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A thought for universal pathfinder

Delay-time has been very unspecific. First, time period unit must be specific, therefore assume that 24G cycles of cesium atom oscillating time period T clock ticks ... ;

Lag time period, Latency time period, Propagation delay time period are also delay times.

In data communication, propagation delay has been defined as a delay time period caused by signal's traveling time period [Assume that delayA] between ground station's transceiver and satellite's transceiver. However, operating temperature T unit, variable Earth atmospheric pressure unit, and variable surface temperature T unit have never been defined separately.

MOS inverter's propagation delay is nothing to do with signal's traveling time period in distance, but something to do with operating temperature T unit. Therefore, orbiter machine's circuit performance should be measured differently along with the orbiter machine's direction of travel [i.e. CMOS inverter propagation delay tp at the Sun toward direction orbiter machine's operating temperature T [Assume that delayB] should not be the same as the Sun outward direction operating temperature T [Assume that delayB] ]. Because heterodyne also causes operating temperature T. Heterodyning of particles cause operating temperature T is nothing to do with pressure. Because pressure is something to do with mass and location's gravity.

In CMOS inverter circuit, 2 propagation delay tp depend on its Gate oxide thickness tox, its Threshold voltage Vth or VT , and its W/L ratio, but the parameters ( tox , Vth or VT, and W/L ) can be constraints. But, materials cause the above parameters.


Operating temperature

i.e. nominal value