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0 KB files exist in are File .txt and aka 0323~1;

cookie; cookies; e.g.

HTTP Cookie; HTTP cookies (this DOMAIN . triangulation . system) websites ... ;
HTTP Cookie; HTTP cookies (on the user's computer) ... ;

file (close);

file (open);

file as item, item as number, and numbers are gathered/managed by one the AI global characters; also see: THIS CodePage's property ... ; also see: OS.txt;

File attached;

File extension;

File filtering with noCOOKIE IE browser:

_ IFF browser (noCOOKIE IE), the browser can be, browsing Internet Web address;
browser (noCOOKIE IE), the browser can be, exploring file system;
_ IFF browser (
noCOOKIE IE), the browser can be filtering files,
to do so, typing in the address box, in the
noCOOKIE IE, e.g. f:\;   f:\desktop;   f:\directory-name;    notice that filtering options prompt under the address box ... ;

File format;

File management;

File menu;

File name aka file-name;

File sharing;

File size;

File System e.g. FS+, FS-, ... ;

File version number;

Files listing of, also see: Files.htm;

FTP, also see: KeywordToPortNumber.htm;


_ IFF ♯ items (MB), can be upgrading, i.e. items (♯ GB) and then very fast disc burn can be in "light rate based" computing ... ; also see: ReadyBoost with functional time limit; ReadyBoost without functional time limit;

_ IFF 149.149(audio), also see: 5 Audio;

_ IFF "light rate based", files burning into a disc, also see: N items (N MB) i.e. Calculating time remaining... ; WHERE numbers become space in time as aka "light rate"; so, step by step understanding of file, file as item, and item as number, and then numbers within time, and the most important time becomes in distance in engineering ACT2 and ACT3 ... ;

_ IFF to solve "fault" among servers, also see: Ready Made Directory;