E-mail     Last updated on 2010     5     27, a full moon day;

Electronic mail, among Workgroup, Intranet, Internet, ... ; At very beginning, e-mail was intended to send and receive text only; And then, not only text but also graphics; And then, file can be attached by e-mail; And then, hyperlinks, cookies, defined system's parameterized values, ... can be attached by e-mail; Therefore, in 2010, e-mail's Mailbox size might be available to user 1GB ~ 25GB;

Eudora Pro;

Eudora Light;

ISP, aka Internet Service Provider, some companies provide from home to Internet via MODEM, some companies provide MOBILE access to Internet, some companies provide web pages by powerful web servers  IFF user already has had access to Internet, some companies provide satellite bridge via notebooks, ... ;

ISP, some telephone companies provide Internet access and e-mail, in addition to phone services, by multiplexing frequency;


Netscape Mail;

Microsoft Internet Mail; Outlook Express;

Netscape Message;

usamyanmar.net, AND its one and only 108th day digital certificate installed, AND its contents files *.* installed so system icon is changed to YINandYANG symbol defined by YINandYANG.ico file via desktop.ini and autorun.inf, IFF Windows AND its Publisher.reg file has been installed, and then test larger and larger e-mails, and test HOW faster the system ... ;



2010: e-mail cost,

E-mail Provider Approx. USD/user/year Remark: in addition to e-mail, some software bundles include calendaring, instant messaging, presentation, spreadsheet, web conferencing, word processing, ;
Google Apps $50
IBM Lotus Live Notes $110
Microsoft SharePoint $120
SaaS $36

2007: depending on folders AND e-mail; folders may vary such as     folder created by ActiveSync,     IMAP4 mirrored sever's folder,     Inbox folder deployed by SMS,     POP3 mail server's folder also see: SMTP, ... ;