service ...

annual religious events; protected ones; socially interlinked;

Benefit 1: you can be blessed & protected ones by paritta sutta, e.g. house warming (by appointment only) chanting paritta as service;

Benefit 2: you can be a part of annually religious events e.g. kathina;

Benefit 3: you can be socially interlinked among community's members;

etc services; ordination; volunteer;

Benefit 1: you can be a temporary monk by once a year community group ordination; only in Theravada Buddhism (Myanmar way only), you can be a temporary monk; Remark: many other Buddhist nations don't allow to do so (i.e. temporary monk);

Benefit 2: you can be a volunteer at ABSDMMC by your convenient time; once a year Tax Return can be earned because of donations (cash donation, volunteer work as donation);

Benefit 3: you can have etc services e.g. birthday at ABSDMMC; blessing & chanting at hospital (by appointment only); funeral home viewing (by appointment only); wedding at ABSDMMC;

group tour; religious one; with loving kindness;

Benefit 1: you can be a member of once a year international group tour; guided & lead by monks;

Benefit 2: you can be well educated in Buddhism's cultural, traditional, and religious one, e.g. Abhidhamma (a part of Abhidhamma Pitaka) lectures from monk;

Benefit 3: you can be a purified one (with loving kindness) e.g. mindfulness, by meditation;



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