Teleportation     Last updated on 2014/2558 10 8, a full moon day;

Literally, remote (e.g. tele) + port (e.g. USB) + at (IFF character e.g. @, IFF time line ... ) + ion;

Figuratively, WHILE kuru kuru (i.e. go Kharma ACTION), AB distance (i.e. SPACE) between 2 different spaces, the same biological cells are transformed as specified items by remote method, without losing its value (e.g. space length in time) i.e. 2 ends of chromosome's space length, life span of telomere, spin speed, ... ;

e.g. person dāna 's biological cell will be in another planet as the person dāna 's biological cell, IFF teleportation is successful i.e. without traveling ... ; e.g. patient dukkha 's biological cell will be in lab for Dx, without going to medical office; e.g. organ donor dāna 's 76647555 (Good Gene) will be printed as same as the person dāna 's organ by 3D printer for organ transplanting for Tx, without taking organ donor's bio part;

In early 21st century, instead of whole kaya, gene code teleportation is possible fully functional algorithm as:


regard i n g biological cell , think
that thumb is E M and then 4 finger
s are 4PP alike ;          

because of 4PP, Carbon Nano Wall begins naturally, for each form ... ;


because of planet s ' spin speed s ,
variable 4PP space length exist s naturally ;
1 way DEE cause s we human beings
can not see our back ;      

e.g. our fingers are never the same because of space lengths caused by 4PP;


with sequence number e.g. BF2 ,
iro Colour Wave Form ( bio clock vs.
Life Span ) for each bio
- cell ;            


Keyword To Port Number (
2535769212965 ) is Teleportation , 2 . 2 .
concurrency , 2 end s of chromosome and
mark ed or recognize d as gene
code and then select Good Gene
pattern s only ;          


WHILE kuru kuru , gene code s
are in P M D i.e. Relational Data
base Manage men t System ( RDBMS )
with NF and Network System Number ;  
Also see : Mobile System Number ;        


reverse engineering of above procedures e.g. (, , , , ) vs. (, , , , ) will do teleportation ... ; WHICH means (from biological cell to DNA to gene code) vs. (from gene code to DNA to biological cell);

IFF teleportation method is successful, we human beings need 76647555 in numerological dimension as Good Gene;