CphT Bio-name Index     Last updated on 2010     1     29, a full moon day;

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Acetaminophen; Acetylsalicylic acid; 2009 AcipHex; 2009 Adacel; Allopurinol; Amoxicillin; Aripiprazole; Atorvastatin;

Benazepril; Bisoprolol HCTZ; Boric acid solution; Brinzolamide; Budesonide;

Carbamazepine; Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor; Carvedilol; Cimetidine; Cinchona; Ciprofloxacin; Coca leaves;

Dextrose; Diacetylmorphine; Disulfiram; Dorzolamide Hydrochloride;

Erythromycin; Ezetimibe;

Fluticasone propionate;


Iodine tincture; Isoniazid;


2009 Lexapro;


2009 Namenda;


Phenobarbital; Phenytoin; Potassium Chloride; Potassium K;

Respiradone; Rifampin;

Simvastatin; Sodium chloride NaCl; Sodium bicarbonate;

Verapamil; Vitamins;

2009 XO inhibitor;


CphT calculation no. 103:

Morphine is extracted from opium, and non-synthetic opium is naturally available from:

(a) coca leaves
(b) cinchona barks
(c) poppy flowers
(d) liquid form of poppies

Answer: liquid form of poppies;


CphT calculation no. 104:

Diacetylmorphine is aka:

(a) heroin & opioid
(b) morphine IV
(c) cocaine powder
(d) crack pill

Answer: heroin & opioid;

Remark: some opioid drugs are synthetic;


CphT calculation no. 97:

In 2009, sanofi pasteur's single dose vaccine Adacel is Tx for:

(a) tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis; Pt. age 11 ~ 64 yr;
(b) flu; Pt. age 11 ~ 64 yr;
(c) measles, mumps, rubella; Pt. age 11 ~ 64 yr;
(d) all of the above

Answer: tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis; Pt. age 11 ~ 64 yr;


CphT calculation no. 95:

In 2009, Forest Pharmaceuticals' Lexapro is Tx for:

(a) HIV
(b) ADHD
(c) GERD
(d) MDD & GAD

Answer: MDD & GAD, Major Depressive Disorder & Generalized Anxiety Disorder;


CphT calculation no. 93:

In 2009, Teijin Pharma by Takeda's XO inhibitor is Tx for:

(a) severe Alzheimer's disease
(b) chronic hyperuricemia gout
(c) major depressive disorder
(d) all of the above

Answer: chronic hyperuricemia gout;


CphT calculation no. 99:

Aripiprazole is Tx for:

(a) anti-psychotic
(b) osteoporosis
(c) anti-fungal
(d) ophthalmic

Answer: anti-psychotic;


CphT calculation no. 77:

Benazepril is Tx for:

(a) Gout
(b) High BP
(c) Diabetes
(d) Depression


Answer: High BP;


CphT calculation no. 78:

Anti-inflammatory nasal spray, Tx for asthma, Budesonide aka:

(a) synthetic corticosteroid & anti-inflammatory
(b) intranasal pharmacokinetic absorption
(c) clone human glucocorticoid receptor
(d) glucocorticoid steroid

Answer: glucocorticoid steroid

Remark: anti-inflammatory synthetic corticosteroid is for cold allergy, and intranasal sinus only, i.e. Fluticasone propionate;


CphT calculation no. 79:

Ciprofloxacin is Tx for:

(a) anti-biotic; anti-infective;
(b) anti-hypertensive; anti-diabetic;
(c) anti-histamine; anti-tussive;
(d) all of the above

Answer: anti-biotic; anti-infective;


CphT calculation no. 80:

Bisoprolol HCTZ is Tx for cardiovascular anti-hypertensive, aka:

(a) carbonic anhydrase inhibitor
(b) hormone modifier
(c) beta blocker
(d) calcium entry blocker

Answer: beta blocker;

Remark: calcium entry blocker is commonly used in GI tract treatment in GE; commonly known hormone modifier, aka conjugated estrogen is commonly used in OBG;


CphT calculation no. 98:

In 2009, Eisai's proton pump inhibitor AcipHex is Tx for:

(a) MI cardiovascular
(b) CHF, Congestive Heart Failure
(c) Hypertension
(d) GERD associated heartburn

Answer: GERD associated heartburn;


CphT calculation no. 82:

Cholesterol absorption inhibitor can be by drug-drug interaction of:

(a) Fish oil
(b) Ezetimibe & Simvastatin
(c) Trimethoprim & Sulfamethoxazole
(d) Propoxyphene & Acetaminophen

Answer: Ezetimibe & Simvastatin;

Remark: even though FDA approved fish oil 500mg once a day for 6 months will be a healthy person, i.e. higher HDL than LDL at age 40+ years, proven Tx by a family member; question was "drug-drug interaction" ... ;


CphT calculation no. 92:

Carvedilol is Tx for:

(a) Anti-hypertensive & Cardiovascular
(b) CHF, Congestive Heart Failure
(c) Non-selective beta blocker; Alpha1 blocker
(d) all of the above

Answer: all of the above;


CphT calculation no. 94:

In 2009, Forest Pharmaceuticals' Namenda is Tx for:

(a) management of fibromyalgia
(b) treatment of hypertension
(c) severe Alzheimer's disease
(d) GERD associated heartburn

Answer: severe Alzheimer's disease;


CphT calculation no. 105:

Acetylsalicylic acid aka Aspirin is Tx for:

(a) analgesic oral suspension
(b) anesthetic IV
(c) pain relief
(d) all of the above

Answer: pain relief;

Remark: answer might be all of the above, but old style aspirin is neither form of oral suspension nor IV;