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Induction, think that number 1 has been proved as positive integer, so its decimal points such as .414 will also be positive number, to be 1.414 ... ; Time slices become smaller and smaller, so .414 becomes .414213562373095048 ... if calculating sqrt of 2; Induction is similar to such concept of number 213562373095048 ... ; Number of enzymes increase but within time + space constraint, aka concentration of metabolizing enzymes increase in liver; Process of drug which causes such existence is called Enzyme Induction; Due to time + space constraint, enzyme induction is dose related; Available enzyme inducers are: Carbamazepine, Phenytoin, Rifampin, ... [ Time slices may become larger and larger ... to be concentration decreases ... but 1 whole number to be the most i.e. 1.0 ];

Metabolism, think that turtle eggs may become turtle and turtle eggs again, by rejoining interaction ... in M Theory; Enzyme induction and enzyme inhibition are metabolism; Concerning Drug-Drug interaction, drugs' metabolizing enzymes must be the same [think that duck eggs cannot become turtle], and in common, liver metabolizes drug; The cause of rejoining interaction, so called plasma concentration increases; Must allow (2*3) (3*2) (2*3) (3*2) = 24 hours [ coexistence of day + night is at least required to inhibit], because rejoining interaction essentially requires time [ Time . Space . Action ]; So, Enzyme Inhibition can be understood; Available enzyme inhibitors are: Allopurinol, Cimetidine, Erythromycin, ... ;


CphT calculation no. 69:

Inducer does:

(a) activate gene within 1 cell
(b) reduce cells
(c) induct/install gene to cells
(d) concentrate cells

Answer: activate gene within 1 cell;


CphT calculation no. 68:

Enzyme inhibitor Ketoconazole is Tx for:

(a) Anti-viral
(b) Anti-fungal
(c) Anti-bacterial
(d) Anti-depressant

Answer: anti-fungal;


CphT calculation no. 67:

Enzyme inducer Carbamazepine is Tx for:

(a) anti-fungal; anti-fungal-infection;
(b) anti-biotic; anti-infective;
(c) bipolar disorder; epilepsy;
(d) calcium iron antagonist; calcium entry blocker;

Answer: bipolar disorder; epilepsy;


CphT calculation no. 66:

Enzyme inhibitor Isoniazid aka INH isonicotinic acid hydrazide is Tx for:

(a) against reflux
(b) against uric acid; hyper-uric-emia;
(c) anti-diarrhea
(d) anti-tuberculosis

Answer: anti-tuberculosis;


CphT calculation no. 65:

Enzyme inducer Phenytoin is Tx for:

(a) osteoporosis
(b) diabetes
(c) epilepsy
(d) hypertension

Answer: epilepsy;


CphT calculation no. 64:

Enzyme inhibitor Cimetidine is Tx for:

(a) Arrhythmic heart & high BP
(b) GERD & stomach ulcer
(c) Anti-biotic & anti-infection
(d) Calcium iron influx inhibitor

Answer: GERD, gastro esophageal reflux disease & ulcer;


CphT calculation no. 63:

Enzyme inducer Rifampin is aka

(a) Anti-biotic
(b) Anti-tuberculosis
(c) RNA synthesis messenger
(d) all of the above

Answer: all of the above;


CphT calculation no. 62:

Enzyme inhibitor Verapamil is Tx for:

(a) Anti-biotic; Respiratory tract infection;
(b) Antifungal; Skin's fungal infection;
(c) Anginal; Arrhythmic; high BP;
(d) Gout; Hyperruricemia; Kidney stone;

Answer: Anginal; Arrhythmic; high BP;


CphT calculation no. 61:

Enzyme inhibitor Allopurinol is Tx for:

(a) Drug dependency of alcohol;   also see: narcotic dependency;
(b) Excess uric acid in blood; hyperuricemia; Gout; Kidney stone;
(c) Antifungal; Skin's fungal infection;
(d) Anginal; Arrhythmic; high BP;

Answer: Excess uric acid in blood; hyperuricemia; Gout; Kidney stone;


CphT calculation no. 60:

Tx for anginal, arrhythmic, high BP, ... , enzyme inhibitor Verapamil is used, the drug is:

(a) calcium iron influx inhibitor
(b) calcium entry blocker
(c) calcium ion antagonist
(d) all of the above

Answer: all of the above;


CphT calculation no. 70:

Enzyme inducer Phenobarbital is Tx for:

(a) seizure, aka instant/sudden attack of seizing
(b) bipolar disorder
(c) anti-depressant
(d) ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Answer: seizure;


CphT calculation no. 71:

Tract in anatomy means:

(a) un-defined region
(b) definite region
(c) an expanse
(d) area of water


Answer: definite region;


CphT calculation no. 72:

Enzyme inhibitor Erythromycin is Tx for:

(a) anti-viral, anti-herpetic agent;
(b) anti-viral, anti-retroviral HIV 1 protease inhibitor
(c) anti-biotic for GI tract infection
(d) anti-biotic for Up/Down respiratory tract infection

Answer: respiratory tract;


CphT calculation no. 73:

Enzyme inhibitor Disulfiram is Tx for:

(a) drug dependency of alcohol
(b) drug dependency of marijuana
(c) drug dependency of heroin
(d) drug dependency of cocaine

Answer: drug dependency of alcohol;


CphT calculation no. 76:

Atorvastatin is Tx for:

(a) cardiovascular & anti-hyperlipidemic
(b) cholesterol biosynthesis
(c) inhibiting of (HMG-CoA)
(d) all of the above

Answer: all of the above;


CphT calculation no. 87:

Anti-hyperlipidemic is related to:

(a) angina; cardiovascular problem; high BP; high cholesterol; ischemic stroke; myocardial infraction;
(b) antacid; anti-ulcer; gastrointestinal;
(c) antibiotic; anti-infective; anti-viral;
(d) all of the above

Answer: cardiovascular problem;