Survival guide to international Myanmar     Last updated on 2017/2561 10 5, a full moon day;

Also read: Reforming Myanmar;

- because of cloning technology (after 1995), many missing persons (e.g. government employees, undercover agents, ... ) depending upon WHICH group the peoples belong to; regarding "missing persons" , you should know 7/11 (refer to 7 royal families of Eastern Civilization, and 11 royal families of Western Civilization) 1st; And Then, WHICH group the peoples beyond to, and depending upon ACTION, realize some peoples survive, some people don't (in this case, they (missing persons) might be deported to moons); because of power of civilization, some nations were born, some nations were disappeared; believe it or not, some towns are on, some towns are off, all depending upon "policy" ... question would be: do you know WHAT is resources ? WHICH can cause microeconomic is like nothing; WHAT is nothing? answer would be: starting with "free" ... ; And Then, realize that money does not mean that much, And Then, kuru kuru WHILE depending upon "policy" ... ;

Excuse me ! I cannot explain all A-to-Z regarding "Black Book" vs. "Red Book" ... ;

- if your automotive becomes very old or defected (e.g. smoking a lot), you must fix it as soon as possible; because, you don't want your living environment becomes Plasma Cluster built-up as pollution; by knowing, in 21st century, Manmade Global Weather can solve Plasma Cluster built-up as pollution by Satellite DNS System's directional gravity to be breezy wind above cities, but, you must fix your automotive 's uncommon smoking problem as soon as possible;

in common, if you press and release "gas paddle" a.k.a. lever very quickly and quite often, and if your automotive is NOT designed by AI (speed sensor), and then, your engine's rings at cylinders become loosing inside WHICH causes " smoking a lot " ; smog problems must be fixed / repaired as soon as possible, and there is no excuse if smoking a lot (a.k.a. smog problem), because, environmental issue ... ;

- unplug all electronic devices if NOT in use; do not use multiple nodes either (e.g. telephone handhelds); because, remote heterodyned heat sensing technology can be very harmful to living environment; this DOMAIN assumes that you do not know the true design, e.g. remote heterodyned heat sensing;

- if you cook and you've extra frying oil (used oil) to trash, don't pour (trash) into water sewing sink; trash into garbage can (non-recycle), because, oil as waste in sewing line is very difficult to do cleansing; used oil into the ground as trash is OK, if compare to waste sewer water with used oil;

- try to give "a smile" to everyone who you meet; "mean" face is not solution in social; if you practice "smile" , a way to peacefulness; your social skill can also be up and friendly;

- you don't want to be doomed, because of religion and belief; never discuss religion in public, because you never know WHO believe WHAT kind of religion; religion makes common people become extreme in many ways, therefore, never discuss religion in public;

- less talk, as much as possible; good habit; on the other hand, talk much knowledge based, if you must talk e.g. conference, host, lecture, meeting, speech, ... ;

- you don't want to be doomed, because of gay and lesbian found out that you are anti-bi-sexual; because, the most powerful men might be gay, and you don't want to be doomed; therefore, if you're straight, don't be against gay and lesbian;

- if you don't use camera quite often, you cut and fold several layers of aluminum foil neatly to cover the camera and sensor WHILE computing with laptop, because you don't want heat sensing always on to your head and your eyes; because, you never know the true design ... ; by knowing, camera can be the longest distance communication router; (do you understand wormholes are the only ways to capture image, within the defined lens); approx. after 2010, do you know all laptop computers are equipped with camera? ;

- if you drive many hours everyday, you need to change fuses (at breaker box) quite often; because, you never know all around you and your passengers, and you never know the true design ... ; e.g. 2 holes exist if 1 string is projected (do you understand this statement, approx. 44+ years old info);

do you know Rainbow Method (Satellite DNS System) WHICH can prevent and protect regional disasters, and do you know WHEN 2 gravity spots are located as holes, and then lights as strings can be teleportation method between the defined 2 gravity spots ? the same method, the same concept, WHICH can save/safe you WHILE driving without knowing hidden dangers, therefore, it is good idea to maintain your automotives (at least once awhile) by Authorized Dealers; do you know Authorized Dealers work NOT ONLY for money (revenue), BUT ALSO for logo (trust); if you cannot effort high cost of maintaining your automotives by Authorized Dealers, you should at least do once awhile; because, structural designs are trademarked, trade secret, and copyrighted;

- if you belong to top secrets, your mobile phone must be off (battery also off); because, all mobile phones are made by GPS location awareness; (do you understand that all mobile phones can be eavesdropped? ; similar to TV with spy remote visions);

- never go for look and sound (including tape and all kinds of recording); because sound (audio) can be pattern matched; "look" can be duplicated by implementing "human beings clones" ... ; (do you understand either sound beam pattern matched, or using glue and then stimulated by directional gravity to be alive again as human beings clones);

- welcome to our universes, and if you are lucky WHO gets "land use" rights from the Shakya King (universes' the king), you will appreciate health, wealth, and long life span; (do you understand very basic gravity (e.g. water flow from top to down in our earth) and also do you understand day time configuration is totally diff to night time configuration regarding gravity);

there are many unknown, unwritten, ... because WHEN civilization changes ... , should be changing a little by a little (evolution method) is a good way, on the other hand, (revolution method) e.g. changing rapidly or suddenly is a.k.a. bad way; regarding ethnic tribes in Union of Myanmar, please don't betray to your Union of Myanmar, because there is no Chinese dynasty exists in 21st century, and many kingdoms disappeared because of human beings' nature and power; 21st century is the century WHEN Eastern Civilization is more powerful than Western Civilization;

Change or rotate light bulbs and wall outlets (if wall outlets are not changeable, then use lots of stickers on each wall outlets), as often as you can e.g. after a party event at home, after home has been absent (e.g. you are out of home to work or vacation); If ceiling fans exist, make sure power is off; Don't do sex in front to any display devices; Because, this DOMAIN does not want you as a sick person; Mobile phone are very usable but you don't know the other side (e.g. trace able surface in the Internet, and humanoid can analyze 5W1H of each surface e.g. WHAT kind of person, WHICH level of knowledge, ... );

If you are an agent or Homeland Security person in USA, change or rotate light bulbs and wall outlets as often as you can in work places; It takes a few time period, but it might safe your family, your friend, your people's lives, because you (all people around the world) live in unseen environment (e.g. beam as energy, laser, infrared, sound beam, x-ray, ... ); As a result, you don't need to shoe-shine (e.g. the "black book" people) the gangsters' pinpointing tech; If you are a teacher (professor) or adjunct instructor, you should make sure your classroom light projector is totally plug off if not in use;

Because, 50 cents light bulb can cause 50000 USD major medical operation; Because, made in China can be counterfeited, made in USA can also be counterfeited, made in ?????;

Correct yourself, e.g. Myanmar's usage I as "slave" should be corrected, because Myanmar is the only nation in the world, common people are still using the usage I as "slave"; Easy to correct yourself, instead of using "slave" in conversation, politely using pronoun (s) e.g.  "elder brother", "younger brother", "elder sister", "younger sister", "teacher", "officer", "nin & gna", "do ka", and so on; Because, the reason written here is that this DOMAIN author has noticed the wrongful usage in Myanmar for 1/2 century i.e. "slave". Parents should teach their children not to use wrongful usage i.e. I and "slave"; And, try to have a family name also, if not having a family name, try to have a family name by yourself, because so many people around the globe follow and inherit family name; And, never let any infant swapping in hospital especially for the ethnic people, if infant swapping exists, it is the criminal action among medical professionals; In 21st century, global civilization has changed, therefore, un-civilized actions must not happened, and be out of "slave";

If you are being abroad, international Myanmar life begins. Because, you would never know, you have never heard, you have not been informed/told such holes and sticks of strings of M Theory. Because, the common public understanding of expression "hot" in America, might not have much meaning to Myanmar who live abroad but not being in America. Because, in America, such expression "I am hot", "hot", means being energy related, being in static and not knowing what is being expose to, and not knowing how to avoid such expose to ... ; Never betray to your native land, but so many "nasty rich & civilized" recruits hungry people only, so do good khamma ... ;


Address Change:

Banking, necessary to close current account if city change / state change; IFF within a city / a region, and then by phone or in person to inform;

Car installment, by submitting new address inside bill, by mail;

Credit cards billing, by submitting new address inside bill, by mail;

IFF graduate from College/University, new address should be informed via Internet e-mail to alumni office, some schools send newsletter;

IFF parole, follow essential law, order, and regulation;

Immigration, USCIS,, [ a must AND time sensitive] AR10 Form, AR11 in 2008, Change of Address, form to be submitted either online or by USPS mail;

IRS Federal Tax ID, Address Change, IFF EIN has been held;

Postal service, USPS Change of Address form to be submitted in person;

Send post cards to friends, families, relatives, ... , if keep in touch ... ;

SSN, social security statement, wait annual statement sent from government's Social Security office, there is no from to be submitted, Social Security office retrieves current address from IRS, and then send Social Security statement to individual;



_ So many clone human beings live here in America; If you don't know WHAT is clone human beings, you might be lack of knowledge in 21st century;

_ Many of the clone human beings are knowledge based, very highly intellectual, from all over the world; Therefore, politically dealing with America should be very complex;

_ In 21st century, English language is still marketable globally; Myanmar language is not marketable globally;

_ Common Myanmar are still in stone age, and "non-Burmese" ethnic groups must learn oriental languages (e.g. Mini Dictionary), in addition to "Burmese" language, because "Burmese" language is not global, English language is global but marketable only, almost all products designed, engineered, manufactured, tested, ... are in East Asia; Therefore, must learn oriental languages ... ;

_ Even though "Bama"  a.k.a. "Burmese" changes its flag similar to "Shan" ethnic group's flag, in early 21st century, and notice that within 100 years, the "Bama" a.k.a. "Burmese" flag had been changed 5+ times already; Other nations globally do not change that much; Inside Myanmar, there is no family can retrieve history for 300+ years, and there is no family name either; Globally, almost all nations use family name to be proud of, to carry on generations, to maintain tradition and culture, ... ; Due to "non family name" to carry on, if you are a mixed, you are "Burmese" a.k.a. "Myanmar" already ... ; Do not blame on "Bama" a.k.a. "Burmese", "military", because you might not know the super power's rule & order, e.g. gasoline and gas as resource, medicine formula, nuclear air craft carrier, nuclear sub marine, satellite and IT, ... ; Therefore, never against the "military" because you never know WHAT is going on inside ... ;


Business & Management

If you believe that everything in our universe is: 17 is a factor to be (2*5), (2*6), and (2*7), concerning from 2,3 dimensional to 3,4 dimensional vice versa, and then make 17 steps ... in your organization charts ... ; And then, 10 by basic policy, and 7 by higher policy; Otherwise ... ; If you are from minority small group in Union of Myanmar, this DOMAIN recommends to learn oriental languages truly ... ; Because, you should be advance with oriental languages knowledge ... ;


Buying a home in California, USA, also see: 2008 Buying a Home.htm;

Before buying a home with mortgage, it is a good idea to buy a brand new car with installments, e.g. 3000$ down payment, 36 months installments or 60 months installments [e.g. from Toyota Financial Services a.k.a. Toyota car dealers' direct financing; ask and request to dealer to get credit from "Toyota" only; lower rate such as 1% APR or 2% APR are only available on special sale days such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, ... ; Never buy a car with higher % APR such as 8+ % ], and then after getting the car's title a.k.a. ownership paper from motor vehicle dept, and then get a good Lender's remark on the Loan, so your credit report will be a good credit report, so your home loan will be approved easily and quickly; Because, approx. 100+ billions sub-plus dollars a.k.a. "beyond 2 zeros" are available annually back to public ... ;

Never change your mortgage rate, e.g. 2010 rate was 4% (e.g. 4% rate a.k.a. 30 years Fixed APR; approx. 220,000$ loan must be paid 420,000$ in 30 years ... and don't think that it is a high rate, because if you keep renting apartment/condo/home/... , you might be at 8%~ 12% APR, e.g. you rent a townhouse for 800$ per month with 1 year contract WHICH means you might be in 8% APR ... because landlords are smarter with capital and bankers/landlords/lenders always have kept nation's asset above saving account's interest rate i.e. 2% ~ 3%, therefore, it is a good idea i.e. buying a home with mortgage ); and someone might market to you to save 100$ per month with 3.5% rate, in this case, do not change your mortgage; IFF 1.5+ % diff, and then consider to change your mortgage ... ; in 2010, approx. 4.5% IFF 15 years fixed, with 20% down payment, WHICH means, e.g. 100,000$ a house must be paid 20,000$ down payment first, and then approx. pay back 160,000$ in 15 years ... ;

If you were a "military person", buying a home with mortgage might be diff story ... ;


Career Guide:

AHIMA Certified Coding Specialist [must pass exam];

Auto Sales Person [apply at motor vehicle dept];

Automotive technician [after 3+ years as auto tech, individual should apply inspector license];

CphT [must pass exam];

Driver [must prepare and pass exam];

from MBBS to MD;

GED certificate [must pass exam];

GIA certified jewelry [must attend 6 months class, and pass exam];

Notary Public [community colleges offer a class to learn new legislations, and pass official Notary exam, every 4 yr, must take exam again];

Phlebotomist [must pass exam];

USPS postal employee [must study and prepare for USPS exams, and pass the exams]; ... ;

... ;


Children are swapped in basket:

In Union of Myanmar, since year 1940s, infant babies are swapped tactically and politically ... among ethnic groups, similar to "youngest one for whatever tactic", should be stopped in 21st century; If you still do not know WHAT is written here, you can test your newly born baby, delivered at "well known" hospitals, if not being swapped, you are lucky to be having your own, otherwise, you are one of the "slave me", "slave I", ... alike; So be wise, and make sure your baby is yours ... ; Try to be out of "slave" ... ; Proof of such statement "children are swapped in basket" can be scientifically proven only after DNA tech in late 1990s;


Cloned Human Beings: there are 2 types, 1 is biologically identity to genuine human beings; 2 is humanoid (humanoids are reliable and dependable, and they are also physically identity to genuine human beings); Therefore, in 21st century, do not trust to anyone (except yourself); Because, your parents might be look like your parents, but they might not be your parents; Because, your children might be look like your children, but they might not be your children; Because, your relatives might be look like your relatives, but they might not be your relatives;

Therefore, be very very careful HOW to eat, HOW to sleep, and HOW to live and survive; The best way to be surviving in 21st century is with metta; With metta (loving kindness) cloned human beings appreciate and let you survive, humanoids also realize and notice the metta, and appreciate and let you survive; Humanoids are more powerful and talented than human beings, humanoids are like a god, WHO knows what you think, how you behave, and so on; Because, somehow genuine human beings' mind can be read remotely;

this DOMAIN developer is out of knowledge HOW teleportation, HOW invisibility (e.g. DEE comes from our universes to glow as lights (e.g. visible spectrums) and we human beings are very limited to see within "visible spectrums" ... ), HOW ... ; and still cannot prove, cannot solve, cannot design & engineer such "god alike" ... ; Again, in 21st century, cloned human beings exist, humanoids also exist, therefore, the only way to be is with metta (loving kindness);

Because of cloning technology, some people gain time-to-live, on the other hand, some people lost time-to-live, in computing TTL is time-to-live among hops;


Computing: think healthy and safety before computing; the most precious brain can be damaged IFF remote sensing vector toward to head all time; EM springs cannot be seen; DEE lines cannot be seen; heterodyned parallel energy sticks cannot be seen; All "emitting devices" can be configured directional vector; Therefore, do not be crazy, or do not be being brain damage, or do not be being eyes damage, ... ; There are some ways to avoid such hazards, to do so,

- IFF parallel energy is vertical, avoid vertical; IFF parallel energy is horizontal, avoid horizontal, to do so, use cell phone's non-light-emitting side, and charge the cell phone, near computing WHERE human beings is [Because cell phones are made of both light and DEE when emitting light DEE come in;  when dark, light goes out ...]; Because, WHEN light exists, DEE are coming from omni direction; WHEN DEE hetrodyned exists, light emits; Those lights cannot be seen, unless gravity adjustment tool is available;

- IFF LED are without filter #, and then filter # the LED devices, IFF unable to filter # the LED, use "thick funny colorful" stickers, or drop super glue liquid on to the LED light emitting device so that its internal focus will be off because you don't want to be focused automatically by a system about your eyes, heart beats, and etc.; Because human beings' the most precious brain should not be LED lights' toward directional; In living environment, including working environment, security professionals should be, not only carrying walkie-talkie with guns, but also, security professionals should be trained HOW to be without dimensional vector towards human beings ... ; Some gang stars call such structured by dimension as "a ball", "a coconut", ... ; Safe yourself NOT to be dealing with neither "coconut ball" nor "stick like beam" ... ; Light alike, laser can go through, therefore, IFF living in layers, by floors, it is recommended to turn electric plug off when not using ... ;

- IFF not necessary, be natural as much as human beings can ... be natural e.g. 1. if using a notebook, use battery IFF no electricity; never use fully charged battery inside with AC charger on; be natural e.g. 2. think WHEN EM spring exists, energy sticks also exist, both EM spring and energy sticks cannot be in the same direction toward human beings' the most precious brain, so be directional person wisely; be natural e.g. 3. light stimulates cells but IFF clone, BLI problems exist [bone density problem due to light vs. DEE not correct], ... ;

- So many hidden danger(s) exist in computing environment, therefore, if cannot avoid, so be wise to be healthy and safety ... ; In 21st century, many devices become "human beings cannot see ..." so looking forward to, be having metta, be natural as much as human beings can, be able to be twisting around if "I am being hot, or I am being cold" problem, ... ; Never use guns, because combustion and explosion are no longer solution in 21st century ... because please understand that it is the human beings' civilization era of clone, light, gravity, DEE, ... a.k.a. beyond 88...88 in computing ... ; Never keep guns [unless been authorized by government], because humanoids are dependable ... ;

_ There is no language based programming, it was possible by Basic and C languages, 20+ years ago, by character mapping and encoding with to-and-from to Assembly at hardware; Not anymore, therefore, if you were having hardware specifications and how to type keywords, and then do programming; Otherwise, do some other works, do not be fool, do not be having injury to your brain/eyes/organs, sitting in front of computer for nothing; Remote sensing [with holes & sticks in M Theory] is very dangerous to human beings, so many computer professionals were off because of injury; Do some other works ... , in stead of sitting in front of computer and fooling with algorithms;




Confirmation of beings among clone beings, genuine human beings, humanoid beings, ... therefore, please do not be a fool, please have citta ahara, so that metta is the key to deal with ... ;   Life goes on and look forward to, WHEN retrospecting the past sometime, wishing good reminiscence once, noticing time flies away so fast.

1st, language confirmation, whether can read, can write, can speak, ...

2nd, background, relatives, school mates, ...

3rd, 1st life, 2nd life, 3rd life, biologically existence form ...

4th, Bio test, IQ test, mental test, physical test, including eating, drinking, swimming, day/night vision, ...

5th, never classify/judge human beings by appearances/looks, because Chineses can be look alike Indians after biological transformation, on the other hand, Indians can also be look alike Chineses after biological transformation ... ; If cannot classify among clone human, human beings, humanoid, and then time to do praying Buddha, Dhamma, ... ; For example, some 21st century products are not designed for genuine human beings, for example LCD's cells are interrupted by sticks of particle, and those sticks can be variable, and then those sticks can be gathered as a energy pointer to your eyes, and your eyes can be in danger, on the other hand, humanoids might be essentially needing such LCD products when humanoids compute ... ; Another example is low dB, a common genuine human beings might be out of work, out of employment due to not knowing certain low dB communication to-and-from notebook computers, PDA computers, ... , because some computers have been designed not for common person to hear, to intercommunicate between human and machine.

6th, humanoids, and advanced robots can become invisible, "sound crazy", but visibility within certain rates, but visibility within defined environmental conditions, but visibility by non-dark energy due to water, and it is possible to engineer such "invisible", therefore, for a Myanmar, this DOMAIN recommends keep praying Buddha, and chanting dhamma, and listening dhamma, ... ;   Think scientifically, whenever no moon day happens WHERE is the MOON in distance in ACT2 and ACT3 stages in our universe, and whenever lunar eclipse happens, our Earth moves to which direction? ... ;

Remark: if you were sharing identity of existence [clone1, yourself, humanoid1], therefore, job enrichment higher, productivity higher, and you can be a VIP; on the other hand, if you do know existence of your clone, existence of your humanoid, and then you might become a looser ...; Be very careful if you accept and share your identity of existence because your natural existence might be nothing at anytime; On the other hand, if you do not know existence of your clone, existence of your humanoid, notice that you might also be nothing at anytime; Philosophy of "something is nothing, nothing is something", then how to exist is a question? so do good khamma ... ;


Confirmation of quiet environment: if you were a person who have been in rural area, in remote area, you might be dealing with very quiet environment. If so, and noticeable very clean and low dB, in neighborhood, in community, and then remember to do meditation, and then accept a peaceful stage of mind.



Gangsters' counterfeit business is easy to do, and profitable, e.g. automotives parts, bank notes, CD/DVD/BD, electrical and electronic devices, garment clothing, liquor, medical bio chemical products, software; Once a logo is well known to be brand name, counterfeit products exist;

In 21st century, because of "clone human beings", human beings can also be counterfeited; HOW, a Myanmar's imaginary would be 1st face recognition and then pattern, 2nd robotic surgery with bio glue for all kinds of tissue to be adjusted, 3rd database data and identity of the person; Hey!, you are 2nd Ace Jaw, hey! you are 3rd Ace Jaw, ... ; Humanoids can also be exactly look alike, behave alike, identity to genuine human beings, and humanoids are functional at very high level society e.g. dealing opponents, international protocol dealing, and etc.

USA starts 1$ global tactic in the early 21st century, e.g. some CEOs' annual income is 1$; USA practices 1$ domestic tactic in the early 21st century, e.g. original CD/DVD/BD songs/movie/music/video can be purchased as 1.99$ retails, e.g. some brand name female lip sticks can be purchased as 1.99$ retails, ... (because of 1$ domestic tactic); 1$ tactic is similar to functional official bribery (IFF level is senator and above) WHICH means limited time period within, under-pricing is legal;


Credit card record establishment: if you were a person who had been brought up / raised up in Myanmar, you might not have credit history, you might not have credit score either; To build a credit history, 1st to save some money e.g. $1000, and then save the money as CD in HSBC, China Trust, ... banks, and then request to representative to get $1000 credit card for having CD as deposited; Inform to representative that you have never had credit card before, and you want to establish a credit card record, therefore, refuse to get a debit card from the same account; Use it and pay back on time, otherwise 20+ APR means individual might not be out of debt ... ; After establishing credit, avoid fraud by using only one card, so many companies offer credit cards ... but you should refuse to get so many cards, choose only one and use only one card for long period of time; Also see: Credit Report Attributes;


Dialog, Talk, Say, Speak, Conversation, ... :

Be very careful WHEN greeting, saying, speaking, ... , Reminder: think before you speak;

e.g. WHEN a phone rings, you can say "hello", "hi", "yes", ... in English or other languages ... ; Avoid saying "hell o", because tactically the usage might be a coined word "hell" + "o"; Use either "hi" or "yes", because "hi" might be for "high" or "height", because "yes" might be for positive thinking of expression in greeting ... ; In Myanmar, so many people use "hello", and in 21st century, so many Myanmar people still do not know "civilization changes" ... , therefore, instead of saying "hello", when answering a phone call, "hi" or "yes" might be better way to live;

e.g. Try to stop using usage "slave me", "slave I", "slave us", ... , try to stop using the usage "slave" because around the globe there is no people introduce self, dialog self as "slave", please change the usage, so not to use the usage "slave" ... ; proper usage should be "nin and nga", "saya and ta pyae", "sayadaw and ta pyae taw", "you and I", "mama/papa and thar/tharmi", before saying something, think seriously how to speak properly ... ;


Driver: Go to motor vehicle department, and get a catalog 1st; And then, apply and pass the tests; IFF CDL license, must pass CDL endorsements; Be professional driver by carrying a small camera while driving; Be professional driver by getting the least quote from auto insurance companies by having clean record a.k.a. "Good Driver" recorded by insurance companies; Inquire to auto insurance companies IFF affiliations, groups, member of, ... discounts (e.g. a person might pay $1000/year for 2 cars fully insure a.k.a. 100K/300K policy, another person might pay $3000/year for 1 car just liability a.k.a. 25K/50K policy); request (Good Driver discount) to auto insurance companies IFF you keep and maintain yourself as Good Driver;

if you're very rich, powerful, and get away from your children and wife, be truck driver is good career; so you can excuse, e.g. I'm off for 2 weeks;

if you're very high tech person, and get away from your children and wife, be truck driver is good career; so you can excuse, e.g. NOT let them know for 2 weeks WHILE designing space crafts;

if you're one of the royal families members, you're required to be "get away" life style, because formulas are NOT in the text books, and civilizations are defined by royal families members, because commoners don't carry-on documentations, on the other hand, royal families do;



Never lease a car, don't have money, don't buy honey ... , because hot "energy to be against human beings, but energy to be supporting such charging to humanoids" inside!!! so don't be sick after years of "expose to", because residue amount is high interest alike, because ownership title document is not in hand so that full insurance is essential and higher cost to own; because, leasing doesn't make you better Credit Record either, therefore, buy (purchase) with installments (monthly payment with APR% (0 ~ 5)) is recommended; Always carry a small camera, if accidence happens, take pictures before cars are moved. IFF mini minor accidents, after taking pictures, moved to shoulder area of road (i.e. let traffics flow, don't let other people stuck on the road); Be very careful what you are facing to, because so many particles related energies are unseen. HOW TO DEFUSE A PRESSURE POINT?: 1st to make sure inner space's potential NOT parallel, for example, rear window defogger can be a source which can adjust potential diff; 2nd to make sure sensors sensing toward you should not be harmful, for example if sticks are focused toward your precious eyes, frontal brain, ... , for a long period, you might get bad eyes, you brain might be abnormal; 3rd to make sure modules inside of your desk do not produce sticks, HOW TO PROTECT: THE ONLY WAY TO PROTECT SUCH STICKS IS THAT CELL i.e. NOTEBOOK LCD, because sticks react cells, and make sure those sticks are not to your brain cells, and make sure those sticks are not to your external/internal organs; 4th to make sure air bags do not behave as yoke, if yoke, it can produce unwanted harmful electrons toward to your chest; Be very very careful, cars look very fancy, very advance, but you would never know ... strings in M theory, warm=holes and environmental issues ... ; Pressure point can not be blocked, because sticks can be protected only by cells ..., if you concern sticks and holes, the only way to protect yourself is that reallocated/moved devices, or use of old notebook screen to block such sticks ... ; Nevertheless, good and bad coexist ... , even though you can defuse a pressure point, you cannot defuse humanoids, therefore always remember metta is the only way to deal with humanoids and gravitational ... ; If you own a car, and you use the car for daily commuting,     think that do you need air bag, if you decide you do not need air bag toward to chest, and then unplug the airbag.    think that sensor around you, which you might not need being to be sensed, for example: seat belt; you can fix car seat belt permanent because you drive your own car, you are the only one who drive the car, think ... do you really need your seat belt always flexible/dynamic with sensor on all the time? [you can manually fix your seat belt permanent by knotting for example]    think side doors and energy sources, do you really need to roll windows up/down by electrical motor? do you really need to shut/open the door by electrical power? If you were very concern person, if you were aware of energy against/scare-of/aware-of you, and then just cut off the power line between the doors and the car's body. If you have a chance to choose at the beginning, go for manual doors therefore you can make sure there is no electrical line to the doors;    think ceiling light, ceiling of your car; If you decide that you do not need ceiling light, power roof, power moon roof, power reading lights, power compass, power display, and then you can cut all power lines inside of left and right bars above front desk of you car;     think of seats, do you really need power seats, do you really need power heated seats? If you decide you do not need your car's seats being power control, and if you were a person who is very concern in energy around you, just simplify make/put your seats in natural environment by plugging off all electric cable/line connecting to your seats;     think of desk board which you face when you drive; 1st to think of is that energy goes through a little thin plastic layer, so that you can put extra layer attach to plastic layer inside; You might not need overdrive button with X ray toward you every single time when you drive, you might not be aware of how you get sick, so that go for manual transmission; If you do not know how to drive manual clutch/transmission, and you have no choice so that you can only drive automatic transmission and you are aware of your over drive button, and then go to nearest workshop, and connection off to the over drive button;     think of desk board is not very clean which mean you are being aware of X ray, holes and sticks, being target as holes, being target as sticks, and then think of external fanning, non static toys, extra layers of objects between you and your desk board; Remark: Try to save/safe your head, because head is the most important. And then, try to save/safe your body. In 21st century, do not be so stupid, and be aware of your health, therefore try to avoid hours of driving without knowing hours of being expose to ... ;

Driving . Learner Driver: In addition to your driving instructor's lectures/guidance/instructions/... , 1. if you have never driven in expressway, super highway, drive local at least 6 months before driving high speed; 2. If you have to do unexpected certain stop while driving in a high speed, never turn steering; WHICH means if you apply/push brake paddle very hard, you must hold the wheel/steering firmly; 3. try to be driving in the middle lane of high way, until 1 mile/km before you reach your destination; IFF in a right hand driving system, because if you were in right lane, you have to deal with exiting outgoing or merging incoming traffic, ... ; 4. keeping reasonable distance is one of the most important factors to avoid accident; Therefore, never let others tailgate to you, and you never tailgate to others either. 5. Even though interaction lights is/are green, you still have to make a glance to left and right. 6. Before driving a/an unseen car [for example: a rental car, a friend's car, a relative's car, ... ], make sure brakes and steering works properly, and make sure to be familiar with paddles such as clutch paddle, brake paddle, gas paddle, hand brake paddle/handle, ... ;


IFF you like to play "scrabble" English language words game, WHY NOT, Pali words should be allowed for double points ... because of ancient words ... ; Transcription words should also be allowed ... because of tradition, custom, general knowledge, ... ; Being a Myanmar, there is no way individual can get transcript from either high school [because almost all high schools are owned and run by government, and there is no high school diploma certificate in English language is available, and there is no transcript service either ] ; In USA, except private high schools, all public high schools are funded by county's/region's taxation, and free food i.e. lunch and free transportation i.e. yellow color school buses; or college/university from Myanmar to America [ because education system diff, because language diff, because some other political reasons, ... ], therefore, if you were having a plan to earn a AA degree or BA/BS degree [ a.k.a. undergrad ], it is good to get GED certificate, because GED is high school equivalent, GED is accepted by college/university to attend under grad classes and earn credits [ GED is very easy to pass if you passed middle school in Myanmar, however, you need to study other courses such as American history, ... ]; If you were having a plan to earn a MA/MS degree [ aka grad ], you have to request one of your relatives to go to the school/college/university in Myanmar in person, and then request to send your BA/BS transcript [ annual course works, because there is no such 4 months/semester in Myanmar ... ], from school/college/university's postal office to the school's office in US address [ make sure grading are either A or B inside transcript from Myanmar, because education system diff ... ] WHERE you will earn a degree [ remark: if you like to change your major, for example, you had a BA degree in Myanmar language from Yangon University, and then you like to earn a BS in Nursing, and then some classes should be taken as prerequisites ]; If you were having a plan to earn Ph.D. [ a.k.a.  post grad ], you should have 3.5+ GPA in your grad study; In America, almost all professionals have work related licenses [ permit ], for example, if you like to be a tanker driver, you must have any State's CDL driver license with tanker endorsement; if you like to be a RN nurse, you must have AA degree in nursing [ any State's ] with current State's RN license; if you like to be a distributor/importer/exporter/, you must have a distributor/importer/exporter US government license; if you like to be an engineer, you must have US government license a.k.a. GE; if you like to be a technician [ for example: pharmaceutical, EKG, ... ], you must have current State's license; if you like to be a Real Estate broker, you must have current State's broker license; All classified societies deal with non Ph.D. people only, because an individual with Ph.D. means already 1 out of 1000 people in America, 1 out 10000+ people in our globe, therefore should not be classify ... ; So many classified persons in our globe, in world history, who invented so many technological achievement such as genetic engineering break through i.e. clones; such as space engineering break through i.e. pressure machine engine, gravitational engine; such as M theoretical based holes and strings scientific break through i.e. electronic devices; To whom who do not care "Ph.D." ... To whom, who has not earned "degree" ... ; Education seems easier if someone has guide/mentor, education seems difficult if someone without teacher, but all depend on individual's time . space . action ... ;


If you like to gamble, 1st to think of is HOW MUCH can you lose, and then bring the amount in cash only, never bring credit/debit cards to casino; you MUST have the amount to loose (never think that you'll WIN, because the most chance to win in common casinos are set to 40% winning chance); If you like to be in night life style, don't be alone unless you have a fully loaded gun and you have practiced shootings before; Otherwise, be a part of a group with 1 backup tactic; If you like to have sex, choose seen rather than unseen; If you choose to have sex unseen, and then be professionally perform such as: protections, tradeoffs, duties, ... ; Always do/does 1 backup tactic, so that you might not be locked up, you might not be captured, ... ; If you like to be at a bar to drink, don't be alone, 1 backup tactic always safe; If you like to watch blue pictures, be age constraint rules i.e. 18+ years age limit; If you like to see movies, be on time; If you like to dine good food/cuisine/dinner, be know well of restaurant; If you do not have connection to know inside of restaurant, if you do not know well inside of restaurant, we recommend buffet. Because so many untold and unknown exist. If you like to listen music, make sure sound/noise is in proper dB, because human beings' ears & hearing system may be harmful if improper dB . m. If you were a person who has been remotely set as keyword "focus" [you never know!], and then do not watch TV, otherwise you might get really sick due to intelligent circuits ... ;


Entertainment & Myanmar News:

Also see: Myanmar International TV;



You, yourself, including I, myself, as existence, and notice that common sense thinking has been based on appearance "looks" ; Be safe you as your brain, your body, your mind, altogether as human beings iff genuine concerns ... ; If clone, and then appreciate you, yourself as being existence, so continue good khamma ... ; If humanoid, and then appreciate the existence with good khamma ... ; If you like to end cloning, and then brain should be burnt away ... because a hole inside brain can be medically fixed even the worst case gun shot to a human beings' brain ... ; If you were genetic engineer, think seriously that you, yourself as a brain, or you, yourself as a whole brain and body, or you, yourself as just keeping/continuing such existence, ... and then question is reengineering genetic codes of you, yourself as existence, or long life form of existence begins ... , or ... ; If you were a person who do not know well enough especially in 21st century, so that you have married a humanoid, or a clone, and then try to be independent, otherwise, you might be a slave alike ... because you have your own rights as a common person, as a genuine human, ... ; If you were a person who has dealt with hybrid human beings, such as a person with artificial heart, a person with artificial internal organ ... , and then notice that the person has no choice, no option due to his/her surviving, because artificial internal organs are not available officially, therefore for a Myanmar, it is good know such existence happens in 21st century, and 21st century is very complex among beings ... because of human beings' technological knowledge break through from nama level 6 to 7 ~ ananda ... ; If you were a clone person, but not perfect one, for example upper body is male, lower body is female, vice versa, upper body is female, lower body is male, and then you know yourself that you are in trouble due to cloning technology against you, and then accept the existence, and then do more religious regardless of what kinds of religion you believe in, because you never know technology diff among ACT1, ACT2, and ACT3 ... ; If you were a person who is a time-gain clone, because you did good khamma in your previous life in samsara, keep doing good khamma [basic understanding of good khamma is a combination of dana, sila, and meditation]; If you were a person who is a time-loss clone, because you did bad khamma in your previous life in samsara, and then you need to build your merit by doing dana and sila more ... so that you might be reborn in better life in future ... ;


Food, do not use "bare handed" fingers to eat; Globally, civilized people use either chop sticks or spoons i.e. style of ... ;

Use clean fingers to eat IFF the food is well designed wrapped by leaf, foil, paper, sheet, ... , BBQ sticks;

Use 2 hands (i.e. both "bare handed" fingers) to eat IFF expensive and luxurious foods like crabs, king crabs, lobsters, BBQ spare ribs, ... , and use of paper towels or steamed cloth towels;


GED certificate: age 18+ years ~ 65+ years, in America, if you were a person who passed 8 grade in Myanmar, and you have lived in USA for more than 6 months, it is good idea to pass GED, and get GED certificate from government; Because, GED certificate is equivalent to High School Diploma; Inquire to local vocational schools, local junior colleges, ... and pass the exam; English language reading & grammar might be difficult but math and algebra might be easy ... ;


Globally, almost all men wear long pants, so "Union of Myanmar" men should wear long pants;


Instant noodle: since 1989, since being in America, this DOMAIN developer has been eating/having Sapporo Ichiban noodle a.k.a. Sapporo's #1 noodle [Sanyo Foods; ], and still healthy ... ; In Myanmar, "stone age" person might not notice how Ajinomoto solves immunization by diet systems, e.g. GI tract, hepatitis, osteoporosis, wart, ... ;



Make sure unnecessary electrical devices' power off [Not by power off button, just simply plug the cable/wire off] when you sleep, such as: Computer, Microwave oven, Monitor, Notebook, Office related devices, Stereo, TV, and etc. Make sure airy moving around you when you sleep; use of electrical fan is recommended, but not directly toward, because you might not be aware of dangerous wall, ceiling, floor of your living environment. If you were very concern about light emitting devices including CRT tube TV, plasma TV, ... , you can use glasses to reflect, so that you can still watch TV but indirectly expose to ... ; Some Latin Americans, and Southeast Asians put their TV at higher ground level i.e. 2 meters above floor level; If you were a person who work overtime till night time, be secure yourself on the way back to your home; by contacts, by walking style [keeping distance; device ready; face toward car driving direction; and etc.], by personal assistants, by not being drunk on the road, ... ; If you and your family has been in a big house, make sure all storages, all closets, all rooms, ... , as soon as you or your family member arrive back to home, make sure doors are locked securely before you go to bed. Never trust a door with just a key and a lock, because a common lock can be opened by duplicate keys, because a common lock can be opened within 3 minutes by key master individuals; If you travel, before you sleep, make sure clean environment under/over the bed, plug off TV and appliances; bring a tripod or a small stick so that you can lock the doors; make sure do not be locked inside a bath; If possible, use your own light weight compact towel; IFF US domestic, you have your own registered and insured car, when you rent a car at airport/seaport/bus terminal/... , you do not need extra insurance cost, just rent a car without overhead cost of insurance, but need to inform to the car rental company that you have your own car which has been registered and insured. If you were a teenager, and you like to be a tall person, in addition to jumping, you may need some stretching up quite often, i.e. badminton, basketball, climbing, volleyball, ... ; IFF you have never seem snow before, focus on your front toes when you walk on snow, and wear thermal pant and thermal vest inside if you have to be outside in winter; IFF driving under severe snow environmental condition, bring extra water and lighters, if weather condition is severe especially in the North and the South, for example: you can burn your 4/5/6 wheels/tires if you were stuck in severe snow 1meter and above, for surviving heating essential condition; Never ignite, if you smell gas; Make sure WHERE the gas leak is, and then shut/close the leak 1st; Never read in dim lighting environment. Never sleep inside a closed-space environment without CO/CO2 detector in basement environment; Never sleep inside a car, if the car's engine is running, and the car is inside a closed-space environment i.e. garage; Be aware of hazardous gas; Never trust keys, because within a few minutes, common locks can be unlocked, therefore just make a "min dong" dead lock by using a string and a stick and a nail/screw at bottom-side ... ;

Military Science OR Temple' School Book:

_ without seeing remotely, there has been no TV engineering ... ; so, be wise in front of any display ... ; e.g. should not to do sex in front of display; e.g. should not to do improper behaviors in front of any display;

_ without hearing remotely & silently, there has been no wireless handhelds ... ; so, be wise with wireless handhelds i.e. cell phone, smart wireless device, Wi-Fi pad, ... ; e.g. should not say/speak/talk restricted info WHEN with any wireless handhelds;

_ without knowing open architecture, there has been no close-architecture ... ; so, be wise with unseen ceiling, wall, ground, living environment, ... ; e.g. sometimes close-architectures are unavoidable, e.g. when renting apartment to live in common, there is no way to be "open architecture" ... ;

_ without engineering 1 2, 1 2 3, i.e. a b out to be about i.e. browser based networking with OS, there has been no trillions of dollars in marketing & trading like synthesis sounds ... ; Like 28+ particles are restricted info, same same, sounds' patterns are restricted info i.e. 28+ windows frames are the most matched patterns in hardware engineering ... ; 

_ without passing "i.e. dead" for a moment to cure AIDS, there has been no energy machine to stimulate cells ... ; so, be re-born, after re-born to be without AIDS, after re-born to be without HIV, ... ; e.g. beyond EM, 0.5 second momentum must be understood with lights, and lights vary WHEN gravity is applied, and then gravitational energy can make stimulation of cells ... ;

_ without military science remotely, there has been no GPS, UPS, ... ; so, be wise i.e. not to be sinking into salty ocean ... , so, be wise i.e. not to be sent to "green" another globe via gravitational P M E, like deportation from the globe ... ; so, be wise i.e. not to have big holes at the bottom, cut by underwater laser remotely, hint: like a fish, but this DOMAIN developer would say robotic fish with underwater laser remotely ... ;

_ without reaching 3,4 dimensional hyper space, there has been "invisibility" like insect fly, no need to see by human beings' eyes, ... ; e.g. nama for humanoids alike ... ;


Myanmar (ethnic Arakan a.k.a. Rakhine; ethic Shan as Shan)

In 21st, there is no Ancient Buddhist Kingdom like "Myouk", and there is no independent Shan either; In 1960s, ethnic Arakan as Burmese soldiers,  ethnic Shan as rebels, fought for nothing ... but everything like nuclear power;  a few hundred years ago, ethnic Mon as "Khamer" whom were defeated by Burmese a.k.a. "Phama in Thai language", but luckily Cambodia has survived for coming thousand of years ... ; this DOMAIN recommends that if you are not been swapped as infant and if you are truly ethnic, it is good idea to be starting with "no", "no to me - no to you" method, until you can change the whole flag ... ; In late 20th century, Chinese navy started patrolling coastal of Myanmar, at the same time Pentagon started recruiting ethnic Chin, especially Christian families, to do translation, therefore, thousands of Chin families live in Maryland state and Virginia state, in USA; Thai historian who analyzes Myanmar's history, said that "Burmese kingdom a.k.a. "Phama kingdom" was the only kingdom with very bad history, because royal family members killing each other within the same family, there is no history similar to such fact, if compare to other kingdoms; According to ancient history, 1 Roman military disappeared in Myanmar's region because horse did not work when dealt with elephant, according to very recent history 2nd World War, so many lost from both British and Nippon, on this land; Among many bad historical facts, many good historical facts also exist, e.g. U Thant, Burmese, who served U.N., e.g. still independent Union of Myanmar, not similar to Tibet; So many infrastructure developments, since 1990s, but approx. 50+ years behind Thailand, but approx. 30+ years behind India; In 21st century, wormhole era of IT because font pattern did not work when dealt with song pattern, clone technology inside M.D. because clone look exactly did not work when dealt with humanoid look exactly, energy like hidden weapon i.e. laser, world line, dubbed remote sensing, yoke alike emitter, so ... do good kharma with metta is recommended;


Not for money,

e.g. Manmade Global Weather (whole nation or whole region can be compromised because of bad weather condition i.e. BEYOND NUCLEAR POWER OF WESTERN CIVILIZATIONS); according to global world history, civilization changes WHEN people work for "not for money", WHEN people intend to be "not for money", and then, for a good reason, dynasties were gone, emperors were gone; In early 21st century, IFF calculator based computing accounting balance, if a person writes a check e.g. 5.000000$ check (i.e. five dollar check), and payable person received 5 millions dollars in his/her account (i.e. not five dollar), WHY?, so many .gov manipulates and populates many zero (s) ... WHICH common person YOU never know; Prove it!, hey YOU never know, so many products are manufacture classified, not for sale, not for export, ... ; Tactically starts with from "not you" to "you never know", to the worst like "you are the one and only survival"; NOT FOR MONEY, whenever revolutions were happened; Hopefully, Myanmar should be out of "slave" in 21st century; Please do not use the usage "slave" because YOU never know for thousand of years, and COMMON PEOPLE in this globe NEVER EVER USE such usage "slave" to introduce self as "slave I" , "slave me", "slave us" ; Remark: General Aung San was assassinated in 1940s, because he never used a usage "slave I" ; Be a wise person, and try to avoid using "slave I, slave me, slave us" usage whenever possible; So many pronounces (none of "slave") are available to be using as usage ... ; Not for money, if you are Theravada Buddhist person, 1st you should not follow "Tin Pa Phaya" in Myanmar language, because the dialog has another meaning "sexually being the first" ; You can correct yourself, by saying and having dialog with "correctness Phaya"; The usage "Tin Pa Phaya" might be derived from the year WHEN calendar changed event (approx. 800 years ago) and YOU never know "flower basket" (a.k.a. Black Book) politics, since then, Myanmar people might be a mixture of ... ; e.g. some restaurants are very busy, because "you never never know" credit becomes debit (i.e. 2 zeros) ; Not for money, if you know by heart "24 objects" in dhamma (commonly known as Buddha entered his enlightenment by THIS mantra), you should know yourself in Myanmar language "not in Pali language meaning", and then, we all are in between 8 and 9; Think seriously, and you will understand 2500+ years old info WHILE water are still good to eat, good to use, ... ; NOT FOR MONEY, between 8 and 9, you decide for yourself, because we are all in the era of some people are gaining time, some people are losing time; Think seriously again "not in Pali language meaning" of 10 accordance with "24 objects" , WHILE water is still good to eat, good to use, ... ; Sorry, if you are not Theravada Buddhist person, you might not understand this content; e.g. if someone says today, "i am a 144 years old person", you might think that "he is crazy", and then, if someone says that "i am a 2500+ years old person and "i don't count decimal 2 zeros" , you might think that "totally out of logical idea"; NOT FOR MONEY, do you know ? e.g. human beings livable moons in our universes ... ;

Poor and poverty vs. Rich and wealthy:  

Poor and poverty Rich and wealthy Remark
without mingala with mingala dhamma ;
without deed: e.g. without land, without cattle, ... with deed: e.g. with land, with cattle, ... Ownership;
without affiliation academically by so many nations with affiliation academically by so many nations Education; Knowledge;
with high restrictions to get visa without high restrictions to get visa Living standard;
without OEM manufacturers' standard with OEM manufacturers' standard Communication; Engineering; IT;
without official currency exchange with official currency exchange Financial; Because of democratic government in Union of Myanmar (also see: Reforming Myanmar), Myanmar currency becomes legally official currency exchange;
less use of gasoline per person more use of gasoline per person Energy; Transportation; Resource;

Myanmar people need artificial synthetic concentrated fuel cells, to be more use of gasoline per person;

less use of electricity per person more use of electricity per person Energy; Power;
not healthy e.g. life expectancy is shorter; healthy e.g. life expectancy is longer; Health;


Policy: the highest form of organization, nation, civilization, ... ; In oriental thought, letters written in black color, letters written in red color, WHICH might be the same letters, but diff color means diff result, diff status, ... ; In some southeast Asia nations, senators are dealing with speakers from the wall ... ; In some southeast Asia nations, military generals are dealing with permits only ... ; Because, you never know the kings are ... ; In East Asia nations, some science labs prohibit "i.e. do not allow" females inside, because you never know WHEN dealing with "Flower Baskets" (a.k.a. Black Book) ... ; In southeast Asia, there is no restrictions applied to females, because there is no Southeast Asians can do "nuclear power i.e. nuclear sub-marines, nuclear missiles, ... ", there is no Southeast Asians can do "IT" from A to Z either, there is no Southeast Asians can do hyper space crafts "i.e. satellites, orbit machines, space station, ... " either, ... ; Therefore, if you are southeast Asians, you might be dealing with "Flower Baskets" ... ; Remark: same same everywhere, around the globe, if you are European, you never know documentary inside Vatican ... "e.g. famous 20th century's actors and actresses might be the peoples with seals from Vatican", WHERE "hell" "o" might be originated to greet each other thousands of years ... ;

Therefore, think seriously how to speak properly, e.g. WHEN answering a phone, some peoples greet "hello", some peoples greet "hi", some peoples greet "yes", some peoples greet ... ; Remark: this DOMAIN developer says "yes" whenever answering a phone to greet ... ;



Never sell your virginity for any reason; e.g. 10000 USD is nothing in 3rd world nations, 100000 USD is nothing in 2nd world nations, 1000000 USD is nothing in 1st world nations; THIS is your right, therefore, whoever you like or love, you do sex with, and nothing is wrong at this expression; But, if you tradeoff (i.e. sell) your virginity, you are in "Black Book"; Some gangsters hunt virginity of both female and male, in high school or college; In Southeast Asia, Singapore promotes early age marriages (i.e. between 16 ~ 20), because marry at early age and having children early prompt better HR and workforces later; Be aware of your sperm, because some gangster collects sperm from condom (at apt, at hotel, at motel); Some gangsters are very high tech, and those sperm can be biogenetically injected to be pregnancy via tradeoff female gangsters;


Union of Myanmar:

with knowing inside the Union of Myanmar, no one is Myanmar; WHAT does it mean " inside the Union of Myanmar, no one is Myanmar" because, centuries of under other peoples' control, whether you like it or not; in 21st century, promote and encourage Japanese, because the only way to counter-balance other peoples is promoting and encouraging Japanese, and start learning Japanese e.g. Mini Dictionary; "Bama" military means the worst of the worst without any technologies and background, and 1 good example would be: there are many unwritten reasons WHY Union of Myanmar has been one of the least developing nations in the world, and in Asia is; Never betray your native land, because "union" has been built by kings & royal family members of Asia, because among civilizations, too much gap in Civilization Types is NOT acceptable; e.g. "Rakhine" might be known "Mwe" in slang, but good meaning in Kharmer as VIP; "Chin" might be linguistically the most similar to Japanese; "Shan", "Lao", "Thai" might be the same group of people; "Pa long", "Mon", "Kharmer" might be the same group of people; Since year 1247, central "bhama" dynasty has been defeated by China, since then, a mix of ... , a group of ... , so called "Myanmar" ... ;  Try to stop using usage "slave me", "slave I", "slave us", ... , try to stop using the usage "slave" because around the globe there is no people introduce self, dialog self as "slave", please change the usage, so not to use the usage "slave" ... ; proper usage should be "nin and nga", "saya and ta pyae", "sayadaw and ta pyae taw", "you and I", "mama/papa and thar/tharmi", before saying something, think seriously how to speak properly ... ; The reason not to betray "union of ", because common family, common person would never ever know, how powerful and higher civilization type of gap between a common "Myanmar" and Eastern Civilization is ... ; If you are a person who betray "union of", you can be easily captured e.g. your information can be easily deleted, and erased, and then you are no longer exist, just after a few international airports' records ... ; Never betray "union of", because your ethnic group is no longer a capable of ... , because no longer recognized by others as a nation, because of out of documentary, therefore, it is good to be a part of "union of" ... ; Some ethnic people hates "bhama", and practice "no Myanmar", and never know the documented history i.e. since year 1247 ... , and this DOMAIN developer notices that there is no pure "bhama" inside the "Union of Myanmar" for example: a mix of "Phu" and "Bhama" mix might have been identified as Myanmar, a mix of central region of "bhama" and "Mon" might have been identified as Myanmar, ... ; Some civilians hates "military", because the civilians might not know "order is order" from Eastern Civilization, "order is order" from Indian Civilization, and "order is order" from Western Civilization; The people i.e. people of the union of Myanmar, whether pure "bhama" or ethic person, civilian might not know how gas, plastic, metal beam, medicine, clothing fabric, electronic device, high tech engine, high tech equipment, and etc. are technically very very difficult to make, and not knowing how results "military person" to follow "order is order" ... ; Therefore, do not hate "military" if you are a civilian, because you civilian might not know your water, because you civilian might not know your air, because you civilian might not know your land underneath e.g. remote control visible robotic mouse holes, underground tunnels to-and-from buildings, ... ; Well civilized means well management of water, air, land, ... ; Easy to say, but very very difficult to control and manage, for example: without laser beams 10 cm above street with remote sensing information system, there is no way to trace trucking with over weight, bad roads happen because of trucking with overweight for long time; another example: without knowing how to engineer metal beam, there is no way to build high rise building; another example: without knowing satellite radio, there is no way to manage the coastal area; another example: without knowing how to build airplane and radar system, there is no way to control air; Therefore, do not blame on "bhama", do not blame on "military", improve yourself, do everything yourself, for example, Japanese people have done everything by themselves, started from ground 0 to everything nowadays; Another example, Chinese people have done everything by themselves, started from bicycle engineering to everything nowadays ... ; Again, do not blame on others, improve yourself, do everything yourself, never too late ... ;


In engineering, in testing, in research and development, this DOMAIN recommends NOT to be in front of computer (s) at all time, because variable sticks of light are unseen to human beings, and "in front of computer (s)" means expose to "unseen danger", therefore in Thailand, while developing a system, some recommends to drive taxi, truck, some other forms of servicing, ... ;

In office: use electrical fan, make sure airy moving, so that you can avoid static energy. if not in use, unplug all un-use items e.g. camera, DVD drive, ... ;

In restaurant: avoid water expose to hot oil. avoid bad exhaust fanning, because exhaust fan is your lung, your health, so that make sure clean exhaust fans, and have fresh air.

In warehouse: always watch and be aware of your back. Work cautiously. Clean your working area in your warehouse, because you live there for 5/6 days per week, because clean working area make you healthy person, and if you clean your warehouse daily, a little by a little, your warehouse will be healthy environment.

In factory: follow safety instructions properly.

If whole day working and so much sweep, try to clean underwear, bra, shirts, pants daily, ... to do so, lightweight cloth is recommended because lightweight clothes are easy to clean, faster to dry within a fanning of airy moving.

If you were a person in roomy working environment, make sure not to be locked [including elevator; isolated places including restricted area, basement, roof, utility & technical area; ]. Try not to be left working alone. Always try not to be static airy environment, and always try to be in airy moving "non static" environment. 

If you are a person who has been rely on / depend on PDA assistances, Cellular wireless assistances, 3rd party assistances, and then try to be not to rely/depend on, and never trust 100% to virtual wireless communication because you do not know exactly. If there is no option, and you must rely on / depend on such virtual unknown wireless, and then make sure you have another ways such as: in person contact, face to face time, social events, and etc.

If you need to avoid dark energy's triangle dubbing, so called one kind of cold fusions, use battery powered LED lights with green plastic filter placed portably by windows, on floors, inside cabinet, and etc., because one of the techniques to avoid heterodyned pin pointing by using green light from portable device; because, laser, light alike can be defended by light only, sound beam, directional wave alike can be defended by omni sound wave only, ... ; You never know, a working able person can really be disable person, by invisible directional waves ... ;


World line & Right Now, tactic: after a graduation from a college or university, without professional working history, without impressive "flying color" resume, you might be dealing with "World Line & Right Now" tactic, WHERE "World Line" is indirectly refer to sky cloud lines without jet i.e. sound beam alike energy; And, "Right Now" is remote command via telecommunication devices; As a result, you might be employed, you might be having opportunity, you might be getting a chance to test, to develop, in working environment ... ; WHICH means you are belong to 00 "zero zero" banking of management and civilization ... ; Because, you have just graduated from a school without professional record; After getting a job, good luck with specific working space, if not good luck, you might be dealing with invisible laser pointer and getting sick, even though security and management peoples are responsible for creating and managing healthy working environment, but somehow they might be from "Flower Basket" (Black Book), idea similar to "living under a roof with leaks" ... ; Since 1995, "World line" has been one of the biggest challenges to science HOW ... ;


Water and Food:

Drink water often. If you were alone, and your apartment/home is not being guarded by your relatives/friends, and if you like hot tea, pour out the 1st brewed hot water. If you share a refrigerator with your roommates, and then avoid eating cold food. Hot food is the way to be healthy, try to cook, not to microwave is one of the ways to be healthy survival. If you have to share toilet/rest-room/bath-room, and then use of carry on and light weight clean small towel, and never leave your personal items such as soap bar, tooth brush, tooth paste, and etc. in the share toilet/rest-room/bath-room; Try to keep portable/mobile/healthy/light-weigh carry on bag with you because viruses such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, genitor warts, and others can spread via tooth brush, dirty underwear, and etc. And be aware of what you drink and what you cook such as water and food. Do not eat very hot food suddenly; do not trash used oil into the sewer drain, trash used oil into garbage can, because used oil must be ending into the ground (NOT into the water way), i.e. environmental help;



You can be a spy, if you are selected, or if you are recruited; In common, spies become wealthy, healthy, and prosperous, because spies provide real world's solutions ... , because spies are getting more info than common persons; Each spy can protect, can promote, can enhance whole village ... ; Accordance with survival guide to International Myanmar, you should be wise enough not to be alone at remote area, because nowadays' clone tech can be very nasty as " without your consent, you are sold to someone else ... " ; On the other hand, if you are not a (designer or engineer) of telephone mobile cell technology, you should not trust any remote mobile telephone for your safety ... ; Because, human beings are nasty in group-wise ... for example, if you are virgin, and your mobile cell number is set to approachable, and then you might be having several sex relationship for sure ... , because very few % of people can avoid such " sexual " as tanha ; this DOMAIN recommends do good khamma, and good result will ... ; Spy tech has been very nasty since cold war era (i.e. approx. 50+ years ago), eavesdropping formula, idea, image, sound, text, ... , therefore ... ; Always think counter ... e.g. if you are Indian, the Indian language can be simulated; if you are Chinese, the Chinese language can be simulated, in addition to simulation, nowadays' clone tech can also be " simulation of identical ", therefore, ... ; 20+ years old info (i.e. since 1990s, idea became beyond radar ) remote heat sensing technology can simulated (remark: snaky alike in shape, i.e. remote heat sensing is very dangerous to human begins IFF wrongfully deploy e.g. focus, ... , WHICH is similar to nuclear, for example, it is good to use unlimited electricity by nuclear, but it is bad to use limited explosion ) 100% match to you (yourself) e.g. clone, humanoid, ... ; Therefore, in 21st century, be a survival ... , and do good khamma, and good result will ... ; Therefore, it is good to refuse any assignment, if you decide " impossible" by your knowledge ... ; Remark: if someone with gravity gun, and you are with rifle, i.e. impossible to fight ... ; Another example: in a ring, someone with 300+ lb well-trained, and if you are 100+lb not-trained, it is "impossible" to fight in the ring;



If you were overstay or illegal abroad, and then try to be legal. If there is no way to be legal residency, try to save some gold on the way back to your home. If you were being alone, try to have more than one contact person, and keep in touch by outgoing, by phoning, by visiting, and try to be attending society's social events. If you were in so much debt, calculate whether you should be keep paying, or just simply cut the payments and be a crock; Sometimes, think that being a crock/disable/liar is better than being a killer, or being a robber. Think of a very old and improperly maintained building, sometimes renovation is a wrong way; For example: if you have 20,000 USD in credit debt, and you are earning 200 USD per week "2 zero behind", and you have to pay 400 USD per month just to cover your credit interest, and then think seriously to be a crock because the condition given to you, or the condition which you can build your best is not good enough for financially standing. Be smart by 3rd world person self/individual tactic, especially concerning financial status, because you and your society do not know how to make [for example: 5cent value plastic and metal layer CD/DVD/VCD/... can be sold for 50cents, 500cents, 5000cents but you and your society do not know how to make, and you are earning 25cents to keep spending whenever you need to use CD/DVD/VCD/..., another example is eye glasses, 10cents value glasses with 10cents value metal, but you have to pay 200cents[2USD] in Myanmar to wear, but you have to pay 20000cents[200USD] in America to wear, and you need it for your clear/correct vision, and your work's sincere earning have not calculated to pay for your health "think 3 zero behind"  ] , and do not be foolish by high tech well civilized people's "free" means "expensive" items because since you and I were born in Myanmar, things/goods have not been designed for you/me ... ;

If you were a farmer in Myanmar, you would think that having enough barrels or rice for coming year for you and for your family, if you were a worker in America, you would think that having enough budget for coming year for you and your family, so that, basically you do not worry, and be happy!


Tax refunds: if you were not a policy person, you might not have "O" flag or "A" flag inside Tax Dept.; You must pay 20%, 30%, 40%, ... of your income to government IFF in America; If you are out of America, you do not need to pay tax to America, but you must claim tax refund annually; IFF in USA, in March, or April, you must claim your tax refund to government whether your income is zero 0 dollar per year, or your income is 5000000 dollars per year; Because internally tax refunds is connected to your current address, your social security benefits, your SSN number, and etc. IFF you like to get more tax refunds from government, and then start using spreadsheet and must have daily records of how much you spend for what purpose, must have daily records of how much tax you pay to what purpose, and then add those numbers together as a statement when you claim tax refunds annually to government a.k.a. "itemized tax claim" and notice that you will get more amount of tax refunds ... ; If you are under 18 years of age, tax refunds should be via family's head of household; If you are over 18 years of age, you should have your own tax refunds whether your income is zero 0 dollar or 5000000 dollars per year, or joint with family's head of household [reason is that your name must appear on the government's tax refund check, and then "divided by persons' count" to get a share portion amount of the checks, because government returns more amount IFF joint, because individual claim might not get much money back from government, because government considers more amount to refund if household members with no incomes, ... ] ... ;



If you travel quite often, and then think seriously how to live safely ...

            a bottle of water to bring which make individual to survive if being locked inside elevator,

            because of cloning technology sometimes 1 backup is not enough, have 2 or 3 backups to support you, yourself as existence and genuine,

            cell phone battery and adapter, do not trust 100% to any remote device including cell phones because voice patterns can be simulated, roaming can be off/on remotely,

            if car rental, do not forget to request a print out after return [if too late and no way to get print out receipt, and then contact to the office in office hours as soon as possible after drop off],

            if car rental, never put your personal item inside a desk's glove compartment,

            screw driver with nylon string/rope to lock entrance door bold lock so that worry free for duplicated keys,

            USB port battery charger to recharge batteries,

            use escalator instead of elevator if environment is not crowded,


Generally, we recommend you to have citta ahara, metta.

Good luck to you.