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magnitude (e.g. ♯.♯), also see: WORMHOLE;

Malawi, , , , 265;

2,3 dimensional mapping (Tectonic Thrust (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean));

mapping ;    
colors ; colour ; gene ; isotropic ; linear ;
  map ; texture ; topological ;      

2,3 dimensional mapping (Tectonic Thrust (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean));
- iroColourWaveForm (yellow) background; Also see: iroLED;
- green gravity spots on the incoming parallel DEE (refer to One Of The Moons 1, also see: Schematic Dimensional);
- on zero Curvature (Also see: 1sComputer) surface, defined possible holes (e.g. green gravity spots);
- carbon-nano-wall forms naturally on our earth; because of 7 gravity spots;
- Moon Wave can be SYNC (e.g. 2, daily tidal, yellow vs. yellow);
- now is the time to do therapy on each hole (e.g. 1 km radius hot spot in ocean);
- calculate the possible hole WHICH may cause ... ;

cause; Radical254;
cause; Radical118;
cause; Radical80;

- Manmade Global Weather;
- Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (e.g. 2,3 dimensional mapping (Tectonic Thrust));

as result: no more earthquake in Japan; no more tsunami in Japan; no more volcanic eruption in Japan;

ethnic tribes in Union of Myanmar wonder HOW could that be ( e.g. "no more earthquake in Japan" , "no more tsunami in Japan" , "no more volcanic eruption in Japan"), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 223; Reducing Earthquake & Tsunami in Ocean;

surjective mapping; Radical714;





micro ;  
10 ^ - 6 ( micro ) ; biological ;
biology ; bus ; card ; channel ; data ;
  dry ; film ; floppy ; germ , microbe
; heat pipe ; microphone a.k.a. MIC ; reader ;
scope ; sievert ( S v ) ; small business
  , micro enterprise ;          

µS/cm, a unit to (measure) quality drinking water, AI analyzes (the quality drinking water) and then indicate abnormal (location, condition);

micro electromechanical system (MEMS) e.g. accelerometers, gyroscopes, injects, micro* , RF MEMS, ... ;

millibar pressure; Also see: ACT stage pressure ... ;

brain a.k.a. mind a.k.a. nama; Also see: Idea Processor;

    a.k.a. brain ;          
    electronic brain , computer ;    
    6 i.e. accordance with Buddha Dharma ;
    5 i.e. accordance with Western documentation ;

heart; mind; spirit; Radical83, also see: Radicals;

miscellaneous dingbats; miscellaneous technical; also see: AI FONT;

edition; make; model; number; issue; Radical299;

Multi Curvature Surface Model (Data Point) also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 177; Multi Curvature Surface Model ( Data Point);

Moldova, , , , 373;

monastery ;    


( i.e. place name
) ;    
.. \ .. \ .. \ Monastery \ vihara name
    \ e.g. _audio \ *.* ;    
    \ e.g. _video \ *.* ;    
  for   each browser base d   computing ,
for each   GPS location   awareness   ,  
  using   ( AI ) language   code ;
      translate the   page      
        Page language ;      
  Translation   language ;          

language codes, also see: Keyword To Port Number;

Mongolia, , , , 976;

One Of The Moons 1, also see: Schematic Symbols;

MRI , Magnetic Resonance Imaging; also see: scan; Gene Therapy System;

CAT, Computerized Axial Tomography, a.k.a. CT; DBS, Deep Brain Stimulation; EEG, electroencephalogram; MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging; PET, Positron Emission Tomography; using MRI scans ... ; EEG waves; also see: pattern;

    mux a.k.a. multiplexor a.k.a. MUX a.k.a. multiplexer ;
    e.g. many part s ;  

language code (1363) Myanmar language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

Myanmar a.k.a. Burma;

Union of Myanmar (country code: 95) ... ; Myanmar a.k.a. Burma;

IFF invisible animaloid (e.g. bird), monitor and report WHO trashes illegally (e.g. throwing items on street, throwing items onto backyard), and then report WHO trashes illegally to humanoids, and then mark the illegal trash person in educational program database to be corrected HOW to be hygiene;