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3D HD Internet; HD Internet; Satellite Internet; also see: Internet;

High Definition ( HD) Streaming;

height, also see: positioning;

(HMI) Human Machine Interface e.g. remote control; also see: Acronym;

broadband, LAN, home network, WAN, Wireless, ... , also see: internet;

to fly; to hop; to jump; to soar; Radical218, also see: Radicals;

DEE _ Aqua _ Horizontal _ Stability;
DEE _ Aqua _ Vertical _ Stability;
Also see: Schematic Dimensional;

( horizontal ) multi time line
i.e. 3 m m ,        
i.e. 6 m m ,        
i.e. 9 m m ,        
i.e. 12 m m ,        
i.e. 15 m m ,        
i.e. 18 m m ,        
i.e. 21 m m ,        
i.e. 24 m m ,        
i.e. 27 m m ,        
i.e. 30 m m , . . . ;

vertical multi time line; horizontal multi time line; artificial intelligence (display) ... ; (OEM) ... ;  gravity dimension computer (z Computer) analyze light's depth with UPS;

        HPF , High Pass Filter ;

human environment;

we human beings; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2; idea ♯ 240;

elevated hybrid ... , also see: Gravity Dimension Computer; Automotive;

Hybrid System (e.g. battery control module, battery current sensor, battery thermistor, battery voltage sensor, generator, hybrid battery, hybrid battery junction block, hybrid control module, inverter with converter, motor, system main relay), also see: Automotive;