2007 FP Common Treatments   Last updated on            , a full moon day

Depending on a patient's condition and status, a FP physician's conceptual idea, geographical domain location and medical supply availabilities, the following treatment contents may vary. Somehow, usamyanmar.net gathers the information based on New York, USA as a geographical domain.

Acute Otitis media

Amoxil 50mg/kg/day po q8h (susp: 125mg/t, 250mg/t, 400mg/t

Augmentin 40mg /kg/ day po q12h ( 200mg/t, 400mg/t)

Antipyrine/benzocaine otic 2-4gtt in ear qid prn

Allergic conjunctivitis

Optivar ( 0.05% 6ml ) 1 drop into affected eye bid for >3 yo

Allergic rhinitis

Nasonex 1spray each nostril qd (6-11 yo), 2 spray (>6 yo)

Rhinocort 2 sprays each nostril bid


Albuterol MDI 2puffs q6hr prn/ flovent 2 puffs bid/ singulair 10mg qd/

CXR, PFT, pulmonary, asthma education

Cerumen removal

Antipyrine/benzocaine otic 2-4gtt in ears tid x 3days

Chronic pelvic pain

FOBT, UA, gc and Chlamydia,


Dimetapp elixir 5ml q6h (2-6 yo)

Loratadine 1mg/ ml solution 5mg qd(2-6 yo), 10mg qd( > 6 yo)

tylenol 160/t q4h 1/2t for 2m 4m, 3/4t for 6m 9m, 1t 12m 15m, 11/4 2yo, 1 & 1/2t 3 yo, 1 & 3/4t 5y/o,

benadryl12.5/t q6h 1t 1yo


Glycerine suppositories 1 suppository pr prn. 4-6 ounces prune juice,

Increased fiber (bran, fruit, green vegetables and whole grain cereals and breads )

Colace 10mg / ml 20-4-mg/d bid  3- 6yo, 40-150mg/d 6-12yo, 50 -400 mg/d >12 yo

Lactulose 15-30ml qd-bid


Prednisone 20 - 60mg po qd

Zithromax 500mg x 1,then 250mg qd x 4


No milk product, pedialyte, stool studies

Endometriosis or dysmenorrhea

Naproxen 500mg bid or motrin 400mg qid,

GC, chlamydia

Zithromax 1g x 1dose, rocephine 125mg IM x 1

GERD or peptic ulcer







GERD for kid

Low fat diet, no cola, citrus juices, tomato products, Avoid the supine position after meals, no eating within 3hours of bed time. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking, NSAID

Rinitidine 300mg qhs, Omeprazole 20mg qd ( 30min prio to meal)

Hpylori prevpac 1 dose po bid x 14days

GI consult, cbc, chem7, lft, lipid, amylase, lipase, UA, Hpylori Igg and stool antigen

Thicken feedings, give small volume feedings, keep head to bed elevated 30degrees


Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5-25mg qd/ atenolol or metoprolol 50mg qd/ enalapril 5mg qd/ norvasc 5mg qd


Propylthiouracil  100mg po tid


Premesis 1/day or pyridoxine 25mg tid,


Zithromax or keflex 50mg/kg/day tid

Throat culture



Robitussin DM

>6 y/o 5cc qhr prn

Tinea versicolor

Selenium sulfide 2.5% shampoo daily allowed to dry for 10min prior to showering for 1 week, then monthly x 3

Ketoconazole 2% cream bid for 2-4 weeks


Cipro 250mg bid x 7days / bactrim ds 1tablet bid / keflex 500mg q6h / macrobid 100mg q12h, Pyridium 100mg po tid/ Tylenol


Clotrimazole vaginal tablets 500mg hs, Metronidazole 500mg bid x 7days, Premarin 0.5gm of cream daily x 3weeks, then twice weekly


Benadryl 1mg / kg / dose q6hr prn