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Japanese Robotics & Inventions     Last updated on 2015/2559 11 25, a full moon day;

Year Usage Remark
2015/2559 name: Kirobo Mini www.toyota.co.jp;
2015/2559 name: RoBoHon; Also see: SHARP;
2015/2559 name: SONY Drone; SONY starts its commercial drones ( service) globally since August, 2015 / 2559;

SONY Drones can be used for cargo transport, environment security, location awareness, logistic, ... ; in the near future, crane (lifting) service will be replaced by this DOMAIN 's GDC (elevating, landing) lifting service universally;

IFF focus on multiple ... , 1st to understand directional vision (multiple), for further info, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1;

2015/2559 name: Atlas Humanoid robot, some are made of 3D printed parts; can do rescue, if disaster; can operate without power tether (without power cable); Atlas is USA (www.google.com) 's humanoid robot;

Since humanoid robot has been named as public noun "atlas" , it might be Judo tactical ... ;

2015/2559 name: Aieko Chikeya TOSHIBA aesthetics design, world's 1st department store humanoid worker with silicon film complexion, services (e.g.

doko WHERE is (e.g. place, way, ...) ,

guide store's RDBMS in stocked things' info (e.g. on sale items, things' location, things' price, ... ),

translate many languages, ...) started in Tokyo, Japan, in April, 2015/2559;

2013/2557 KIROBO astronaut robot can do e.g. shiso Idea Processor level speaking languages, beyond GPS level location awareness, beyond translator level voice recognition and translation, beyond dictionary level indexing of words alphabetically, beyond calculator level calculation;

WHY astronaut robot is needed? because we human beings can do 1, 2 steps and take much longer time period when dealing with (levels and layers) altogether, also see: Monbusho * (e.g. idea # 135);

WHEN fast decision making is needed, e.g. 1 surface in the Internet to focus or to be recognized as user's face pattern, e.g. detailed specific distance calculation in (x, y) with layers as z (i.e. Monbusho * idea # 135), e.g. very fast moving objects' directions, therefore, astronaut robot is recommended;

2012/2556 Robovie Humanoid without artificial protein bound; Humanoid without artificial tissue bound;
2010 social robot teddy bear; PC via USB; expressing emotion with body language, gestures, speech, ... ; CEATEC JAPAN 2010; high-tech sensor; ICT technology; 300+ movement patterns;
2008 VIKI, Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence; Part Ⅰ, Class Ⅰ Impossibilities 7: Robots, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, MICHIO KAKU, 2008; I Robot movie;
2006 1st manned flight by battery power;  July 16, 2006 NHK news; Aeronautical invention;  Tokyo Institute of Technology;  1 minute;  5M above ground;  391M distance;  Compare to 1903 Wright brothers;
2004 "Humanoid face emotional expression receptionist robot" ;  Canon's usage: Automatic Facial Expression Recognition System;  Conversational robot with artificial human face and human emotional expression;  University of Tokyo; 
2004 Asimo Ukon Human alikeHuman beings' function oriented robot; 
2004 Central Pattern Generator / Numerical Perturbation;  CPG/NP Method, developed by Fujitsu;  Robot arm movement; 
2004 HOAP, Humanoid for Open Architecture Platform Humanoid with CPG, NP, and ...; 
2004 Natural prosody speech synthesis Method, developed by Fujitsu; 
2004 PaPeRo, personal robot = Speech translation: Japanese to English, English to Japanese;  Dog alike;
2004 (Perception Action) Integrated Humanoid = Dynamic Walking Pattern Generation;  University of Tokyo: www.jsk.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/research/h6/H6_H7.html;  Perception (Nama ( ) (...) (Rupa) ... ) Action (Nama () (...) (Kamma (...) (physical kamma)) ) ;  Also see: Nama for Humanoid
2004 Rescue robot = Semi manual;  Control algorithm and logic still need to develop;  NHK news
2004 VisiOn = Pronounce Vi Si On;  Semi automatic;  Soccer playing skill by remote control;  Human's knowledge still needed;  Vision recognizes by 360° sensor;  NHK news
    microphone free voice input for robot; 
2001 Asimo The first human alike; without artificial bio-protein bound; without artificial bio-tissue bound;

The highest civilization type;

1996 RoboCup Robot Soccer World Cup; World's 1st remote control humanoid robots' soccer competition, in Osaka, Japan;

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