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Workstation Nodes – h-node, p-node, b-node, and m-node; Windows NT platform;


If DHCP server exists in a network, DHCP assigns IP addresses to each workstation computer-machine. Those clients (workstation computer-machines; in Windows network, each workstation computer-machine has its own NetBIOS name) has to resolve their IP addresses by WINS server for internet browsing, UNC naming, resource browsing between subnets, and so on. Depending on the clients’ machine-node, machine’s functionality vary. Windows default for each client is h-node.


WINS server should be installed on each subnet. However, if several subnets exist and WINS servers have not been installed on each subnet, and then WINS proxy must be installed on each subnet where WINS server does not exist. Do not install more than 2 WINS proxies on one subnet.


The following diagram is a old WINS enable network design:


If replication is needed, WINS push-partner, pull-partner can be set at WINS Server Configuration dialog box >> Advanced >> Replicate WINS database(pull, or push). WINS Proxy Agent Note: WINS Proxy Agent can only be installed on NT version 3.5 or later. It is recommended to install one WINS Proxy Agent for each subnet, therefore neither non-WINS-client nor WINS-client can register the same (identical) NetBIOS name in the WINS database. In a subnet, the WINS Proxy Agent machine’s registry value must be: EnableProxy = 1  where the hive is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\... .   


The following diagram is a old WINS logic flow:

Windows 2000 Note: In pure Windows 2000 environment (without Win9x/NT), the following NetBIOS node types for WINS resolution such as h, p, b, and m nodes are no longer used.

WINS server: Mapping dynamic-IP-address to name [Windows NT, 2000 platform]


If WINS server is installed, LMHOSTS file(text file mapping static-IP-address to name) is no longer needed


If Win9x and NT exist, WINS(Windows Internet Naming Service) is needed to resolve NetBIOS names


If Win9x, NT, and Win2000 exist(so called mixed-environment), WINS services is needed to install.

To do so in Windows 2000: Start>>Settings>>Control Panel>>Add/Remove Programs>>Windows ComponentsWizard>>Next>>NetworkServices>>Details>>NetworkingServices>>WINS>>OK>>Next>>Finish


Creating static-entry for WINS in Windows 2000: Start>>Programs>>Administrative Tools>>WINS>>right click on Active Registration>>New>>Static Mapping>>Create Static Mapping>>type in the Computer Name: NetBIOS name of the client-computer; type in the IP address: IP address of the client-computer>>OK


Backup WINS database: Start>>Programs>>Administrative Tools>>WINS>>right click WINS server>>Properties>>General tab>>check the check-box Backup WINS Database During Server Shutdown>>  type-in a backup path:>>OK

Note: Copy a wins.mdb file for restoring WINS database is recommended.


If Win2000 only, WINS is no longer needed (Win2000 uses host-names)