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A hacker guide: how to protect your web site and network
Abacus Systems: Aegis Defect Tracking;
2002; Software QA/Test;
ABIX v.3 Accounting
Access 2000 Bible Gold
Access Driver v.2
AccHTML v.4 Pro for Win 9x, ME, NT4;
Acd acdsee v.3 Utility;
acd acdsee v.8; ACDSee 8 Photo Manager; FotoSlate 4; 2005;
Acer Drivers: CD-ROM, MODEM, Monitor, Mouse, Scanner
Acronis True Image 10 Home; N/A; 2006; PC multimedia backup;
ACS v.2 / Airespace; WLAN; REAP; LWAPP; POE; 802.11 a, b, g; 802.3af; 2004; 629
Act!; 420; N/A;  2003;
Action GoMAC v.2
ActiveNet v.3.2; N/A; 2005; Compare to:

Contextware; Cyntergy Thumbprint CPM; Pandell Knowledge Management Solution; Talisma KnowledgeBase.net v.5.0;

ActiveReports, v.2 Standard/Professional; ActiveX Report Designer for VB;
N/A; 2002;
ActiveState PureMessage v.4; Anti-spam; 210; N/A;  2003;
Activestate Software Komodo v.3.5; N/A; 2006; App. development; Compare to:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team; Adobe Systems Macromedia Studio v.8;

Actuate eReport Designer v.4 Accounting
Adaptec Software(s) for Macintosh
Adobe Acrobat 5; 2004;
Adobe Acrobat 7; 2005;
Adobe Acrobat Reader v.4, 12 Languages
Adobe AIR Platform, browser independent web application 2008; Flex can be either by application type Flash Player, or by application type Adobe AIR; Also see: RIA browser dependent application;
Adobe Creative Suites 2 Premium 2005;
Adobe Dreamweaver; N/A 2007; AJAX application building and editing, also see: Microsoft Visual Studio;
Adobe Flex 2007; System requirement: Flash;

Also see: WPF/Everywhere;

Adobe FlexBuilder 2; 2007; Internet application framework for multiple-platform developers; Elipse based;
Adobe GoLive v.5
Adobe Illustrator v.8; 888;
Adobe ImageStyler; 899; N/A;  1999;
Adobe LiveMotion v.1 for Quick Time
Adobe PhotoShop CS2; 2005;
Adobe PhotoShop v.5;
Adobe PhotoShop v.7; N/A; 2003;
Adobe Premiere, sound tool; 832; N/A;
Adobe Systems Macromedia Studio v.8; N/A; 2006; App. development; Compare to:

Activestate Software Komodo v.3; Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team;

Advance Logic Sound Card Drivers
Advance Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 2nd Edition
Aelita: Exchange migration tool, Domain migration tool; 2003; N/A;
Aim IT Ver. 3.0.1, Workgroup Edition, Asset And Inventory Management
Akemi: Akemi Power Pack; Component Utility for User Interface;
2002; N/A;
Akemi: Akemi Spy Library; Component Utility; N/A
Akimbi Systems Akimbi Slingshot v.2; N/A; 2006; Monitoring App. services, QA; Compare to:

Compuware Vantage v.9; Netscout Systems nGenius Performance Manager;

Aladdin Expander v.5 for Macintosh
Allaire HomeSite v.4
Alliance Display Card Drivers
Altera Quartus II Web Edition v.7 2007; Cyclone III FPGA; DSP; ASIC logic or ASSP logic;
Altiris Management Suite; 639; 2004; N/A
Altiris Server Provisioning Suite; 555; N/A;  2003;
Altova xmlspy v.5;
526; N/A; 2003, 2004;
Altova MapForce 2008; Trail available; 2008; Databases, EDI, Flat files, Web services, XML, and ... drag & drop data mapping, convert data, SQL editor, Microsoft Visual Studio 05 08 integration, ... ;
America Online, ISP, 1000 Hours Free for 45 days; AOL Optimized v.9;
2004; 2006; 50+ games;
Amyuni Consultants: PDF Converter v.2 Developer Edition; Tool for Managing Files; N/A
Analyzing Requirements & Defining Solution Architectures MCSD
Anasil Local Area Network Analyzer for Novell & NT
Angoss data mining tool; N/A  
Animorpher for Macintosh
Anova 2008; Data analysis tool; Also see: SPSS, and Chi Square;
Antepo OPN System XT; N/A; 2006; Collaboration by messaging; Compare to:

Intuit QuickBase Corporations Edition; Sant The Sant Suite v.7;

Anti BO v.1 Anti-virus
Anti-Hacker Tools for Novell & NT
AOpen MODEM Drivers
Apex True DB Reports v.6 Accounting
APPAC Simply Accounting v.8
AppForge Crossfire v.5; Palm OS Platform; 2004; N/A;
Apple QuickTime; 2006; CD Canon v.22.0;
Apple QuickTime 4; Audio/video plug-in to web; 813; N/A;
Apple Safari; 2004; 564; N/A;
Apple Xcode; Mac; 2004; 516; N/A;
ARCserve 7 for Linux, Advanced Addition
ARCserve 7 for Linux Backup Agent for Oracle Option
ARCserve 7 for Linux, Disaster Recovery Option
ARCserve 7 for Linux Tape Library Option
ARCserve 7 for NetWare
ARCserve 7 for NetWare Disaster Recovery Option
ARCserve 7 for NetWare Storage Area Network Option
ARCserve Client Agent for Linux
ARCserve Client Agent for NetWare
ARCserve Client Agent for UNIX
ARCserve Client Agent for Windows 95/98
ARCserve Client Agent for Windows NT/2000
ARCserve for NetWare, Complete Data Protection for Novell NetWare 4.x, 5.x
ArcSoft PhotoBase for Windows, and Mac; 2004;
ArcSoft PhotoImpression 2005; In addition to paper, CD printing; Also see: Epson Stylus Photo R220 Printer Software;
ArcSoft PhotoStudio for Windows, and Mac; 2004;
ArcSoft PhotoStudio v.4.3; v.5.5; 2006; CD Canon v.22.0;
Artnet MODEM drivers
Aruba Wireless Network AirOS; N/A; 2004; 629;
ASP,Active Server Page Express for Win 9x & NT v.1
ASUS LAN Card Drivers, Display Card Drivers
ASUSTek Computer A639/A626/A686/A696 2007; With Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5; DELL Pocket PC
ASUSTek Computer Spb Backup 2007;
Atalasoft DotImage BarcodeReader v.4.0; N/A; 2007; Recognize barcodes; 1D barcodes; 2D barcodes;
ATG Art Tech Group v.7; N/A; 2003; 319;
Attenex; Attenex Patterns; N/A; 2006; Report; Analytics; Compare to:

Cognos v.8 Business Intelligence; Fujitsu Software Interstage XWand 7;

Audio Catalyst v.2 for MP3
AudioCD MP3 Studio v.1
AudioGrabber v.1 with MSCDEX, ASPI, MP3 options
Aureal Sound Card Drivers
Auscomp eNavigator Suite 2000 v.6 for Java Applets, & HTML Tool
AUSUS-3 Serial Device Tool
Authentica PageRecall v.3.1; DRM deployment; N/A; 2003;
Auto Shutdown v.3 Utility
AutoCAD Land Development Desktop Release 2
AutoDesk CAD Overlay 2000
AutoDesk Civil Design Release 2
Land Development Solutions II
AutoDesk Survey Release 2
Awave v.5 for Audio & Wavetable Instruments with Synthesizer option
Aztech CD-ROM, MODEM, & Sound Card Drivers

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