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language code (1417) Panjabi language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

WHOM; ../../../Domain/GeneTherapySystem/WHOM . txt, a FILE for Gene Therapy System to verify (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user) ... ; Remark: for each (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), this FILE (..\..\..\Domain\GeneTherapySystem\WHOM . TXT) should be instructed and modified, by simply open the FILE (WHOM . TXT), And Then, type in ... , And Then, save it;

(individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user);

pattern; pattern; pattern; pattern; pattern; pattern; pattern;

IFF 128 (2 ^ 7) bit AND beyond, GPS, radar, radio, solar, sonar, sound patterns, wireless, ... ;

1 second clock tic tic tic as sound pattern (i.e. normal sound pattern) in our earth, artificial intelligence to decide either (abnormal sound pattern) OR (normal sound pattern); Also see: WORMHOLE;

connectivity constraints; detecting clusters; event detection; multiple trees; network inference; pattern detection; shaped hotspots; time clusters;

applicable payment ; Also see: Biz;

percent; percentage; Radical322;

P H P php ;        
            PHTML ;  
      PHP 5 ;    
      PHP 4 ;    
      PHP 3 ;    
      php s ;    
      php t ;    

on 10/20/2015 /2559, index .php was created by Notepad++ v6.8.5, also see: index.phtml; Remark: index.phtml file cannot be browsed by Windows Explorer 11; but index.phtml is working with Microsoft Edge (i.e. Windows 10's IE   browser) ... ;

PHP, Hypertext Preprocessor; also see: LAMP;

legal (drug, ointment, pill); Radical377;

              planetarium ;

planetariums exist worldwide for viewing night sky from our earth; Also see: Constellation;


oracle (PMON, Process Monitor) DBA;

oracle (Pnnn, Parallel Query Slaves) DBA;

possessive particle; Radical36;

Diff Potential (different potential); Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, idea ♯ 176; Solar Tree's voltage;

SI based ( V, Volt, W/A) electric potential in quantity; Also see: UNIT;

(AC, or, DC) filter type (band pass, flat, high pass, low pass, notch) µV, mV, nV, V (X offset, Y offset) ... ; Remark: 2-way (battery power, solar power) based (e.g. Casio scientific calculator based), capacitance based (1970s style old design), Directional Gravity Pressure based (this DOMAIN 's Idea Processor based), Solar Sail based (ACT3 imaginary hyper space technology based), SPL based (ACT2, human beings livable moons based), zero Curvature based ((either iroLED based or multi memristor (s) based) And Then (heterodyne STRINGS onto defined capacitor) based), regarding oscillations ... ;

this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System:
Remember: no Gene Therapy System (service) WHEN pregnant;
Remember: NOT to do gene therapy during pregnancy;
Remember: no Gene Therapy System (service) IFF age < 44 years old;
Remember: NOT to do gene therapy IFF age < 44 years old;

documents (docx); presentations (pptx); sheets (xlsx); also see: apps;

pressure e.g.

earth pressure theory;

from abnormal pressure to normal pressure; Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

millibar pressure; pressure (e.g. English letter " P " , Greek RHO ρ) ... ;

SI based ( Pa, Pascal, N/m2) pressure in quantity; Also see: UNIT;

pro*, also see: Prefix And Suffix;


      P X ;        

WHAT is px sir ? well trained kids ! pixel on x axis, a.k.a. px, a part of XM (x axis modulated radio) Method; regarding map, mapping, e.g. (background size ♯px, height ♯px, top ♯px, width ♯px) ... ; in the era of CRT (approx. 1980s ~ 1990s), pixel was designed by screen's ro (boxes) and refreshing by sectional line-by-line; those sectional line-by-lines were integrated into zero curvature surface (a.k.a. flat panel, approx. 2000s ~ 2010s); those surfaces were integrated into layer (a.k.a. ±98, based on Engineering Notation 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, ... , SQRT2 (Multiplier Technique, √2 based floating points ... )); those layers were integrated into (zoom in, zoom out) WHICH is embedded camera (e.g. laptop with camera built-in), and, (zoom-in, zoom-out) WORMHOLE (a.k.a. kuru kuru of lights, and its parameter is ( 45, 60, 72)) function prompts DEE Box (e s) in Z axis nowadays (as of 2017/2561) ... ; DEE, Dark Energy Engineering is the highest technology, and NOT available to public e.g. Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (hole, string) is NOT available to learn as academic course officially, because, I ain't know "Black Book" vs. "Red Book" among civilizations ... ; regarding our earth's global public, SQRT2 is 8K quantity of floating points (as of 2017/2561) or with SQRT3 ( √3 based floating points ... ) ... ; if you like to develop SQRT3 design model, you must understand human beings livable moons in our universes, and blue-and-green are flip-flop alike (i.e. our earth and our moon, within Solar System ( 8)) WHILE using Moon Waves ... ; Good luck to you well trained kids ! oh ! oh ! don't forget if you SYNC green vs. green, (blue, silver, yellow, ... ) should be data, if you SYNC blue vs. blue, (green, silver, yellow, ... ) should be data, if you SYNC yellow vs. yellow, (blue, green, silver, ... ) should be data, if you SYNC silver vs. silver, (blue, green, yellow, ... ) should be data;