Ka Theory And Its Strings     Last updated on 2014/2558 10 8, a full moon day;

is the 1st letter, and the 1st pronunciation in Myanmar; following hyper imaginary contents WHICH have been a part of "Parallel Time" development ... ;

- 2,3 dimensional, aka NOT ACT1 stage info; because in ACT1 stage, 1 dimension by telescope WHEN night; approx. 20+ years old info; aka momentum of universe;

- 3,4 dimensional, aka NOT ACT2 stage info; because in ACT3 stage, parallel universe will be ... ; approx. 10+ years old info; aka momentum of universe;

- 2 phase vs. 4 phase, aka 10,7,10 vs. 7,10,7, aka parallel time development, aka JUN vs. Lunar, ... ; WHICH numerological dimensions e.g. 2*5, 2*6, 2*7, ... can be further classified, e.g. 2*6, 2*6, ... ; approx. 2500+ years old info;

- Strings, including particles, but diff is coexistence as 2; because WHEN string exists, hole also exists; vice versa, WHEN holes exist, strings also exist; aka YIN and YANG ... ; approx. 30+ years old info;

- 24mm natural time, standard analog clock tic tic tic ... ; 1 second time period; WHERE hole and string coexist but without energy map; WHICH has been approx. 1mm hole; approx. 40+ years old info;

- in electronics, holes on board means open architecture WHERE defined holes are available to test; without holes on board means close architecture WHERE holes are hidden in the air, so very difficult to do reverse engineering ... ;

- 88...88 aka step by step numbers in computing; because time has been sliced to prompt 22/7; induction alike 1 aka TRUE aka the 1st pin of processor; WHERE AI characters are available as OS.TXT ... ; approx. 10+ years old info;

- MiniDictionary, because in ACT2 stage and ACT3 stage, info are no longer available in Western languages ... ; therefore, Myanmar must learn and basic understanding of ... ; approx. 3000 words to read and understand basic ... ;

- Ȣ sound beam symbol IFF gravity is applied ... ; approx. 8+ years old info;

- DEE, Dark Energy Engineering, approx. 15+ years old info; coexistence idea, WHEN light exists, dark also exists; vice versa, WHEN dark exists, light also exists; WHERE DEE idea might violate approx. 70+ years old info "dictum that nothing travels faster than light" ... ;

- PME, pressure machine engine, aka NOT combustion based idea; because in space travel, combustion is no longer a solution; approx. 10+ years old info;

- mb, millibar pressure independent, aka remote sensing; WHERE senses are defined 5+1, sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch AND internal mind; WHERE 2 or more strings are heterodyned aka dubbed ... ; approx. 10+ years old info; HOW to do dubbing without using diff potential, might be structure heat ... ;

- distance table aka Distance Table, WHEN heterodyning strings, WHILE slicing time, reference table of each string's characteristics ... ; approx. 28+ years old info;

- UP JUN , MIDDLE JUN , DOWN JUN , aka 2*5; Time . Space . Action concept, WHICH Time, because, in parallel time, JUN vs. Lunar ... WHERE Lunar aka 2*7; approx. 2500+ years old info;

- fuzzy aka fuzzy logic WHERE 0,1 are further classified into ... ; approx. 50+ years old info;

- the diff between M theory aka Membrane theory and Theory is that

in M theory, particles are defined and understood as subatomic particles; those "subatomic" is derived from single coherent aka atom; in common, either atom smasher or particle accelerator WHICH is powerful, WHICH breaks atom apart into electrons, nuclei, ... , and then those "broken" aka "existence within time constraint" aka "characteristics of subatomic" are defined by physicists, so called particles' framework;

on the other hand, theory and its strings are based on oriental concept: Time . Space . Action, WHERE time can be in parallel time development so WHEN can be further studied e.g. 10,7,10 vs. 7,10, 7, 2*5, 2*6, 2*7, ... [ notice that 2 is coexistence of YIN and YANG; notice that 2 is written as in oriental language; notice that ri distance is written conceptually with 2 writing strokes as ; notice that hole and stick in 24mm Natural Time is also 2; notice that nowadays high tech devices such as 88...88 numerological dimension is also based on √2; ... ]; WHERE space can be in 108 configuration, 2,3 dimensional, 3,4 dimensional, ... ; WHERE DEE can be in either light or dark ... ; WHERE action can be approached math by fuzzy, either 0 or 1, ... ; however, ka theory is not available in Western languages ... therefore, Myanmar must learn Eastern languages i.e. Hiragana, Kanji, and Katakana;