Hypergraphics     Last updated on 2011     2     18, a full moon day;

IFF HyperlinkToProcessor1, 2 blocks are Top's \ and Bottom's \, designed for text, in common;

IFF Hyperlink 26 System Start, command line parameter with / OR \, in common; logo;

IFF Hyperlink XY to system developer platform; 2D only; IFF 3D GUI development, also see: Hyper3D ... ; Still developing, not done yet;

IFF hyperlinked invitation help, e.g. \\Info\Help\*.msrc*;

Invitation Card; Complimentary Ticket;

IFF OS developers, also see: boot, the most important development in AI OS environment ... ;

IFF testing floating points beyond 88...88 USB, and then only 1 file available inside usamyanmar.net is Testing_hyperlinked_dynamic_fonts.htm, notice that hyperlinks prompt dynamic font aka scalable font, ... to test and develop, so called "hyperlinks with dynamic fonts", 1st to understand base location so change its base location's value, ... ;

Basically, portions of graphics can contain hyperlink; Hyper-graphics graphic portions are also known as hotspots; Common graphics files can be edited to contain hyperlinks;

In a *.rtf file, standard bitmap reference-codes must be created first, before importing into Help Workshop; Till 2001, 3 kinds of bitmap reference-codes exist in *.rtf file; They are {bmc YOUR HYPER-GRAPHICS FILE NAME.bmp}, {bml  YOUR HYPER-GRAPHICS FILE NAME.bmp}, and {bmr YOUR HYPER-GRAPHICS FILE NAME.bmp};

Those *.bmp in a help system can be edited by SHED editor to create hotspot-links; SHED editor is a tool of Microsoft Help Workshop; SHED editor is also known as Hotspot Editor;3 preferences such as Pop-up, Jump, and Macro are available when editing a hyper-graphics bitmap file;

RoboHelp, HelpMagician, and other 3rd party vendors provide built-in hyper-graphics editors; Also see: file extensions such as *.shg, *.hlp, *.chm, and etc;