Exceptions Handling: Ensuring AND in Biometrics;   Last updated on      

Condition Possible Exceptional Handling Error Handling
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While Data-flow Throw Da; Throw Db; Catch Da AND Db; If Da ≠ Db Spiral Data-flow;
While Data-flow Throw Pa; Throw Pb; Catch Pa AND Pb; If Pa ≠ Pb Spiral Data-flow;
While Data-flow Throw Ra; Throw Rb; Catch Ra AND Rb; If Ra ≠ Rb Spiral Data-flow;
While Sequencing Throw fluorochrome TAGC; Throw electrophoresis TAGC; For each DNA, If flurochrome TAGC ≠ electrophoresis TAGC
While Enzymatic mutation Catch fluorochrome TAGC; Catch electrophoresis TAGC; For each mutation, if Signal mutation Enzymatic mutation
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