Updated in 2564 : on 2020: 4 : 17 : CphT Glossary ;

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data aka information which can be entered, stored, printed, processed, ... by computer, e.g. timeTag, pt name, Rx number, ... ;

formularies aka approved list of drugs;

hormones aka body produces chemicals which regulate body's function & process;

pharmaceutical aka drug product;     pharmaceutical aka about drugs;

pharmacology aka study of drugs;

pharmacopeia aka listing of drugs by authority;

synthetic aka a newly formulated chemical which is NOT in nature; in common, simpler chemicals are combined into complex chemical;




CphT calculation no. 118:

Body produces chemicals which regulate body's function & process, aka
(a) materia medica
(b) panacea
(c) antitoxin
(d) hormones

Answer: hormones;


CphT calculation no. 111:

About drugs, of drug product, aka
(a) pharmacopeia
(b) pharmacology
(c) pharmaceutical
(d) non-synthetic

Answer: pharmaceutical;


CphT calculation no. 109:

Approved list of drugs used by managed care organizations [ e.g. Kaiser Permanente, 100+ millions people, one of the managed care organizations ], aka
(a) Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
(b) formularies
(c) insurance plan
(d) via mail by Internet order

Answer: formularies;


CphT calculation no. 102:

Information which is entered and stored into computer, aka

(a) data
(b) billing and A/R
(c) statement
(d) Rx form

Answer: data;