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Dai (family name, surname); Radical512;

Dai (family name, surname); Hamamuro (family name, surname); Shitsu (family name, surname); Radical966;

daijohbu desu ka? Can you handle by self?
daijohbu desu, Yes, I can;


dame desu ka?, still available or not?, usable or not? whether possible or not? e.g. WHILE checking old device, still usable or not?, ask, dame desu ka?, at cashier, hold a credit card, paid by this card whether possible or not? say dame desu ka?, IFF very late to enter, at entrance, ask, dame desu ka?

Dan (family name, surname); Radical261;

darega Whose; Radical586;

dekimasu, capable of doing i.e. handling task, setting up, ... ; dekimasuka?, Can you be capable of doing ... ? if okay, reply dekimasu;

Den (family name, female name, surname); Touda (name); Tousoe (name); Radical535;

desu, pronounce "des", also see: grammarDESU; Also see: dPali 's das sa WHY desu might be initialized thousands of years ago ... ;

onomatopoeic in linguistic, for example, sound of clock can be expressed as: e.g. di da in Mandarin Chinese, e.g. katchin katchin in Japanese, e.g. tick tock in English, e.g. tik tik in Hindi, ... ; Also see: nippon2IdenticalVoices;

Dodo (name); Radical280;


* doko desu ka?, WHERE is ... ?

file wa doko desu ka?, Where is file?
koko wa doko desu ka?, Where is mapped location?
toire wa doko desu ka?, Where is toilet?

don don, beating a big drum, also see: ton ton;

doryoku Effort; Radical566;

due to;