ACT3 Parallel Time Toggle Switch     Last updated on 2014/2558 10 8, a full moon day;

1st to understand distance, i.e. 1mm hole in 24mm natural time clock tick tick tick [also see: CK] ... ;   IFF in electronics engineering, backward bias, forward bias, and then feedback loop among 10,7,10 in natural time a.k.a. JUN, Lunar, JUN, ... otherwise computer science algorithm, mathematical presentation, theoretical way, ... ;  

2nd to understand 4PP + 6 = JUN ... ; In ACT1 stage, inside automotives, inside brake system, hydraulic pressure is needed to be equal at 4 wheels at 1 time, in order to do so, brake pipes' sizes and proportion values must vary in distance between master cylinder 1 and wheel cylinders 4, basically. The same concept can be applied in M theory's strings and holes ... ;

3rd to understand a toggle mode, e.g. Toggling Mode for Humanoids ... ;

4th to understand 2,3 hyperdimensional vectors and gray scale simulation ... ;

5th to understand 10,7,10 parallel time development [also see: 108 configuration], and then develop 7,10,7 ... ;

Because 10,7,10 AND 7,10,7 can become ACT3 parallel time toggle switch. In ACT2 stage, distance and hole's size may vary due to dark energy's density. Therefore, brake pipes' diff hole sizes vs. diff distances are needed to do further dB.m testing, parallel time simulation, PME testing, ... ; Automotive brake pipes are recommended as a part of parallel time development.  

ACT3 parallel time toggle switch can be further developed in C-Number structure, and then a Myanmar's imaginary hyperdimensional ACT3 spacecraft can be launched again ... ;

Detail reference table of holes' sizes and sticks' sizes is not available to public, because ACT2, and ACT3 stage developments are very classified and restricted; So, do your own ... ;

Hint: to have the same tick tick tick, 1mm natural time's hole may vary to 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, in ACT2 stage ... , on the other hand, 24mm natural time's stick may vary to ... , to do so, develop D number, DEE, Water Clock, ... ;

Develop 7,10,7, and then develop ACT3 parallel time toggle switch ... ;  

ACT1 EM toggle switch, make your own relay style ... HOW is ...

            1. wrap wire horizontally, for example, 0.3mm copper wire to be wrapped upto 2.5cm high, 1cm thick, core in the middle;

            2. On the other hand, wrap wire vertically, for example 0.5mm copper wire to be wrapped upto 2.5cm long stick alike, no core, 5mm thick, and make 2 sets parallel in vertical;

            3. Put a metal plate in the middle between 1 and 2, and then ready to test the toggle switch by charging DC ... ; Also see: Latch, but the diff is latch does not have core ... ; For similar idea, also see automotive starter relays ... ;

... 。