Systems Development Analysis     Last updated on 2015/2559 10 28, a full moon day;

5W1H: also see: Systems Development Models; Systems Development Usages;

2010: 2 persons in a group, 1 with normal mode boot; 1 with safe mode boot with command only; develop a system, and then find WHAT are diff ... ;

Analysis of Chart; Analysis of Generic Task; Analysis of Process Model;

Computer Science . Architecture: Functional architecture, Module architecture, Process & Deployment architecture, ... ;

Domain specific . Generic task [ trading task, operating task, monitoring task, allocation task, collaboration task ];

Migration, for example, from Microsoft *.mdb, *.accdb to Oracle HTML DB v.2 / 10g, After analyzing the *.mdb data & app interfaces, design new app [including data and forms], and then migrate data [*.mdb / OMWB], and migrate app [i.e. from Access to Oracle DB v.2 / 10g];

Prototyping, an effective method in systems_development_environment; Because prototypes verify product, products verify specification, specifications verify function, ... [Domain Oriented Systems Development: Perspectives and Practices; Kiyoshi Itoh; Satoshi Kumagyi; Toyohiko Hitori; 2003 Taylor & Francis] , and then apply model 1~ N here of the prototypes can reduce mistake / misunderstanding / bug /... ;

Syllabus & Curriculum contents, the most difficult task to any elite Asian in 21st century, because data and contents from Eastern Civilization and Western Civilization must be classified first, and then sorted by suitable  IQ and knowledge level as civilization types, and then consider how to avoid fallacies & pitfalls in engineering and science, one of the implementations a Myanmar can think of is follow the NIPPON 's nowadays Reduce design WHICH might lead to purge thousands years unnecessary data and knowledge, WHICH might guide to a trend in ACT2 and ACT3 stages, WHICH might scientifically able to prove solution oriented thoughts from pitfall thoughts, and so on ... ; Psychologically, people do not like to change, but in 21st century, if necessary to change, and then do changes ... ;

Testing a system, also see: Testing.htm;

Time AND Cost: Reuse, and modify current code/specification; Otherwise, costly and timely; Also see: reduce object design;