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3 kinds of insulator are Insulating layer, Insulation Oil, and SF6gas. Also see: DEE, dark energy engineering;  

Insulating layer

Inside semiconductors, layers' materials and methods may vary, depend on designer's tactical knowledge; In addition to WHICH oil and/or gas, WHICH layer in lithography dimensional distance [ after year 2008, 65nm to 45nm ] must also be concerned;

Inside NV memory, IFF layer behaves insulator, AND it scatters light, is called amorphous state aka non conductive, especially in PCM engineering; IFF layer behaves conductor WHICH reflects light, is called crystalline state aka conductive, especially in PCM engineering;


Insulation Oil

Among Insulation Oil(s), Mineral Oil [Inside capacitor and transformer] is the cheapest, compare to Alkyl Benzene [Cable's high resolvability], Alkyl Diphenyl Ethane [Inside capacitor], Alkyl Naphthalene [Inside capacitor], and Silicon Oil [Water resolvability in-vehicle transformer];

Insulation Oil, Matsusada Precision's standard,  
  Also see: UNIT.html Alkyl benzene Alkyl Naphthalene Alkyl diphenyl ethane Mineral Oil Silicon oil  
% tangent δ at 60Hz AND 80C <0.01 <0.01 <0.01 <0.01 <0.01        
C, flash point 132 150 150 134 300  
g/cm3 density at 15C 0.868 0.957 0.988 0.879 0.96  
Inductance capacity, specific: 2.18 2.47 2.5 2.18 2.52  
kV/2.5mm breakdown volt 78 80 80 75 80  
mm2/s kinetic viscosity at 40C 8.6 7.5 6.3 8.5 39  
Ω.cm electric resistivity at 80C 1 x 1016 1 x 1016 1 x 1016 3 x 1015 1 x 1016  
light has been number 3 in ACT3  


SF6 gas

SF6gas' dielectric strength is very high, because stable up to 1800K temperature;