Updated in 2563 : on 2020 : 2 : 26 : : Device Acronym; Approx. 55+ device acronyms available to read;

1990s to present, Zombie machine WHICH is a part of Gravity Dimension Computer (directional gravity, mitchakusei Adhesion (a.k.a. bio-glue)), because bio cells (local (10)) can be activated (remote (100)), and since 1995, because of "zombie" machine, life again, relive, and we've learnt and realized THAT Buddhism way (samsara) is TRUE ... ; for basic understanding of HOW (bit-by-bit, level-by-level, step-by-step) all the way to nowadays' 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, also see: PHYSICS, because we ethnic tribes need to know and learn a little bit ... ;

embedded; Radical693 e.g. this DOMAIN 's medical  devices;

this DOMAIN 's OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturers;

well trained kids! replied : WHY highlighted with {11,11,11} and font color {E3,E3,E3} sir ?

I wrote : we learnt long long time ago in 1980s retrospectively, and at the present 2020s, kuru kuru WHILE dealing with devices, IoTs, machines, VM, ... , we truly need black screen, black ZCS, dark screen, dark ZCS, ... like a DOS . PIF (a.k.a. Command Prompt) alike;

for well trained kids! I've a gift i.e. zcs Black, 108x108 dimensional, then realize and understand (3,3,3,3) is multiplexor group, if we compare (10,7,10) is adder group, regarding 108;

well trained kids! replied : arigatoh gozaimasu, thank you;

I wrote : OK. learn more regarding Hiragana, Kanji, and Katakana, And Then, work for Japanese a.k.a. NIPPON, the most advanced people of our earth; nowadays, I'm very very very busy with HOW ... , 1000000 (reversed yellowish variation), 100000 (yellowish variation), 10000 (universal), 1000 (global), 100 (remote), 10 (local), like a game, I ain't know WHO designed & modeled Zombie machine ?

Also see: Meter;

Accuvix XQ Ultrasound, Medison; Medical Imaging; OBG;

Aloka SSD 3500 Ultrasound, Walling-ford; Medical Imaging;

Anal dilator + Purse string suture + Circular stapler; PPH; GE; GS;

Berkeley VC, ACMI; Uterine aspiration; OBG;

Bionet Cardio Care 2000 EKGs with interpretation;

Bowel Prep Kit, Braintree; Halflytely prep kit; GE; GS;

Bowel Prep Kit, Fleet Accu-Prep; GE; GS;

BP cuff; Resuscitation PD;

Butterfly G; Resuscitation PD;

Cardiac defibrillator and pacemaker; Since 1973, the devices have been used;

Cardiac Implant ((ICD, Implantable Cardio vector Defibrillator), leads, pulse generator);

Cardio Resting EKG, EMR compatible, PC based cardiology;

CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) i.e. without drawing blood for lab test report of insulin level, IFF type 1 diabetes, also see: 2561 2018 CME Q&A no. 149;

Chest tube F; Resuscitation PD;

Colposcopes; Digital/Optical/Video images collecting/documenting/teaching;

(colposcope (measuring tissue) with integrated HD video camera for optional monitor, devices and accessories, endometrial biopsy device, endometrial sample (e.g. 24cm formable shaft), fetal Doppler ultrasound (FHR value and waveform, heart rate of fetus by 2.5MHz ultrasound frequency), uterine manipulator/injector, vaginal pH testing, ... ), also see: www.gynex.com;

Compact Prism Loupes; GS;

Cutting forceps; Coagulate, Grasp, Transect; OBG;

Defibrillation/cardio external paddle; Infant paddle or Adult paddle; Resuscitation PD;

Dolphin II, ACMI; Real time fluid & pressure measuring device; OBG;

DXA, Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry [Better bone in CME Mongraph; CME; 2005]; Skeletal;

Earth Based Medical Sensor, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

WHY Earth Based Medical Sensor has 8 "black" squares sir ? Oh! they are parts of DEE _ lines _ horizontal and DEE _ lines _ vertical; WHY 2 of 6 "white" dots are diagonally 45 degree sir ? Oh! this DOMAIN has been designed by ((2*5), (2*6), (2*7)), and using (2*6) momentum is like that; WHY "green" triangle at top edge, and "blue" triangle is at bottom edge sir ? Oh! since we've been using directional gravity, and green electronic line prompts north naturally, of course "Earth Based" would be like that at the right side; HOW much does it worth sir ? IT is worth billions and billions of dollars, but ACT1 and ZCS based, therefore, you well trained kids! should develop ACT2 and ACT3 medical sensors; WHY 6 "white" dots only sir ? hey! don't forget that you well trained kids! don't need too many holes to sense strings WHEN you design sensors by juten Filling Method; Remember: multi colors coding can only be defined HOW "white" dots' value changes ... i.e. HOW to design sensors ... ;

electrocardiogram, e.g. ECG; EKG; also see: e Character;

Embosphere Microspheres, BioSphere Medical; Uterine fibroid embolization; DR; OBG;

Endopath Xcel, trocars, Ethicon Endo Surgery; Bladeless; Blunt tip; GS;

Endoscope for trans-gastric surgery; GE; GS;

endoscopy (5.8 mm); endoscopy (9.8 mm);

FISH Glassman Viscera Retainer, Adept-Med; Safer abdominal closure; GS;

Harmonic ACE, Ethicon Endo Surgery; GS;

Harmonic Scalpel, Ethicon Endo Surgery; Ultrasonic cutting; Coagulating; GS;

Hysteroscopes; OBG;

IUD, Intrauterine Device [The Journal of Reproductive Medicine; Vol. 50; No. 3];

IV catheter G; Resuscitation PD;

josaidoki Defibrillator;

Larygnoscope blade; Straight or Curved; Resuscitation PD;

M/L clip, Medium/Large clips, 5 ~ 10 mm applier, [Ethicon Endo-Surgery; Contemporary Surgery; Vol. 62; No. 11; 2006];


medical physicist, also see: PHYSICS, (law thirty two) ... ;

Medical video printer, MV plug-and-play color image printer, 2006;

Moss Gastrostomy Tube; GE; GS;

MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging; NMR, also see: Physics Law 146;

Nasogastric tube F; Resuscitation PD;

NG Tube;

NIM EMG Reinforced Endotracheal Tube, NIM response system, Medtronic XOMED; Vocal cord monitoring while in thyroidectomy procedures; GS;

O2 mask; Resuscitation PD;

ON-Q Soaker Catheter, I Flow Corporation; Pain buster; GS;

Oral airway; Resuscitation PD;


Pap Test, ThinPrep; Liquid based; Cytyc Corporation; Papilloma virus reflex test; OBG;

Pelvic Muscle Trainer, Athena Feminine Technology; OBG;

pH and Amines TEST, QuickVue Advance, Quildel; Infectious vaginitis instant [2 minutes] evaluation; FP; IM; OBG;

pump : Infusion Pump; Insulin Pump;

QCT, Quantitative Computed Tomography; Skeletal;

QUS, Quantitative Ultrasound; Skeletal;

Resuscitation bag; Resuscitation PD;

Robotic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass [Archives of Surgery; Vol. 140; No. 8; 2005]: Anesthesia + da Vinci robotic console + da Vinci patient side robotic arms + Electrocautery + Insufflation monitors + Scrub table; GS;

SANUWAVE; e.g. derma PACE acoustic device, for diabetic foot ulcers;

screener audiometer;

SkinStation, Radiancy; Skin disorders; D;  FP; OBG;

SONOLINE G40, Ultrasound; Siemens Medical Solutions; Medical Imaging; OBG;

Stylet F; Resuscitation PD;

Suction catheter F; Resuscitation PD;

SXA, Single energy x-ray absorptiometry; Skeletal;

Tracheal tube mm; Uncuffed or Cuffed; Resuscitation PD;

Tracheal tube length lip's cm; Resuscitation PD;

Urinary catheter F; Resuscitation PD;

using (Sound Beam (Dx), SPL) ... ;

VAC, Vacuum Assisted Closure, KCI; Diabetic wounds, open abdominal wounds, orthopedic trauma wounds, partial thickness burns, pressure ulcers, skin grafts; GS;

Wave, ACMI; Ergonomic battery pump & hand pieces; Suction irrigation; OBG;

Welch Allyn Integrated Diagnostic System (any wall aneroid, ophthalmoscope, otoscope, specula dispenser, thermometer); IFF CME (FP), also see: no.121;

Wound pathogens: Aquacel Ag Dressing, ConvaTec; FP; IM;

Wound retractor, Alexis, Applied Medical; Small incision; GS; OBG;

60 mm Endo Path Staple for Endo-surgery; GS;

Gene Therapy System;