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doko WHERE SQRT2 with SQRT3 ... ; WHICH obeys O S I model also;

OSI Models in duo-binary aspect     Last updated on 2018/2561 3 1, a full moon day;

2018/2561; Duo Binary OSI model gene therapy system, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3;


encoding 3D GUI system
encoding OSI Model                    
3D         Ą                    
GUI         P                    
system         P                    
        L   Ą                
Application layer       I   N           #APP #DUO_APP  
Presentation layer       Ć   Ą M         #PRE #DUO_PRE  
Session layer       Ą   L O         #SESSION #DUO_SESSION  
Transport layer       T D Y D         #TRANSPORT #DUO_TRANSPORT  
Network layer       I Ą S Ё         #NETWORK #DUO_NETWORK  
Logic link layer       O T I L         #DATA #DUO_DATA  
Physical layer       N Ą S S         #PHY #DUO_PHY  
    Ethernet header IP header TCP header TCP trailer IP trailer Ethernet trailer   Application Data Bandwidth  
  Frames; Frames/Packet; Packets;        

7 layers OSI, also see: 5 layers TCP/IP stack; 9tComputer;

IFF testing duo-binary O S I with noCOOKIE OR 56366295, also see: noCOOKIE; 

Above 2D diagram shows that multiple N numbers of frequency f exist within 1 bandwidth; In additions, the most important time t has been hidden, because in common, f varies along with [1 dot product of "s" to the power minus 1] . s-1;

In Windows OS, %PATH%\ipxroute can control at Transport layer;

Also see: Duo Binary Bit; Error; Networks_2007_Usages.htm; Script; Trap;

OSI Models vs. Standard Protocols

Remark: the original (genuine) usage Duo-Binary is originally from NEC;