Object     Last updated on 2013/2556     1     26, a full moon day;

An abstract usage in programming languages, WHICH has been well known since 1990s ... ;

621532, anything you can manipulate 91 15 621532  ... ; also see: class;

IFF FlexFrame technology, also see: Fujitsu ... ; Grid vs. Others;

In oriental thought, in Eastern Thought, time . space . action, and then YIN and YANG must exist, therefore, each object's noun behavior, and verb behavior must be explicitly understood;

Object Model: Especially in Microsoft platform, underlying of OLE and ActiveX makes COM Component Object Model available; WHEN COMs become enhanced and able to be distributed, COM becomes DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model); Combination of those COM, DCOM, OLE, ActiveX, ... , are nowadays younger generation's frameworks ... ;

Object's data structure must be defined in class code; i.e. xyz object's struct;

Object's instance must be instantiated, i.e. new in Java; Also see: new in C#; s

Object's interface must be defined in class code;

Object's method must be defined in class code; i.e. private, public, ... ;

Objects must be portable;

Objects must be reusable;

Objects must be recycled, especially in Hitachi's design;

Objects must be reduced, especially in NEC's design; Also see: WHY reduce design;