SQL SELECT:   Last updated on April 28, 2006

In OSI session layer, if serialization failure error occurs, and then system may prompt as follow:


SELECT In common, select only columns   dbo.Applicants_Utility.SSN In database, commonly, SSN is likely to be the key of database which means SSN is not Primary key, Foreign key, ... , dbo.Applicants.LName, dbo.Applicants.FName, Application_Server_Date, Site_Date, App_Date, Logged_Date, dbo.Applicants_Utility.CurrentCTR, Caseworker, Certifier FROM dbo.Applicants_Utility INNER JOIN It is called inner join; Other is called outer join; 2 join methods exist; dbo.Applicants ON dbo.Applicants_Utility.SSN = dbo.Applicants.SSN WHERE Condition starts here

          (Distribution_By IS NOT NULL)

AND (Caseworker IS NOT NULL)

AND (Completed_By IS NOT NULL)

AND (Completed IS NOT NULL)

AND (Certify_status IS NULL)

AND (Completed <> 'P') Single quote P single quote

AND ((dbo.Applicants_Utility.Caseworker = 'myan1010')

OR (Certifier = 'myan1010'))

AND (Pay_type = 'USD')

ORDER by Logged_Date DESC Descendent order; Other is ascendant order;  ... ;

DATASOURCE     application_server's name;


SQLSTATE     40001


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