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aka, also known as Discrete structures; Control structures of semiconductor specification, Vector structures in super computing are not available yet;

The difference between data structure and data acquisition is: data structure emphasizes on how data are going to keep linearly or randomly or structurally or un-structurally [i.e. array, queue, stack, tree, ... ], on the other hand, data acquisition emphasizes on how data are going to communicate between sender and receiver;

The similarity between data structure and [either data acquisition, or beam acquisition ] is: differential must be concerned; For example, in data structure, designer must decide whether i.e. array should be used, or stack should be used [differential will be time period comparison to POP if the stack contains so many PUSH, on the other hand, differential will be time period comparison to allocate if the array contains so many offsets]; In 2005, beam acquisition can be simulated into distance in space up to 45,000 Km between sender and receiver, i.e. high speed optical laser beam communication between space stations, and space satellites by JAXA, and differential will be .... ;

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IFF member (data structure) ITEM ... ;

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Stripped string: Sometimes, consecutive characters are terminated by NULL i.e. ' xyz '\n; After year 2005, stripped_strings have been used inside text converter for compression and reduce design; Reuse codes are not available to public;

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