Updated in 2563 : on 2020 : 1 : 12 : Folding Paper ;


2009 CD:

Original idea is from one of the boxes, in Japan Town, San Francisco, USA; 

folding an envelop:
- paper should be letter size;
- printing on the folding paper will be skillful children;
- fold the CD's sides 1st;
- fold the CD's top & bottom;
- seal an envelop, by using glue or tape, so ready to send to friends & families;

folding boxes: a small box; a bigger box;
- cut off unnecessary space at 4 corners;
- folding along with edges will be either top "cover" or bottom of a box;
- while folding, realize 0.1mm gap between drawing line and paper;

enjoy basic packaging idea ... 

- a disc may contain 100+ sounds;
- a disc may contain 2+ movies;
- a disc may contain 3000+ pictures;
- a disc may contain 4+ hours of video;
- a disc may contain 500+ books;

click on ..\\Info\Product\FoldingPaper_CD.jpg, and then print ... 
editing the FoldingPaper_CD.jpg file will be on your own, e.g. diff paper color, smooth edges, ... 
less cost, because common bubble envelop might cost USD 1.5$/envelop ... 
printed paper will be look alike handmade, homemade, drawn by Pilot pen ... 
visibility of itself informs disc is inside, so do not need to write "do not bend", "handle with care", ... 
2009 Tea Cake:
Original idea is from one of the bakery stores in California, USA;
- file name FoldingPaper_TeaCake.GIF;
- the file FoldingPaper_TeaCake.GIF may be opened by drawing tool e.g. Paint;
- it is enlargeable to its height, or length, or side, by dragging the image's edges;