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I i;

I C A N N icann icann ;
        also see : www ;

(icons, menus, pointers, windows) ... ; 2D (i.e. two dimension) GUI without z-distribution; 3D (i.e. three dimension) GUI with z-distribution;


I E IE , one of the brunch -
able keyword s in Cloud Computing ... ;    
,       56366295 ,
I E , Internet Explorer i.e. Browser e.g. noCOOKIE ;


    in ;          

this character must be in left side; Radical37, also see: Radicals;

i n i ( e.g. * . ini ) ;
      initialization of system ;      
      INI ;        



        turn the radio on ;

IFF 3 domains (Triangulation System) in the Internet initialized (e.g. me, that, them, these, they, this, those, us, we, you) ... , in NIPPON: ima nan desu ka? (in EN: WHAT time is it now ? ); in NIPPON: doko desu ka? (in EN: WHERE is it? ); also see: Network Topology; and then, ACTION e.g. (active, passive), (dynamic, static), (lock, unlock), (negative, positive), (offline, online), (plus, minus), (yes, no), ... ; ;

notice that this DOMAIN has been applied ( Time . Space . Action ) oriental concept ... ; if you're system analyst, architect, designer, developer, engineer, ... , you should do Triangulation System yourself ... ; think that your Triangulation System is somewhere in the Internet and then kuru kuru WHILE ... ; do good Karma (ACTION), good results will ... ; Cold Boot . ini file is located at this DOMAIN 's root, for initialization purpose, and SQRT2 with SQRT3 design model is DEF。

world's 1st triangulation system, designed & developed by Rakhine (ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar) ... ;

(International Telecommunication Union) ITU;

        instrumentation ;      
get line assembly , table i.e. load
content from memory ; add
line assembly , Also see : operator ;
put line table , assembly i.e. store
to ; increase program counter e.g. instruction
CE IPv6 ;