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MAC OS X v.10.2; OS; N/A 2003
MAC View for NetWare, for Novell & NT
Macromedia Contribute v.1, for Mac OS X; N/A  
Macromedia Contribute v.2, for PC and Mac; Webpage tool; N/A 2003
Macromedia Director v.7; Shockwave file management; N/A 2000
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, for ASP.NET, Cold-fusion, and JSP; www.macromedia.com  
Macromedia Dreamweaver v.3, v.4, Internet Web-page, for Editing *.js, *.css, & *.xml
Macromedia Extension Manager v.1, for Internet Web-page & its Extension Management
Macromedia Fireworks v.3, v.4, for Graphics
888, 899
Macromedia Generator Authoring Templates v.2 for Flash 4, Internet Web-page Flash Tool
Macromedia Generator v.2, Developer Edition for Flash 5, Internet Web-page Flash Tool
Macromedia Shockwave v.7 888; 813
Macromedia SoundEdit 16; N/A 832
Macromedia Studio v.8; Compare to:

Adobe Creative Suite v.2; Corel CorelDraw Graphics Suite v.12; 2005;

Master v.2 In or Out, for Novell & NT
Magic Sound Card Drivers
MagicWin v.1, Translator
Magnify data mining tool; N/A  
Mail Administrator Utilities, for Novell & NT
Managing Internetworks with SNMP, Networking Reference
Managing MULTI-VENDORs Networks, Networking Reference
Managing Traffics, Cisco Router Training
Mandrake v.9 Linux Operating System; OS
2002; 610; 777
MapleSoft Maple v.9; N/A 2003; 123
Marathon Technologies everRun 2G; N/A 2009; Component level fault tolerance, data protection;
Marimba Six; Patch administration for Windows users; N/A 2004; 639
Market Analyzer v.1, Business
Market Builder v.2, Business
MAS 90; N/A 2003; 420
MathWorks Matlab v.6.5; N/A 2003; 123
Matlab; N/A;  
Matlab data mining tool; N/A  
Matrowerks CodeWarrior v.9; Mac OS; C/C++ Coding; N/A 2004; 516
Matrox Display Card Drivers
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, Softkey, v.3 for Windows 3.1 & 95
MaxStat Session Viewer, for Novell & NT
Maxtor Hard Disk Drivers
mBED Software mBED; Audio/Video plug-in to web; N/A 813
McAfee CirusScan v.5, Anti-virus
McAfee Foundstone Enterprise v.4; N/A; 2006; Network Security; Compare to:

Core Security Technologies Core Impact v.5; Juniper Networks ISG 2000 with IDP v.1;

McAfee Security SpamKiller; Anti-spam; N/A 2003; 210
McAfee v.5, Anti-virus
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise v.8; N/A 2005; 542
McGraw Hill Spanish For Healthcare Providers, 3 disc; 2007
MCSE Learnkey MCSE, Active Directory Performance, Windows 2000 Exam Preparation   
MCSE OTK Windows 2000 Active Directory v.4
MCSE Training Kit Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Medical Economics Audio Briefs; Bristol-Myers Squibb/Sanofi 999
Mem Turbo v.2, Memory Management Tool
Memcelerator; www.redearthsystems.com; N/A 2003
MEME Bioinformatics Data Mining Tool; N/A  
Memorex Label Design Studio, v.4.3 2009; Win98, Me, 2000, XP; Including manual label applicator, ... ;
Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary
Merz MODEM Drivers
Messaging Utilities for Novell & NT
Meta Creation Head Line, for Macintosh
Meta Creation KPT Tools; 888
microlife, Blood Pressure Analyser; v3.2.1A 2008;
Micronet, PCMCIA MODEM Driver; RAID Storage, SANcube, FireWire, Mac
Microsoft 64 bit Visual Studio 2005; N/A  
Microsoft .Net Framework v.2; 2005
Microsoft ADS v.1; N/A 2003; 555
Microsoft BackOffice Administration Guide  
Microsoft BackOffice Administrator's Survival Guide, 2nd Edition  
Microsoft BackOffice Unleashed
Microsoft Business Portal v.1.2, Add-on /Great Plain & Solomon; 2003
Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition [Microsoft Standard]
Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 5th Edition; N/A  
Microsoft Device Emulator v.1; 2005
Microsoft Drivers, Mouse
Microsoft Exchange 2003; N/A 171
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003; N/A  
Microsoft Exchange Server Training Kit
Microsoft IE 4.5, & Plug-in Update, for Macintosh
Microsoft IE 5, 5.5, & 6 for Internet
Microsoft Jupiter; N/A 2003; 101
Microsoft Live Communication Server; 2003; N/A 176
Microsoft MapPoint; N/A 2002
Microsoft MSDN; 2000-2005; All MSDN magazine's contents between 2000 ~ 2005; MSJ, Microsoft Journal complete index; All sample codes;
Microsoft MSDN; 2000 ~ 2006; 1986 ~ 2000; All MSDN magazine's contents 2000 ~ 2006; MSJ & Microsoft Internet Developer 1986 ~ 2000; All sample codes;
Microsoft Office 97, 2000, & Office 97 SP 1, 2
Microsoft Office 98, Update, for OS 8.5, Macintosh
Microsoft Office 2000 VB for Applications Fundamentals
Microsoft Office Basic 2007 2008; Lenovo Singapore, X61 notebook; Business Contact Manager for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007;
Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 2005
Microsoft Office Primary Interop Assembly Installer 2005;
Microsoft Office Professional 2007; For academic use only; Including Word 2007; Excel 2007; PowerPoint 2007; Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager; Publisher 2007; Accounting Express 2008; Access 2007; 2009;

XP; Vista; Windows Home Server 2008;

Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, Service Pack 2 2005;
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, MOSS, N/A 2007; For Intranet, Extranet; Search by form interface; Content search; Context search;
Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003; 2005; Office Productivity; Compare to:

Sun Microsystems StarOffice v.8;

Microsoft Office XP Corporate Edition
Microsoft Platform SDK
Microsoft Project; N/A 2002, 03;
Microsoft Project Server 2003; N/A  
Microsoft Proxy Server Installation and Adminstration Guide
Microsoft Publisher; N/A 2002
Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003; N/A  
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Data Warehousing Training Kit
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Database Implementation Training Kit
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Resource Guide
Microsoft SQL Server 2005; Developer Edition;  
Microsoft TechNet; TechNet Subscription Sampler; 2003  
Microsoft Visio; 2002 Pro.; Flow-charting; N/A  
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Professional Edition
Microsoft Visual J# Redistributable Package v.2; 2005;  
Microsoft Visual Studio 2007; AJAX application building and editing, also see: Adobe Dreamweaver;
Microsoft Visual Studio.net, Enterprise Architect; N/A
Microsoft Visual Studio.net, Enterprise Developer; N/A
Microsoft Visual Studio.net, Professional; N/A
2002; 526
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005; Team Foundation Server;  
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005; Team Suite; 2005; App. development; Compare to:

Activestate Software Komodo v.3; Adobe Systems Macromedia Studio v.8;

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office System 2005;
Microsoft Windows 2000, Server OS; 2003; 555
Microsoft Windows Embedded Project Acceleration Kit 2007; IE5+; XP SP2; Windows2000; 1.5GHz 512MB RAM; 1024x768 32bit color display;
Microsoft Windows Home Server 1. Server Installation DVD 2009; All contents including audio, data, file, mix content, program, video, ... inside the hard drives will be deleted; Boot from DVD;
Microsoft Windows Home Server 2. Home Server Connector 2009; For each computer, up to 10 computers;
Microsoft Windows Home Server 3. Home Computer Restore CD 2009; For each computer, IFF necessary to restore CD;
Microsoft Windows Installer v.3; 2005;  
Microsoft Windows ME, Millennium Edition, OS
Microsoft Windows ME, Millennium Edition, OS
Microsoft Windows Mobile, v.6; 2007; DELL Pocket PC A639/A626/A686/A696;
Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation; N/A 2007; System requirement: WPF/Everywhere;

Also see: Flash;

Microsoft Windows XP, Service Pack 2; 2004
Microsoft Windows Vista; Windows Anytime Upgrade; 2007
Microsoft Works 7 with Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003 2004
Migrating to NetWare v.4, OS Reference
Mimosa Systems; NearPoint v.2; N/A; 2006; E-mail message;

Compare to: CA Message Manager; Symantec Enterprise Vault v.6;

MindAlign v.6.3 2005; Parlano; Information management system; Trading;
Mindjet MindManager 8 for Windows; N/A; 2009; $300+;

Web; Data;

Mindreef Soapscope v.3; For WSDL, XML development; N/A 2004
Miner data mining tool; N/A  
Minitab; N/A  
MinuteMan Project Management 6.1, Business
mIRC v.5, Internet Relay Chat Client, IRC Server Chat-utility
Mire Win32 v.5, Internet
Mitsumi Drivers - CD-ROM & Mouse
MKSAP 12, Via Internet; N/A 2004; 999
MODEM Booster v.2, to tune-up DUN Modem's MTU, RWIN, TTL, Cache size, for Intranet & Internet
MODEM Sharing, for Internet, for Novell & NT
MoldWizard, Unigraphics for Windows NT 4.0 & Windows 2000
Morphon Technologies BV XML Editor; N/A 2004; 526
MouseSys Drivers, Mouse
Mozilla v.1.6; N/A 2004; 564
MP3 Slicer v.1, Multimedia
MP3 Studio 2000, for Windows 95x, and NT, Multimedia
MP3 to Wave Converter, v.1, Multimedia broadcaster
MPEG DJ Encoder v.1, Multimedia
MS DOS v.6.22, OS, Command Line Prompt
MSDN Subscriptions, Enterprise; N/A
MSDN Subscriptions, Library; N/A
MSDN Subscriptions, Operating Systems; N/A
MSDN Subscriptions, Professional; N/A
MSDN Subscriptions, Universal; N/A
MSXML v.6 Parser; 2005
MTU Size for TCP/IP Setting, Networking Tool
Multi Edit: Multi-Edit 2006 2006; Support C/C++, C++, C#, CMAC, CSS, Delphi, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Parcal/Delphi, Perl 5, Perl & Python, PHP, VS ASP; Can handle 50+ languages;
Multi-Clipboard v.9, Memory Management Utility
Multilizer: Multilizer v.5; .NET, and VB support; Component Utility; N/A
Mustek Drivers - Scanner
My Personal Diary 2000, v.4, Business
Myanmar Alphabet/Script Game for Kids
Myanmar Fonts
Myanmar SeamenPro Calculators - GM, Draft Survey, Chef, & Tidal for Win 9x
Myanmar-English Dictionary; CD-ROM 2008; Myanmar Language Commission, Ministry of Education, Myanmar;
MYOB Accounting v.9, Business Accounting

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