musculoskeletal; Last updated on 2018/2561 3 1, a full moon day;

bone; Radical224;

artery; muscle; sinew; tendon; vein; Radical382;

using Gravity Dimension Computer, And Then, using AI, e.g. IFF (age > 44 years), strengthen BMD, strengthen bone and bone joints, strengthen muscles;

neuropathy, nerve related musculoskeletal conditions; IFF inflammations EXIST, also see: Specialties APM;

orthopedic (Dx):

- abnormal, irregular, and uncommon, (e.g. asymmetry, discoloration, muscle atrophy, swelling) ... ;

- inflammations, also see: Specialties APM;

- mobility (e.g. stiffness, structural damage) ... ;

- osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, stress e.g. (ligaments, tendons), also see: density; pressure;

- palpation (e.g. articular effusion, crepitus, snapping, swelling, warmth) ... ;

radio graphics (radiograph) ... ; Radiology & Blood Test, e.g. ((hemoglobin, white blood cell count) report; CT scan report; fluids report; MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) report; nuclear bone scan report; radiographs report) ... ;

Usage: anatomical position (standing front view) 's midline is (central AND vertical) axis of the body; lateral (side view): (anterior (front), posterior (back)); (superior (top); inferior (bottom)); closer-and-closer to midline (medial), compare to away from midline (lateral); closer-and-closer to the head (proximal), compare to away from the head (distal); dorsal surface (other side of palmar (palm reading) surface) with fingers; dorsal surface (other side of plantar surface) with toes; movement of limb, away from midline (abduction), closer-and-closer to midline (adduction); (extension movement, flexion movement); (ankle eversion movement, ankle inversion movement); (finger-and-thumb extension movement, finger-and-thumb flexion (fist) movement); joint (articular) if compare to around the joint (periarticular);



Gene Therapy System;