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V v;

vacant house; Special Radical 253, also see: Radicals;

        value ;      
V A N , value add ed network ;  
V A R , Value - Add ed Reseller ;
P V , parameter value ;        
attribute - value - assertion ; attribute value literal ;
basic ; Boolean ; byte ; code element , code
value , code d represent at i on ; colour
; current ; data ; default ; estimate d ;
evaluation ; final ; identifier reference ; initial ; integer
; logical input , reference name ; logical input device
, logical input value ; non - integer ; null
; observe d ; present ; present at ion data
; return ( ed ) ; root mean square d
; scalar ; type parameter ; undefined ; upper bound
, upper value ;            
      internet Web Server ;    

( book; cell; formula; name; sheet; value; ... );

(action; center; clock; indicator; input; network; power; volume; ... );

variable light, also see: photochromatics;

Variable Trajectories; WHILE dealing with (drone-to-drone, missile-to-missile), also see: variable;

VC ♯♯.♯ Runtime (x64), Microsoft component;

eyesight; sight; vision; Radical138;

Visual Studio YEAR Intelli Trace (x64), Microsoft component;

VL -bus;


using jinko chino Artificial Intelligence : Idea Processor : Manmade Global Weather : International Domains : at the defined (area, Geographical domain, nation name, region), no volcanic eruption, NOT to be volcanic eruption;

HOW to be able to reduce volcanic eruptions sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand pressure by zero curvature surface (1970s' hole board can define strings' directions, And Then, after 2010, hole board becomes wall so that Rainbow Method can be); 2nd to understand (hole, string) coexistence in Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization e.g. orbital lines behave like STRING (e.g. nesting by string); 3rd to able to pin point & know exactly e.g. WHILE parallel strings are coming in parallel, there must be holes to be defined (reversed engineering) And Then, (Time) on each full moon day, on each no moon day,  (Space) WHEN Moon Waves are coming in parallel, (Action) using Network Topology (either Lo Shu, or Sudoku), And Then, using Rainbow Method (Satellite DNS System), WORMHOLE parameter (45, 60, 72), ... , at the location, toward the location, ... , and realize that this DOMAIN 's AI System can reduce volcanic eruptions; i.e. HOW to be able to reduce volcanic eruptions ... ;

Manmade Global Weather (service), also see: Radical107, e.g. to reduce volcano eruption, using directional gravity;

no volcanic eruption in Japan;
no volcanic eruption in the defined location (your defined location e.g. active volcano's name);
Also see: PHYSICS (law sixty seven) ... ;

volcanic eruption can be avoided IFF applying using ( Avoiding volcanic eruption 1, Avoiding volcanic eruption 2, Avoiding volcanic eruption 3) in straight line a.k.a. AB Distance, peak point of the active volcano must be defined by GREEN (Light Green For Yellowish Therapeutic) because in our 2,3 dimensional space system, 4 points of (heat and light) are NOT on the straight line naturally, therefore, apply 3 using ( Avoiding volcanic eruption 1, Avoiding volcanic eruption 2, Avoiding volcanic eruption 3) with 1 defined location (the peak point of the active volcano's location must be vertical endpoint (vertical edge) of the GREEN (Light Green For Yellowish Therapeutic)) ... ; Remark: think of 4 points, And Then, 3 points are (designed, engineered, developed) by Manmade Global Weather, And Then, 1 point (i.e. peak point of the defined active volcano), since 4 points of (heat and light) are NOT on the straight line naturally, we'll have no volcanic eruption ... ; 

volcanic eruption is a bad weather condition; therefore, reducing volcanic eruption is necessary; to do so, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 238, reducing volcanic eruption in Japan;

volcanic eruption; to reduce volcanic eruption, IFF fully distributed topology (Also see: Network Topology), Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 256, String Connector (minus-the-node-number algorithm), e.g. 25 volcano (s)' minus-the-node-number algorithm would be: 300, 276, 253, 231, 210, ... ; since 2 is very very unique in many ways, sequence should be 2 sequences; then, Moon Wave ( string connector) can be realized (i.e. a part of UNIVERSAL LINEAR COLLIDER); And Then, believe it or not, this DOMAIN 's (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Manmade Global Weather) systems can reduce volcanic eruption (e.g., reduce volcanic eruption in Japan) ... ;

volcano ; Also see: Weather;

unwanted volcanic eruption;



volume measurement, approx. 6.37 cu. ft., 180.39 liters; Radical141;

( action; center; clock; indicator; input; network; power; volume; ... );

(book; cell; formula; name; sheet; value; ... );

specific volume (e.g. English letter "v" , Greek UPSILON υ) ... ; Also see: UNIT;

    AI ( a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence )
OEM ; port ; number ; :
V P N VPN          
      VPN , Virtual Private Network ;

VPN (IP Sec, L2TP, PPTP) ... ; pass; through;

IFF (7;24;7) i.e. (7(f,h,j,q,v,w,y); 24(a,b,g,d,e,z,e,t,i,k,l,m,n,x,o,p,r,s,t,u,p,c,p,o); 7(i,u,a,e,e,i,u)) also see: alpha ~ omega;