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j     J;

numeric character reference; Shift JIS; Unicode; UTF-8; also see: ( decimal, HEX) ... ;

Graphics ( any type) e.g. BMP, *.bmp, *.dib; EMF, *.emf; GIF, *gif; JPEG, *.jfif, *.jpe, *.jpeg, *.jpg; PNG, *.png; TIFF, *.tif, *.tiff; WMF, *.wmf;

world time, using World Time Mode (City Code Table) JRS (time zone) ... ;

IFF east, JED;

IFF west, CAI;

jumper 1, jumper 1 E M, jumper 2, jumper 3, jumper 4, jumper 5 _p - + s, jumper 6 _f, jumper 7 _f _anti, jumper 8 _Q _p, jumper 9 _f _MUX, jumper 10 _f _anti _MUX, jumper 11 _latch _pipe, also see: Schematic Symbol;


complexity regions of circuit can be adjusted/configured/... by jumpers; in common, tiny boxes look alike, made of plastic with internal copper connector;

IFF old style IDE hard disk, in common, if jumper ON next to power means the hard disk is configured as a Master, otherwise the hard disk might be a Slave;

IFF mother board has a jumper between IDE data cable socket and ATA/SATA/SCSI/... cable socket, in common, it means internal buses can be bridged by time slices ... ;

IFF mother board has a jumper next to its battery, in common, it means Cold Boot the machine without the jumper will flash its BIOS CMOS' password;

IFF mother board has a heat sink next to processor, in common, it can be bypassed with F1 key WHILE heat sink is OFF by pushing it metal pin by a V5 aka 0.5mm PRECISE Rolling Ball Extra FINE PILOT pen, especially for OS' [load], [store], [trace], ... by passing technique for Stage 1 and Step 1; because you never know! [POWER] your AC power is your bandwidth ... and then within 1.0 second, your server run... really electric fast ... but still with item constraint i.e. 3000, 4000, 5000, but still cannot do ACT2 gray scale simulation, ACT2 2,3 dimensional vector loads, ACT3 synchronizing parallel time ... ;

IFF mother board beeps abnormal i.e. 2 or more beeps WHEN Cold Boot , and then analytical skill really counts while OS installation, because new mother boards might need cell number, in this case use GPS <> USB <> to the mother board and let mother board has a cell number; because keywords such as connect, network, ... prior to (computer) aka socket programming, very restricted info, not available to public ... ; remark: 1 beep is assumed to be normal;