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STM LTM Process & Confirmation Constraints。 In common, human beings perceive visual spectrums [one of the 6 interfaces of Buddha Abhidhamma], and then recognizes by matching protein patterns inside ((STM AND LTM), (STM OR LTM)), and then CI constraints [Also see: Neurology] must be concerned。

Assume that clock ticks (a.k.a. CK) define all times since the Epoch; in process handling, time() function returns 1 sec; time value, and times() function returns an elapsed real time of a child process time structure e.g.

time( ) times( )
include <time.h>

time_in_sec   time(time_in_sec   *Epoch)。


#include <sys/times.h>

clock_ticks   times(struct   time_structure   *buffer)。

/* time_structure is pointed by the buffer。 Also see: struct in Java style */

First, do hypothesis by noticing an application with a timer counter functional calls, and let the functions in vision [i.e. in Visual Basic。 a form with simple timer call, and font prompts as digital clock time period ]。 Adder adds time() function's return values as seconds, and time becomes being in a real time。 Once, the time becomes a real time, it is a time to trigger a buffer's pointer as a structured time_structure。

Slice the time into tenths [1/10] of 1 sec.。 Because fps, perceptible constraint limits within 20 [therefore, hundredths [1/100] of 1 sec。 should be considered out of CI constraint ]。

Now is the time to calculate/engineer a CI constraint for humanoid [For humanoid: i.e. Asimo Ukon and later version。 HOAP series later 2005 models ]。 Because, there is a time period between the time when human beings perceive and the time when human beings confirm

CI constraints can be easily deployed: for example, put a number [i.e. 9 Not nine ] into LTM, and then [also let humanoid] look at the application at a run time。 Since the application has displayed tenths of 1 sec。, human beings immediately start pattern match 9 to the application changing fonts in display。 And notice that CI constraint limits within 2 ~ 7 tenths OR totally miss to match pattern。 Also see: 123456789 in numerological dimension。

Staple objects, staple pictures, moving objects, moving pictures, and etc。 are should be within the human perceivable visual spectrums AND CI constraintsIQ of humanoids begin within CI constraints also ... 。

For advanced computer engineers only: Develop and define time_structure's *buffer for each type of memory。 Because, *buffer contains one pointer, and struct can also be pre-defined in several/multiple types of memory

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