Updated in 2563 : on 2020 : 2 : 22 : Physics Law 128 ;

(law 128) : Optics;

e.g. Comet (method, procedure, technique) ... ;
e.g. Multi long length neutrino LASER (method, procedure, technique) ... ;
e.g. Rainbow (method, procedure, technique) ... ;
e.g. WORMHOLE (method, procedure, technique) ... ;
e.g. yellowish variation (method, procedure, technique) ... ;

hikariaisoreta Optoisolator     optoisolator     optoisolator     optoisolator ; Also see: DEE;

hikarifaiba Fiberoptics     Fiberoptics     Fiberoptics     Fiberoptics;

this DOMAIN must obey its (DDL, DML) i.e. definition : manipulation : Optics;

Remark: beyond motor way (remember: motor way laser started approx. since 1995 with 150 x of (IDE, PCI) bus), And Then, realizing & understanding the most advance 6 Walls, invisibility engineering, reversed yellowish variation, variable DEE patterns, ... ;

Remark: this DOMAIN system must verify Shakya King's permit to (launch, launched, launching) IFF real-time illegal missile (s) EXIST (in our earth), e.g. fast moving missiles can be (burned down, exploded, demolished, shot down) by Optics IFF we design and model camera (Comet, Multi long length neutrino LASER, Rainbow, WORMHOLE) And Then, focal point, pinpointed, locked, And Then, using (state, stated, stating) Ready, (guide, guided, guiding) ... ; this DOMAIN system must verify Shakya King's permit; Remark: the longest Distance Router is camera ... ;

I wrote : for basic realizing & understanding of HOW ACT2 imaginary hyper space Optics, I've a quiz i.e. if we've structural like

   ; ; ; ; ; ;  

these, And Then, doko WHERE would be BF2 Indigo EMI (Optics) ?

Well trained kids! replied : 2 BF2 Indigo will be naturally, and 1 BF2 Indigo will be at the left most (a "tail" alike (other wording would be: rotate left 90 degree of BF2 Indigo at the left most)), and 1 BF2 Indigo will be at the upper right side sir ;

I wrote : wow!! mochiron of course; Well trained kids! are very very smart ones already i.e. goody good; after basic realizing & understanding (Optics), so do (advance, advanced, advancing) ... ;

(column of air, exact fraction of (fixed interval's) length, string's vibration) ... ;