fUsage     Last updated on 2020/2563 1 10, a full moon day;

few weeks later;

for the time being (present perfect continuous tense i.e. past + present); for that time being (past perfect continuous tense); at the present (present continuous tense);

Fua (name); Radical661;

fudoshosuten Floating Point (e.g. (SQRT3, SQRT2)) ... ; Radical960;

Fujutsu magic ;

Fuku (female name, name); Radical332;

Fukugi (name); Fukuki (name); Fukushige (name); Radical494;

Funa (i.e. place name); Funazaki (i.e. family name); Radical170;

fureru Touching; Radical892;

jidou furikae (direct debit); kouza furikae (direct debit); furikomi (wire transfer); also see: Biz;

Fuu (female name); Radical217;

fuwa fuwa, dangling in the breeze, sleeping with soft feeling pillow, ... ;

kaseki Fossil;

Numbers in Dhamma;

four kinds of suffering;     shiku shiku, cry, cry ... ;