Last updated on 2018/2562 7 27, a full moon day;     G     g;     gCharacter;     Also see: g Usage;

gadget      gadgets      gadget

gain or loss, fame or defame, praise or blame, and pleasure or pain; Also see: mature knowledge;

gairaigo, one of the 3 types of word in Nippon;

(gallbladder, liver), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 252, Gene Therapy System;

gamma i.e. Γ, γ;

Ganges River a.k.a. Ganga River [Buddhism] ;

fail; gap; lack; yawning; Radical98;


gari                    also see: Sushi;

be awarded; be given; be presented with; collect; garner; Radical417;

(noun) garner, i.e. (granary) storehouse;
(verb) garner, e.g. collecting approval information;

gas      gas

gasoline (a.k.a. petrol);

short dialog form (usage) gas a.k.a. gasoline;

gastrointestinal, also see: MD;

entrance to a home; gate; Japanese style door; narrows; Radical85;

gate; Radical202;

gate      gate

gate a.k.a. door;



gauge      gauge      gauge

gaze at

gear      gear      gear



gene      gene

embedded; Radical693 (gene therapy system, GPS, gravity dimension computer) ... ;

general principle; sense; way of things naturally; Radical598;



everywhere; generally; Radical331;

military commander, military general; Radical344;

age; generation; society; world; Radical148;

generation ;

genetic      genetic

IFF correct genetic, also see: Gene Therapy System index; for each (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), for each human beings livable moon ... ;



genocide; massacre; slaughter;


sun Gentle; also see: Swastika;

gentleman; samurai; Radical41;

birth; genuine; life; Radical129;

genuineness ;


geometrical surface; Radical212;

(gerund OR present participle) e.g. * i n g; Remark: verb + i n g;


accept; comply; get; have; take; Radical417;

get      got      gotten

get in ;

get in disorder ;

get into

get off from a train;

get up; recover; rise; stand up; to make initial charge; to start (e.g. to boot up); to take action; Radical146;

getting punished by authority;

getting ready, a.k.a. laying out;      getting ready;

getting reborn in woeful existences as a result of misconducts;


function; gift; talent; Noh (traditional Japanese art theatre); Radical388;


giga-      giga-

enormous; gigantic; huge; Radical149;

gild      gilt      gilt

gird      girt      girt

daughter; girl; woman; Radical45;

girl ; coexistence, also see: boy;

cast; extend; give; Radical203;

give      gave      given

give birth to

give me kudasai;

give up

be awarded; be given; be presented with; collect; garner; Radical417;

to give;

discontinue; except; give up ; lay aside; set aside; suspend;


a glance


glasses' strength; glasses' prescription (Rx); Radical653;

gleam (reflected light shines brightly); glow (light without flame); Radical400;

global      global      global

Manmade Global Weather, as opposed to natural disaster happens;

Gene Therapy System (globulins) also see: 5lComputer;

gleam (reflected light shines brightly); glow (light without flame); Radical400; Also see: Radicals;

glyph      glyph ;

Gene Therapy System (glycoprotein) also see: 9aComputer;

go       go

go;     go     went     gone;

go around; goes around;

go back (a.k.a. return);

go backwards (a.k.a. revert);

go Karma (ACTION) e.g. Ref. to floating points ... ; Remark: IFF ZCS, on screen, regarding keywords, end of the line is action;

go in ( + ) ;  ;     go out ( +  ) ; ;

go through

go up ( + , level + ) ;

go, as opposed to come;

in Hiragana, (pronounce "go"); in Katakana, (pronounce "go");

to go along;
to go by;
to go indoors; to go into rooms;
to go pass through;
to go via; Radical711;

from; going; Radical268;

going; journey; Radical176;

going man; linger; loiter; stop; Radical70;

goal goal a.k.a. purpose;

goal logic, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3; idea ♯ 265; Logic;

goat; also see: sheep;

deity; god; spirit; Radical370;

God      God

gold; gold coin (i.e. valuable money), highest value; Radical200;

gold; Radical240;

gold      gold

5 elements in your life;


good      good      good

good; ;

good; better; best;

good and bad;

good fortune; Radical332;

good result; Radical791;

good quality;

goodness (gratitude);

good, as opposed to bad;


goodbye, goodnight, thank you; Radical5;

article; goods; Radical222;


goods a.k.a. freight;

chasm; dell; gorge; ravine; slum; valley; Radical183;


gourd; melon; Radical154;


governmental office, a.k.a. agency;


carapace; grade A; instep; shell; the 1st party; Radical256, also see: Radicals;

graffiti i.e. illegal painting,     graffiti ;

gram; Radical127;

metric system unit of mass (g, gram);





graphics      graphics      graphics ;



grass       grass  

gratitude (kindness);

similar to grave accent character in programming e.g. ASCII (96); Radical3, also see: Radicals;

grave accent ( ` );

gravity; Radical360;

gravitation       gravity      gravity

also see: Automotive;

approx. iroColourWaveForm (Aqua) i.e. Normal Gravity;

IFF 3 gravity pressure area (refer to each surface) , Gravity Pressure Share Radical, also see: Radicals;

gravity      gravity      gravity      gravity ;

big; great; large; Radical44;


great skill ;


blue; green; Radical206;

     green      green      green      green      green

green frog, Radical246;

green light;      green light;      green light;

green       green, Radical129;


also see: Cold Boot . ini;

also see: RGB (Red, Green, Blue) system;

also see: warm _ boot;

green Rounded rectangular callout Heat Sensor, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 258, Heat Sensor;

greeting      greetings     greeting tadaima

grid     grid

also see: Network Topology;

grind      ground      ground

darn; fix; groom ; mend; patch-up; repair; tidy-up; trim;


group      group

group e.g. people together (flock);

fragrant herb; grow; spiced liqueur; spread; Radical228;

grow       grew     grown

Guan yin, a god, a.k.a. the Boddhisattva of Mercy, a.k.a. Avalokitesvara     

22m, the largest wooden statue in the world is in Puning Temple, Puning Si, Chengde, Hebei Provice, China;

Guan yin, a.k.a. Lady Deity;

also see: Who are the Buddhist Deities html;

guarded ; safe; safeguard; secure; shielded; unharmed;

face; face guard; Radical212;

guardian      guardian      guardian      guardian      guardian

guardian of universe;

guess; speculation; Radical54;

assumption; conclusion; conjecture; deduction; extrapolation; guess; presumption; reasoning; reckoning; speculation; supposition;

guide      guide

guiding teacher;


guilty conscience;

benefit; chemical; enamel; gun powder; Radical377;

counter for gun; Radical260;

21st century and beyond, accordance with ("Black Book" vs. "Red Book") tactic, "Black Book" implementation is essential, therefore, this DOMAIN 's powerful guns are ... , IFF military commander, military general, also see: Radical344, and notice that "no need to declare war" ... ; Remark: start with system capturing technique e.g. if opponent is 2 layered computing, do 3 layered computing to capture the opponent, e.g. if opponent is 3 layered computing, do 4 layered computing to capture the opponent, e.g. if opponent is 4 layered computing, do 5 layered computing to capture the opponent, and so on ... ; i.e. one of the powerful guns;

gyoza                    also see: Sushi ;