Credit Report Attributes     Last updated on 2010     1     29, a full moon day;

In database systems, attribute aka column_name;

In database design, meta defines each attribute as: its name as first name, middle name, last name, ... , and its datatype as string, integer, ... ;

In form design, table defines several attributes, WHERE constraint condition to each attribute allows developers, managers, representatives, ... , to create, to edit, to insert, to view, ... accordance with constraint conditions programmed by developers;

Attributes Meta value Remark
Account Age Integer Average account age generates stability info, considered by lender;
Account Info Table Detail info of accounts of individual;
Account Name String Bank Name;
Account Number String Alphanumeric index of lender;
Account Number Integer Lender index;
Account Owner String Individual; Organizational; 
Account Status String Remark such as PAYS AS AGREED; DELINQUENCY;
Account with Balance Number Individual's total count (Loan) in integer, e.g. total count (Loan) is 4, if 1 mortage + 3 credit cards;
Activity Description String Lender's remark on Loan, e.g. Paid and Closed;
Actual Payment Amount Number  
Address Info Table Current Address; Former Address 1; Former Address 2; Former Address 3; 
Amount Past Due Number  
As Of Date Statement's time indicator
Available Number Available amount of individual;
Available Until Date Time period of statement's life cycle
Average Account Age Integer; Integer; Average of Length of Credit History of Loan; 
Balance Number Total debt; Total amount of all loans;
Balance Number  
Balloon Payment Amount Number  
Balloon Payment Date Time  
Collection Agency Table Agency Address; Date Reported; Date Assigned; Creditor Classification; Creditor Name; Account Number; Account Owner; Original Amount Owned; Date of 1st Delinquency; Balance Date; Balance Owned; Last Payment Date; Status Date; Status; Comments;
Comment String e.g. Account closed at consumers request;
Confirmation Number Integer Credit report company's index
Credit Account Loan Lenders' index numbers e.g. Car loan; Credit cards; Mortgages; ... ;
Credit Limit Number Maximun allow amount of credit accounts;
Credit Limit Number  
Credit Summary Table Account activity of individual
Creditor Classification    
Current Status String  
Charge Off Amount Number Equity Resource;
Charge Off Amount Number  
Date Close Time Month; Year; Loan is closed by lender;
Date Closed Integer; Integer; Month; Year;
Date Major Delinquency First Reported Integer; Integer; Month; Year;
Date of First Delinquency Integer; Integer; Month; Year;
Date Of Last Activity Integer; Integer; Month; Year;
Date of Last Payment Integer; Integer; Month; Year;
Date Open Time Month; Year;
Date Opened Integer; Integer; Month; Year;
Date Report Time Month; Year;
Date Reported Integer; Integer; Month; Year;
Debt:Credit  Number Ratio of debt to credit, aka revolving accounts of (credit card);
Deferred Payment Start Date Time  
Dispute File Info Table Dispute information of THIS credit report;
Equity Resource Table View Table from Lender, including Account Number; Type of Account; Term Duration; Term Frequency; Date Open; Date Report; Date Major Delinquency First Reported; Scheduled Payment Amount; Balloon Payment Amount; Charge Off Amount; Deferred Payment Start Date; Activity Description; Month Reviewed; Date Close; ... ;
High Credit Number  
Inquiries Integer Total count (Request) WHERE each Inquiry is counted as 1;
Inquiry Table Either companies' request OR individual's request
Installment Integer timely payments of a loan;
Installment Record Table Detail info of transactions of installments;
Lender String Name of issurer of loan, e.g. Toyota Financials; Mitsubishi Bank; HSBC Bank;
Length of Credit History Integer; Integer; Integer count (Year); Integer count (Month); e.g. 8 Years; 8 Months;
Loan Integer Lender's index number; 
Monthly Payment Number Installment;
Months Review Integer Count (Month);
Most Recent Account String Lender name with Open (Month; Year);
Most Recent Inquiry String Either companies' request OR individual's request;
Nagative Info Table Bankruptcy; Garnishment; Lien; Judgment;
Nagative Info Table Records of Collection; Negative Account; Public Record; 
Negative Impact Number Debt:Credit; Debt to Credit ratio;
Oldest Account String Lender name with Open (Month; Year);
Open Account Total Number of Loan Count (Loan);
Past Due Number Amount 0.0 IFF installments are paid on time;
Personal Info Table Addresses of individual; Employment history; Personal data; 
Revolving Account Number Revolving (credit cards);
Scheduled Payment Amount Number  
Social Security Number Number Government index;
Term Duration Integer e.g. 36 Months; 30 Years;
Terms Frequency Time Monthly; Due every month;
Type Of Account String Mortgage; Other Loan; Revolving Account; 
Type Of Account String  
Type Of Loan String Lender's loan type; e.g. Conventional RE Mortgage;
Type Of Loan String Lender's loan type; e.g. Auto Lease;
Type Of Loan String Lender's loan type; e.g. Flexible Spending Credit Card;

IFF in USA: consumer credit report agency's a copy of your credit file, you have the right to obtain; bankruptcy information can be reported for 10 years; you have the right to dispute inaccurate credit information or incomplete credit information to consumer credit report agencies e.g. Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, ... , and Federal Trade Commision, Consumer Response Center - FCRA, Washington, DC 20580; Because, your employer information, your credit information, ... might be wrong;