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K k;

K A P P A , e.g.
Κ , κ ;            

alpha; beta; gamma; delta; epsilon; zeta; eta; theta; iota; kappa; lamda; mu; nu; xi; omicron; pi; rho; sigma; tau; upsilon; phi; chi; psi; omega; iota with dialytika; upsilon with dialytika; alpha with tonos; epsilon with tonos; eta with tonos; iota with tonos; upsilon with dialytika and tonos;

(multi time lines) artificial intelligence patterns (e.g. , , , ♯) (code pages) using translator ... ;

Kazakhstan, , , , 7;

SONY time zone (GMT+5:00) Ural'sk  ... ; IFF Even Time Horizontal DEE, iroColourWaveForm ( Internet) e.g. Green Blue Internet, Green Gray Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, ... universally; (Time Zone) ... ;

world time, using World Time Mode (City Code Table) KBL (time zone) ... ;

IFF east, KHI;

IFF west, DXB;

The K computer, also see: Computers;

with The K computer, calculations e.g. entropy, methane hydrate, pattern recognition (binding patterns, 500 compound types, 388 protein types), Z INDEX computational science (microscope as zoom in, telescope as zoom out) can be very quick ... ;

kW (i.e. kilo Watt); In common, kW is measured by hour (e.g. kWh, kilo Watt hour); Also see: EPP, Electricity Power Plug; IFF Network Topology, a.k.a. Grid ... , in our global earth only; Therefore, it is important to share electricity poles among border cities, towns, villages, ... , IFF NOT islands; IFF islands, wireless AB distance communication 's node can also be grid ... ; Why do we need grid network topology? because it is reliable, e.g. if 1 line is down, other 3 lines are still available to be power resources as service ... ; In common, 50 c/s (Hz) ~ 60 c/s (Hz); IFF numerological dimension (floating point numbers) 50 is doko WHERE GPS starts, 50 is 1/2 of NII (refer to full duplex speed NII is 100), and then 50 is local machine's electricity (e.g. bandwidth, c/s, frequency, Hz, meter, rate, speed, ... ) ... ; (e.g. 0.014 ~ 0.071 kWh) WHILE running this DOMAIN servers are on with Internet WHICH means lesser the electricity uses, higher the bandwidth HOW ... ;

Kyrgyzstan, , , , 7;