar.net;   Characteristics: where information flows how in 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, ... [4D is not available to public]; IF variation exists in any characteristics, THEN do not forget vector, ... ;   Chemical in Physics;   Code Shortcuts;   Command;   Complexity Region;

Distance, including a non-static system;   Distribution;   DotDotDot;   Draft OS vs. OSI duo-binary; Duo-binary mathematical calculation; Duo-binary OSI; Duo-binary Script Development;

Eastern Thought, as well as, philosophy exists at each character to be read/spoken/written;   Eccentric circles for simulation basic;   Educational opportunities, also see: Organization Association Committee;

Graphics pattern;

IC logical functions, for duo-binary development;   Internet connection;

Japanese humanoids invention; i.e. Asimo, HOAP, Asimo Ukon, ... ;

Keyword to port number, IC chips' functionalities in frequency, in software aspect aka keywords ... ;

Languages 2007 Computing Usages;   Laser, since 1980s;   lmhosts, a static way of confirmation and authentication ... ;

M Theory, theoretical physics defines sub-atomic particles;   Materials AND circuits, solid-state physics makes circuits analysis and design ... ;   Mathematics;   Modular CE;   (multimedia ( (Audio (Codecs) (Mono) (Surround) (Space) (Stereo)  … ) (Video (Animation) (Codecs) (Display ) (Graphics (Graphics usage) (Graphics pattern) (Hyper-graphics)) … ) ));  

Network diagram; Network topology; Networks Usages in 2007;


Parameter;   Particles Mechanics, ACT1 stage;   Processor;


Replication, Microsoft Windows' usage;

Satellite;   Schematic dimensional;   Schematic symbols;   Security;   (Semiconductor (Gates and Truth Table, made of transistors: for basic computing) );   Server.Win2003Platform.xls;   SQL;   Starter Kit;   STM LTM line constraints for humanoids;   Synchronization;   Systems: Conceptual Analysis & Overview;   Storage and memory;

Time . Space, WHERE all contemporary astronomical theories might be wrong! Therefore, learn Chinese characters 1st, and then understand the concept of Time.Space.Action(s) such as ACT1, ACT2, ACT3, stages ... ;

UNIT, computing measurements: physical, chemical, medical, technological, ... ;   User;

Variable, NOT being constant;   Vista Practice, a Windows OS;

Water, the only entity for ACT3 development in progress ... ;   Wildcards ((Prefixes (at*;   EGP*;   if*;   ICMP*;   IP*;   SNMP*;   TCP*;   UDP*)) (Suffixes (*Code;   *Codecs;   *Computer;   *Converter;   *Copy;   *Error;   *ID*;   *Languages;   *log;   *Map*;   *Memory;   *Mode;   *MUX;   *Printer;   *Ratio;   *tier*;   *Time;   *Ware;)) (...));

Wireless, billions & billions of currency in businesses ... ;   Wireless Antenna;