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also see: 00; 101; 102; boot; load; offline_vs._online;

in hardware assembly and OS installation, offline means AC power is ON, but stage and step have not been assigned yet by DC, aka not cold boot yet, aka not warm boot yet, but motherboard's LED light is ON with or without battery; offline configuration is very difficult because it requires to configure not only power supply's DC, but also OS's options; on the other hand, online means 1 beep BIOS boot to load OS, by DC and then OS is available, so called "online", aka online software;

offline mode, 1st to understand fishbone, and then along with time period and then apply Eastern Thought so that, productivity can be managed cost effectively; Basic example: WHEN you are writing documents and emails, you do not need synchronization between your notebook and WLAN, and then WHERE you reach an AP access point, also wireless access point, ...  [in common, passwords are year with acronym i.e. password 2007ygn means year 2007 at Yangon airport's access point; another i.e. password 2007un means year 2007 at United Nations; another i.e. password 2007kp means year 2007 at a hospital, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, ... ], you may want to DO sent/receive emails, therefore your offline productivity becomes online productivity by connecting and synchronizing ... ;

In Win2003 >> Manage Your Server >> File server, 3 option settings are

option 1: user's specified files and programs will be available offline

option 2: automatic available offline, therefore all files and programs WHERE users open and share

option 3: not available offline, therefore all files and programs WHERE users open and share

To configure the options, Win2003 >> Manage Your Server >> File server >> Share a folder Wizard >> Offline Settings >> ...

Think reversely WHY online, to be online, numbers in computing, and then those numbers can also be keywords as ports, and then protocols are deployed, and then ... ; IFF reduce design can bypass step-by-step online with long numbers, long alphanumerics, long strings of certificates, and then offline can be very fast, very direct "machine to machine", ... but very difficult to know ... ;