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Adverse drug reaction <> Drug diet interaction <> Drug drug interaction;

Adverse drug reaction, aka side effect, aka undesirable effect; 5W1H of Adverse drug reaction can be classified into Abnormal pregnancy, Allergy, Carcinogenicity, CNS, GI, Hematological, Hepato-toxicity, Hyper-sensitivity, Idiosyncrasy, Narcotic dependency, Nephro-toxicity, ... ;


Carcinogenicity: drug's side effect causes another cancer; e.g. anti-cancer drug, hormone drug, ... ;

IFF 1st time, patient's genetic characteristic i.e. drug <metabolizing> enzyme; aka Idiosyncrasy, aka unexpected drug reaction;

IFF abnormal pregnancy aka teratogenicity; Might caused by analgesics, antibiotic, anti-emetic [emetic = vomit], antihistamine, diuretics, ... ; Remark: during pregnancy, if possible, do not take drug, because "drug" means abnormal already ... ;

IFF anaphylactic shock [convulsion, cough, respiratory distress aka cannot inhale/exhale] might cause cardiovascular collapse; stat. dispense & treat with antihistamine OR bronchodilator OR epinephrine; Allergy; Hyper-sensitivity;

IFF anorexia, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomit, ... ; GI;

IFF anxiety disorder such as abnormal vision, sweating, yawning, ... ;

IFF bone marrow disorder, excessive bleeding aka anti-coagulant, blood coagulation [stop bleeding], ... ; Hematological;

IFF confusion, disorientation [abnormality of brain function], ... ; CNS , agitation;

IFF dizziness, drowsiness [sleepy], ... ; CNS , depression;

IFF generic drug treatment fails, aka Treatment Failure, DAW for brand name;

IFF hepatic necrosis [dead tissue], hepatitis, inflammation, obstruction [block, so cannot flow], ... ; Hepato-toxicity; Can cause by overdose of acetaminophen, aspirin, chlorpromazine, halothane, ... ;

IFF Intolerance, change of drug is required;

IFF kidney failure, caused by amino-glycoside + gentamicin + ibuprofen, amino-glycoside + non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, ... ; Nephro-toxicity;

IFF narcotic dependency such as physiological dependencies, psychological dependencies, ... caused by narcotic drugs, ... ; Narcotic dependency;

IFF sexual abnormality such as abnormal ejaculation, orgasmic dysfunction, impotence, ... ;




CphT calculation no. 48:

Rx is written dispense stat. ... , so CphT dispenses antihistamine OR bronchodilator OR epinephrine immediately because patient's condition is convulsion + cough + respiratory distress, because  to avoid anaphylactic shock, because

(a) anaphylactic shock may cause cardiovascular collapse
(b) anaphylactic shock may cause diarrhea
(c) anaphylactic shock may cause narcotic dependency
(d) anaphylactic shock may cause abnormal pregnancy

Answer: cardiovascular collapse;

CphT calculation no. 49:

Coagulant vs. Anti-coagulant, a.k.a. flow control in

(a) musculoskeletal system
(b) hepatic necrosis
(c) hematological system
(d) narcotic dependency

Answer: hematological system;